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VIP’s in Brits

Google memo emphasising malefemale differences causing outrage

A 10-page memo that went viral inside Google and has been obtained by Gizmodo sees a Google software engineer arguing that women are underrepresented in tech not due to bias, but rather because of inherent psychological differences from men. The memo has been shared repeatedly on the internal network and Google+. Motherboard first reported that the memo existed, and Gizmodo published it in its entirety. The memo titled ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’ is essentially the personal opinion of a male software engineer working for Google. In the document, the employee argues that he “values diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes.” However, some topics, he adds, now involve “shaming into silence.” “This silencing has created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed,” and the lack of
discussion brings about “the most extreme and authoritarian elements of this ideology,” the
memo says. The software engineer goes on to claim that the reason why women don’t have a
50-percent representation in tech may be the “differences in distributions of traits between
men and women,” and “discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.” The traits in question include “biological differences” that are “universal across human cultures” and are “highly heritable.” Women in general have more “openness directed towards feelings and aesthetics rather than ideas,”“a stronger interest in people rather than things, relative to men,” so they end up working for front desk rather than coding, the memo’s author argues. Women also have “extraversion expressed as gregariousness rather than
assertiveness,” hence, “higher agreeableness,” and consequently, “women generally have a
harder time negotiating salary, asking for raises, speaking up, and leading,” according to the memo. “We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism,” the document says. Feminists on Twitter have reacted with outrage and four-letter expletives. Another issue the author highlights is that “feminism has made great progress in freeing women from the female gender role, but men are still very much tied to the male gender role.” “If we, as a society, allow men to be more ‘feminine,’ then the gender gap will shrink, although probably because men will leave tech and leadership for traditionally feminine roles.” The author concludes that “despite what the public response seems to have been, I’ve gotten many personal messages from fellow Googlers expressing their gratitude for bringing up these very important issues which they agree with but would never have the courage to say or defend because of our shaming culture
and the possibility of being fired. This needs to change.” Following the heated debate that surrounded the memo both inside and outside Google, the company’s new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, Danielle Brown, issued a statement saying, “Many of you have read an internal document shared by someone in our engineering organization, expressing views on the natural abilities and characteristics of different genders, as well as whether one can speak freely of these things at Google. And like many of you, I found that it advanced
incorrect assumptions about gender. I’m not going to link to it here as it’s not a viewpoint
that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.”

Ensure your family prospers during national wills week 11- 15 September 2017

Don’t Let Your Family Suffer
Did you know that if you die without a will, your family could struggle to settle your estate?
That means they could be pushed into difficult times because you didn’t have a will.
However, having a will ensures your family need not suffer if something happened to you. Always ensure your family prospers.

SAACYF developing the alternative creative sector

South African Arts & Culture Youth Forum (SAACYF) is an organization for young artists in South Africa. The organization aims to raise awareness for the support of up and coming artists in the country and advocate for youth in the cultural and creative sector. The Forum has noted with concern the lack of development of up and coming artists & the creative sector in the country. The Forum seeks to create a space for young people in the sector so that their work & talent is able to be recognized and create job opportunities for young cultural and creative people.
CHALLENGES SAACYF IDENTIFIED WITH ARTISTS Lack of Information on various opportunities, lack of having registered Companies & NPO’s, lack of Arts & Culture Infrastructures in rural areas, lack of National organization availability in other provinces. We must make sure that
we are able to put food on the table with our crafts which is God given talents. The South African Arts and Culture Youth Forum (SAACYF) is in the process of developing the alternative creative sector that will cater for everyone. The current creative sector is designed to make Western and European cultures dominant and superior over our own African Cultures and to promote western cultural imperialism on our people. That is why today we still have South
Africans who don’t value and love local products and services because they believe that
everything that is foreign is superior and better than everything that is South African. We
have been made to believe that Foreign Music, Movies, Food, Clothing, Cars, House Designs,
Cultures and way of Living is the best thing ever. On the 4th May 2017 (African month), more
than 3000 artists and civil society members Marched to the SABC head office to defend
and support the SABC Local Content Policy. On this day people saw unity of Artists from
various provinces coming together in numbers. They marched because they understood that
South Africa as a country belonging to South Africans. The youth of South African will have to
start supporting each other soon in our own communities as well across the country. Let us
be united and always defeat problems together. We should never run away from problems and
challenges. We don’t want you to remember us; we want us to make history together. We live to
die but our contributions will live forever for the future of Africa.

Drunk driver caught two times

Mogomotsi Molopyane (30) from Brits is an employee at Swartplak Anglo is not married and has no kids. He will have to pay a fine of R3000 or have his license suspended for 5 years. After he appeared at Brits Magistrates court on two counts of drinking and driving. On the 14th of February 2016 he was arrested on Hendrik-Verwoerd road for drinking and driving
and recently this year he was arrested again at the Panorama road. Mogomotsi statement says that he was from a wedding driving with his family when he was stopped by traffic cops, he says they ran a blood test on him before they put him in a cell for 3hours. The amount of alcohol found in his body during the test amounted to 0.10 grams per hundred milliliters. He
admitted that he drank about 8 bottles of beer before he got behind the wheel. The rule of drinking and driving is simple, don’t do it. It is a proven fact that your driving is impaired after
even one unit of alcohol, so it is safer to not drink at all when you know you will be driving. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense and it only takes one point
over the limit to seal your fate – which could mean up to six years in prison. Drunk driving is one of the biggest threats to Road Safety in South Africa,” says the AA (Automobile
Association of South Africa). “More than 21,000 people have been arrested on our roads in the last year as a result of drinking and driving, and it has been shown that 50% of
people who die on our roads are over the limit.” In South Africa, the legal limit is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1,000ml, or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml, a fact that should be burnt into every motorist’s memory. The rule of thumb is a maximum of one unit of
alcohol per hour, which constitutes 10ml of pure alcohol, based on an adult weighing 68kg. Our bodies can process only one unit of alcohol each hour. However, it is important to be aware that if you weigh less than 68kg your body will need more time to process the same amount of alcohol. Alcohol significantly slows reaction time and distorts your vision, and the effects of a heavy night of drinking could well affect your driving ability the next morning, and you may still
even be over the legal limit. After only one unit of alcohol, your chances of being in an accident are doubled, and when you are at the legal limit of 0.24mg, you are four times more
likely to be in an accident. At the end of the day, motorists need to ask if it’s really worth risking the consequences before drinking and driving.

Women empowerment critical for government

Empowering women is a critical responsibility of every society and will contribute immensely to any government’s economy. This is according to the former African Union chairperson Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma who was speaking during the women summit held at the Mafikeng
convention Centre on Tuesday. Dlamini Zuma has called on women not to be deterred by challenges they continue to experience daily. She warned that leaving out women in the process of economic transformation will be depriving the country a huge talent and positive contribution. “It has been proven that most businesses that are led by women have harvested positive results and recorded a great success. I also would like to encourage government to buy
local products from the very cooperatives they have supported, so that they continue to be
sustainable,” said Dlamini Zuma. She encouraged the North West Provincial Government under the leadership of Premier Supra Mahumapelo to continue with the women empowernment programme and its strategies which she said are faster and smart. She further said that for women to prosper and grow the economy, they need to be inspired, dedicated and committed in their business and allow them to grow from micro to macro state. Dlamini Zuma’s sentiments were also echoed by Premier Supra Mahumapelo. Mahumapelo said that the five concretes
which his administration uses to implement the National Development Plan are also geared
towards empowering women through various government programmes. He said that his ten
member Executive Council is constituted by six women and they have proved to be more than
capable in delivering on their mandates. One of the beneficiaries of government programmes on women empowerment Rose Rakgoale (53) who is the owner of Selame poultry farm in Hartebeesfontain near Klerksdorp said that, through government assistance her business is flourishing and has managed to employ seventeen people. The mother of three who is also a retired teacher said that she had to leave her 18 years teaching career to start farming. Rakgoale was recently awarded the overall provincial female farmer of the year and other several awards for the efforts and success recorded in her business. “My passion for farming comes a long way. I am currently producing more than 240 000 chickens every month. Government contribution to my career in farming is huge and I have invested all my life in farming now. In the five years in Poultry i now want to make sure that I grow this business to greater heights and ensure that I feed the people of this province and the country. I am more than grateful for the contribution by government and would like to encourage other women to
take advantage of the women empowerment programmes in government,” said the elated
Rakgoale. Delegates at the Summit were informed about programmes available in government more especially those that are directly intended for women empowerment. MEC’s of different
department continued to encourage women to take advantage of the resources available
in government and use them to empower themselves. MEC’s Wendy Nelson, Manketse
Tlhape, and Ontlametse Motshoari and other senior government officials attended the

ANC blatantly lies about operational rural safety units in North West

The ANC in the North West misled the Provincial Legislature about the existence of rural safety units in the province. On 24 May 2017 the ANC claimed that rural safety units were already operational in the North West. This was after the DA had issued a member statement
on the death of a farmer in Tswaing, whose wife survived the attack. The DA followed up on the claims of the existence of the rural safety units by submitting direct questions to the MEC of Community Safety and Transport Management, Mpho Mothlhabane. He has now acknowledged in writing that no such units exist. What is extremely worrisome is that in his response, he makes a dubious claim that there is a decline in reported crimes in the rural communities.
He further claims that:
• That there are daily patrols in the rural sectors at
station level as part of sector policing.
• There are enhanced daily deployments in the
hotspot stations identified in the Province for
crimes in the rural area.
• That there are Stock Theft and Trio Crimes task
teams deployed to investigate, track, trace and arrest
These interventions have obviously not made any
impact as crime continues unabated on farms. Since
May 2017, the following members of the farming
community in the province have either died or were
attacked on their farms:
• June 2017 – Woman farmer assaulted and raped
near Sannieshof in her house;
• June 2017 – A 46-year old farmer was shot dead
near Lichtenburg on his farm;
• June 2017 – Man attacked and wounded on a farm
near Rustenburg;
• June 2017 – Elderly farm lady killed on her farm
while putting flowers where her husband died on the
farm near Schweizer-Reneke;
• June 2017 – Two separate farm attacks in the Derby
• July 2017 – A farmer shot dead on his farm
Friesland near Vryburg – his wife seriously wounded;
• August 2017 – An elderly couple in their seventies was tortured on their farm outside Potchefstroom and burnt with hot oil and boiling water. While the ANC would have us believe that there are operating rural safety units, the evidence on the ground suggests otherwise. The attacks on farming communities continue unhindered, even increasing on a year-onyear
basis. If the ANC wants to be taken seriously, they need to establish rural safety units and make
public their mandate and their operations. All people in farming communities, farmers and
farm workers, are affected and dehumanised by crime and violence. The DA has repeatedly
called for a new approach to rural safety that will prioritise the use of rural safety units which will act as a buffer against farm attacks. Please sign our petition to stop farm murders and where we call for the establishment of rural safety units here:

A clear and radical strategic intervention plan is needed to grow the economy

Mahikeng – Premier Supra Mahumapelo has called for the compilation of a radical Provincial Development Plan with a clear strategic Intervention plan which will speedily address challenges that the province is facing to grow the economy and decrease poverty, inequality
and unemployment. Premier Mahumapelo was addressing the Provincial Development Plan –
PDP Colloquium at Cookes Lake Mahikeng earlier today, which was hosted by the North West Provincial Planning Commission. The Colloquium is intended to receive inputs from top structures of all the stakeholders, into the already existing Provincial Development Plan with a view to improving its quality. During the Colloquium the Provincial Departments, Municipalities, State Owned Entities, the Private Sector and other major stakeholders contributed to the document which is to provide the direction for the rebranding, repositioning and renewal of the province and economic growth. Premier Mahumapelo believes there’s a need for a
plan that will attract long term investments in the province without threats. “We must ensure that Agriculture thrives to become the economic driver of the province. Due to the possibility of minerals depletion and the possibility of the decrease in the commodity price, investment in the mining sector has its own threats and this is not the cause with Agriculture because the consumption of food is necessary on a daily basis. That is why we must make mining a strategic tributary to strengthen the Agriculture, Culture and Tourism sectors, grow the economy and attract investors” remarked Premier Mahumapelo. The Spatial Economist Roelof Middlejans
from HIS Markit made a presentation which reflected a worrying picture of unemployment and poverty rate in the province which necessitates a special focus to turn the situation around. “The decline in unemployment and poverty is not happening as envisaged by the NDP. We
need a developmental process that will address this. Our mining sector must be competitive and must flourish. If there’s more competitiveness the economy will grow. However currently it is very difficult to keep investors and that is the choking point of the economic growth in the province.” said Middlejans who also applauded the province for a continued good performance in matric results and improvement in provision of basic services. In order to deal with the unemployment rate in the province Premier Mahumapelo believes sweeping interventions are necessary. “We must know which skills unemployed youth possess and develop a plan on how best we can deploy such skills to the economy for the market. This PDP must have the paradigm shifting actions that we must embark on. We must use the same money that we have
to change the situation. If possible we must cut A clear and radical strategic intervention
plan is needed to grow the economy unnecessary expenditure in government” remarked
Mahumapelo. Professor Tebogo Mokgoro of Ikatisong School of Governance highlighted the need for the relevant skills in the province. “We need to ask ourselves what are the skills needs of our economy. We need to identify the skills demand and have skills development plan. We also need to have institutions where these skills will be developed and deployed to influence our economy. Our PDP must indicate those” said Professor Mokgoro. This was emphasized by Premier Mahumapelo who said the province must identify and develop skills necessary
for the VTSD economy. “Graduation ceremonies are taking place all the time but they are contributing to the unemployment. This is because we are producing skills that are not relevant to the economy. We must develop human capital with practical skills which are required by the economy. This is will strengthen the agricultural sector especially in our VTSD areas” added Mahumapelo. Jan Pienaar of Agri North West has emphasized the importance
of ensuring the relevant implementation plan to the already available Agriculture Master Plan.
“As we make the PDP, we also need to draft an implementation plan that will assist in the
implementation of the Agricultural Master Plan and elevate the Agricultural Sector to a level where it should be. We have the necessary skills and we need to work together” said Pienaar. All inputs made will be added to the draft to come up with a comprehensive Provincial Development Plan which will be North West version of the National Development Plan

President Zuma should declare 16 August Marikana Memorial Day

I have today written to President Jacob Zuma requesting that he declare 16 August a commemorative day to be observed annually in honour of those workers who lost their lives in
Marikana on 16 August 2012. Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the Marikana tragedy,
where some 34 mineworkers – brothers, fathers, and sons – were killed by members of the South African Police Service. On the day, South Africans from all walks of life joined together in paying their respects to the fallen heroes of Marikana, calling for justice for the victims, and their families and loved ones. The Marikana tragedy remains a stain on the collective conscience of our nation. We must mark this day as a commemorative one, where
we reflect not just on the injustice of that fateful day, but the injustices which still persist
throughout our society. The President has the power to declare any day to be observed and
commemorated, via a proclamation. As such, I implore President Zuma, in the interests of
justice and national unity, to use this power and declare this day Marikana Memorial Day.
We are not alone in this call. We are joined by many in society, including political parties
and trade unions who also believe this day ought to be ought to be a declared as such. The President must honour those who lost their lives so tragically by declaring 16 August
Marikana Memorial Day

DA walking out of chaotic meeting is a victory for all our communities

The Democratic Alliance in Matlosana walked out of a council meeting last week to deny the ANC the quorum they needed, in order to stop the passing of a report that could
save taxpayers millions of rand. The Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) report
was tabled and accepted by council, after a divided ANC caucus failed to decide whether
to approve or reject its adoption. However, when the ANC later decided to oppose the council decision and vote against the report, the DA walked out of the chambers to ensure that there was no quorum to set aside the initial decision. It is important that this report is accepted as it clearly stipulates that staff need to be appointed at the local licensing department. Residents have endured poor service delivery from the licensing department for some time now. These range from backlogs in car registrations and renewal of licenses, and license disks. Long queues have meant that people must put in a day’s leave from work only to renew a license disk or their driver licenses. The MPAC report also further advised against the hosting of another Investor’s Conference after similar events cost the City of Matlosana millions of rands each year.
The return on investment has been poor after only a small, connected portion of investors
came to Klerksdorp. The cost of hosting the event is more than the proven investments
attracted. It is just a window dressing exercise that has little impact on the real issues our
people face. This money can be used to create employment through skills development,
fixing infrastructure to make Matlosana more attractive to investors or to assist mentoring
programmes where especially the youth can get hands on experience in order to make them
more employable. Should the ANC try to manoeuvre this through the council, we will not keep quiet as it shocking that only a few people benefit from this conference.

Sanco disappointed with marks maponyane found guilty of assaulting wife

The South African National Civic Organisation(SANCO) on Sunday expressed disappointment with former Bafana Bafana striker, Marks Maponyane found guilty of assaulting his wife Sylvia
and urged men who are having personal problems to seek professional help instead of raising their hands against women. According to NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane, the football commentator was slapped with a fine of R3 000 or a 6 months suspended jail sentence, and a further R6 000 fine or suspended 24-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to a charge
of assault of Friday. Mjonondwane says the second sentence will apply if he lays his hands on anyone else in the next 24 months. “Maponyane has through this one incident lost the tremendous public respect he had because no one respects an abuser. He would need to apologies publicly, seek counselling and work hard to rebuilt his image as well as to regain the confidence of his fans and millions of soccer supporters who follow him as a match commentator on SABC TV sports channels,” highlighted SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu welcoming the sentence. Mahlangu said that there is nothing macho about lifting a hand against women and girl-children. “Our courts must as a deterrent ensure that those who
do live to regret the moment they crossed the line by imposing harsher sentences to
perpetrators,” he said. He urged communities to unite against the scourge of gender based violence and expose perpetrators. Mahlangu said that public figures like Maponyane as well as Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana and Shaka Sisulu are supposed to be leading the fight against the scourge instead of being on the wrong side of the law. “Most are turning out to be bad role models for young people such as the 19-yearold boy from Siyathuthuka High School in
Inanda who is expected to appear in court on Monday for viciously assaulting a grade 10
school girl,” he emphasised.