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Hellkom prevails over Brits

In the last three months we have seen a lot of work on the sides of the roads in Brits. It is the placing of fiber optic cables. Placing of the cables has been done next to Telkom’s existing
cables. As we know copper is expensive and with the poor around here, it is a commodity that is easily sold on the illegal market. For the last eight years there has been a medium of three cable thefts. Each time interrupting businesses for about two weeks. That means for at least six weeks you do not have a working telephone. And with the unlucky accidents that occurred
during the excavation where the Telkom cables were cut, we have been without
Telkom telephone for about two months. The contractors did not feel it necessary
to inform the public of the reasons why it happened! We understand their business
comes first and the small business must not worry about the losses. “We can afford
not to make business. “Can’t we”. And now again the cables have been
stolen and we do not have telephone lines. As mentioned it is a common practice andthe only solution to it will be to place fiber optic cables. The interruption to the traffic department, the fire department, the mall and to the many businesses around the industrial area
means that millions of rands are lost; Telkom must change the copper to fiber!
Or this will go on forever.

Brown handling of R1.6 billion payment to Gupta-linked company not inspiring public confidence- SANCO

Public Enterprises Minister, Lyne Brown’s handling of Eskom’s R1.6- billion payment to Gupta-linked financial advisory firm Trillian and global business consultancy Mc Kinsey does not inspire public confidence, the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) said on Monday. “Overwhelming evidence of rampant looting of resources cannot simply be ignored nor the Eskom board and its senior executives allegedly implicated in irregular transactions running into billions be allowed to undermine public accountability by showing the public the middle finger.The Minister cannot keep on extending deadlines that they have missed to respond to her queries without taking the matter to its logical conclusion,” emphasised SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu reiterating the call for the board to be dissolved and criminals charges laid against those implicated in gross irregularities. Mahlangu stressed that institutionalised plunder at the power utilityundermines the objective of the National Development Plan (NDP) and the resolve to fight poverty, unemployment and inequality. He said that Minister Lyne Brown has not shown the political will to deal with serious
corruption allegations levelled against Brian Molefe, Matshela Koko and Anoj Singh. “The delay in commissioning an investigation into allegations of state capture and Gupta-emails leak amidst allegations of money laundering and capital flight is harming South Africa’s reputation
and its economic recovery prospects,” he underscored.

SANCO calls for Hawks investigation into KMPG Scandal

It is disgraceful that for the past month the people of Naledi Local Municipality have had to suffer continuous interruptions to their electricity supply. A part of the municipality has been without electricity for 17 days now. The unreliable power supply in this municipality poses a tremendous challenge and risk to businesses and the low-hanging electricity cables
create sparks that cause field fires. In one case a stud from a farmer’s herd was electrocuted and died, which resulted in a R60 000 loss by the farmer. What is especially worrisome, is that children’s lives are endangered by these cables that hang close to the ground throughout the municipality. The MEC for Local Government and Human Settlements, Fenny Goaloalwe is thoroughly aware of the severe service delivery shortcomings in this municipality and the untenable conditions that residents are expected to live in, yet nothing has
been done to improve the situation. The ANC in Naledi simply do not care and both
the Mayor, Neo Skalk, and Municipal Manager, Tshepo Bloom, have until now completely ignored the pleas from the community to restore the electricity supply and to ensure hazardous areas are secured. Some of the many challenges that this municipality
face, includes:

• Naledi owes Eskom R254 million;
• Last Friday, 8 September 2017, a down-payment of R12 million was made to ensure the electricity would not be cut;

• By 23 September 2017, the current account (approximately R10 million) as well as 5.8% of the
arrears will have to be paid;

• In December another R10 million, of the total of R16 million of the equitable shares, will be used to pay the Eskom arrears;

• On 21 August 2017 the MM promised, during a community meeting, that all electricity poles that create sparks will be replaced on that same day but it hasn’t been done;

• Cable theft is not reported to the police, so there is no consequence management;
• It was confirmed to us that Naledi makes 121% profit on electricity; and
• Workers in the electricity department operate without safety gear nor the minimum resources

to fix electricity problems, resulting in no proper maintenance or repairs.
This confirms our concerns about the general governance of Naledi. The MEC is also aware of
the illegal appointment of the MM who does not have the minimum qualifications required to hold the position. This was brought to her intention, yet Bloom is still in Naledi, warming the chair while our communities suffer. The honourable thing will be to first get rid of this illegal, political appointment and to use her authority to intervene in Naledi. We asked before, and request her again, to take away the municipality’s electricity licence and give it back to Eskom. It is clear that the municipality has lost their capability to ensure reliable services to our
communities. This will also benefit the poorest of the poor who will be able to buy their electricity at a cheaper rate. The Mayor and MM are unreliable and do nothing to alleviate the plight of the people. It is high time that that the MEC uses her constitutional
mandate to intervene and ensure that service delivery in Naledi, good governance and proper
management is restored.

DA lays criminal charges against contractor who walked away with R300 692 meant for school toilets

On Wednesday 13 September, the Democratic Alliance in the North West laid criminal charges against the Directors of JRB Trading and Enterprise for accepting a payment of R300 692 without delivering the services they were contracted to provide. During an oversight visit to the
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, the DA learned that learners at Tswana-
Tsatsi are forced to use pit toilets due to the contractor’s failure to build and renovate
their toilets. Teachers at the school informed the DA that the contractor had never set
foot in the school, yet they were paid the full R300 692 for the job. The Directors of JRB Trading and Enterprise falsely stated that they had completed the work required by the Department of Education by issuing a certificate of completion. The DA strongly believes that JRB Trading and
Enterprises has committed fraud and must legally account for the money that was paid to
them. We will continue to closely monitor the investigation to ensure that the full amount of
R300 692 is recouped and that the learners at Tswana-Tsatsi finally receive functional toilets.
The DA will continue to put pressure on the MEC for Education, Sello Lehari, to account
as to why the Department of Education never bothered to follow up and ensure that the
renovations were indeed completed. We will also approach the Human Rights Commission
to lay a complaint against the Department of Education and the contractor for violating the
dignity of the learners.

JB Marks: ANC throws in the towel

The Executive Mayor of the JB Marks Municipality, Kgotso Khumalo, has asked for provincial intervention into his own municipality. For the DA this is an acknowledgement by the ANC that they are not fit to govern the municipality. Khumalo asked the Local Government MEC, Fenny
Goaloalwe, for an intervention in terms of Section 154 of the Constitution and gave the following reasons for his request:

• Required intervention in financial and budget management;
• Required intervention in service delivery; and
• Required intervention with non-compliance in administration related to human relation
management. The DA is not surprised by any of the ANC’s reasons for the required intervention as we have been voicing our concern over the municipality’s failures and shortcomings for months, It is also clear that the amalgamation of Tlokwe with Ventersdorp was mere
gerrymandering ahead of the 2016 elections and no financial and/or human resources risks were ever considered, nor was the public participation process followed in terms of the regulations. We are on record in our objection to the Municipal Demarcation Board in 2015, which includes:

• The Ventersdorp Municipality has no stability, certainty and predictability within its Municipal
Tax Base. In fact, no reliance can be placed on the Municipal Tax Base of the aforementioned to
fund the Municipal Fiscal Framework of the new municipality. The Ventersdorp Municipality would in the first place become an intolerable institutional burden on the “New Municipality” and secondly on the Tlokwe Municipality;

• It must be noted that the Ventersdorp Municipality remains institutionally and otherwise dysfunctional, including being unable to function as a Going Concern and able to contribute to the “New Municipality”; and

• No amount of feedback that may have been received by the MDB to date can be considered as
the official position of the respective communities. At the only public meeting ever attended by the MDB in Ventersdorp, the views of those members of the public present decisively gave a clear message that the relevant community members protest at the top of their voice against the proposed amalgamation. The arrear municipal services debt at the end of March of the 2016/17 financial year is R 262 million and arrear payments to outstanding creditors as at
end of the 2016/17 financial year is reported at R75 million. The Auditor-General report, for which the Municipal Manager should be held accountable, highlights exorbitant fruitless and wasteful, irregular and unauthorised expenditure over the past financial year and, to date, no consequence management was implemented against officials who transgressed any law and/or regulation. Besides the Speaker’s total loss of control over the administration of this council and
his inability to ensure that the council’s rules of order are complied with, he allowed the functioning of the council to be reduced to a mere rubber stamping exercise. In our view, this behaviour a symptom of the total collapse of the municipality under the ANC leadership, which was confirmed by the Executive Mayor by throwing in the towel and requesting the
provincial government for an intervention before the motion of no confidence against him and the Speaker will be served at the next council meeting. The DA requested the Executive Mayor, in writing, on various occasions to provide a comprehensive report to explain the reasons why this municipality is falling behind and is in contravention of the laws that govern municipalities, and what immediate steps must be taken to ensure transparency and a turn-around
plan for our municipality. No reply was receivedThe DA is working night and day across South Africa to unseat corrupt ANC governments – also here in the North West province. We have set goals and targets for the Road to 2019, and we will work tirelessly to achieve them.

Ga-rankuwa SAPS arrest 51 suspects over the weekend

Tshwane North Cluster: Ga-Rankuwa – Our men and women in blue were once again
involved in a disruptive operation to address all crimes around Ga-Rankuwa. A total of 52
suspects were arrested, activities comprised of suspects raiding, stop and searches and
roadblocks. Crimes of which suspects were arrested for included those sought for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, possession of dagga, car hijacking, common assault, illegal immigrant, contravention of protection order, shoplifting, theft, road traffic act , dealing in liquor, housebreaking and theft, possession of unlicensed firearm, stock theft, rape, driving without license, malicious damage to property and attempted murder. These Operations were boosted by the suspect raiding which was conducted by the detectives. All suspects will appear in the Ga- Rankuwa Magistrates Court soon. Police management is also calling upon all
communities to report any misconduct and any criminal activities by our member’s .Information
may be forwarded to the Provincial duty Brigadier (082 313 8299) and a Provincial duty
General (082 444 4354) at all hours.

Rotten taxi rank at Brits

Brits taxi rank near Boxer Super Market is surrounded by smell from rubbish bins. The bins at the taxi rank are never clean and leave the town with a horrible stink,that makes Brits
an environment that is not healthy for people who catch taxis at this rank and those who buy
fruits and vegetables from the hawkers. Another issue is not just the taxi rank at Brits, but the city is hardly ever clean. Rubbish bins are always stacked with smelly plastics, papers and flies.
Where ever you go in this small town you will find papers flying in every street. It looks like
there city does not have maintenance. In a town like this most businesses will find it hard to survive because what the city looks like. In general people are attracted to clean environments that are not dangerous to their health. Should things like this continue, businesses will lose costumers and eventually those costumers will consider to do their shopping at other towns that are cleaner than what Brits looks like. For a developing community to be at its best its in the interest of the municipality and the street venders, they are both held reliable for poor maintenance. Some rubbish bins spent up to three days in-front of shops without being emptied or replenished. Brits is known to be a tourist attraction place, what it smells like now its not attracting people but its attracting flies. Other people have to settle because Brits is the nearest town to their homes and some are residents in the city and some come because of work. Brits has two taxi ranks 1 is the main bus and taxi rank, which is still under construction and the 2nd is the one near Boxer Super Market. The streets near-by the rank in town are filled
with smelly dirty water always flowing on the side walks in front of food stalls. Something needs to be done before the middle of summer because when the temperatures are high, the whole city will become a stinking bomb. The Madibeng Local Municipality announced the temporary
closure of the Brits main bus and taxi rank on the 19th of September 2016 The rank was closed
effectively. The reason for the closure was to allow construction and upgrade of the Brits taxi rank project. It was investigated that the construction of the rank should have taken ten months. Buses were relocated to Brits Mall and taxis to the Magalies complex taxi rank (next to Inter-toy Toyota). Appropriate signs were supposed to be provided on the site to inform passengers of the arrangements. Even today the main bus taxi rank is under construction.

Supra chooses another Zuma over poor residents on the NW

The Democratic Alliance is taken aback that the North West Premier Supra Muhamapelo sees no problem in abandoning his official responsibilities in the Provincial Legislature to spend a
week co-campaigning with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in her quest to become the next President of the ANC. A sitting in the NW Provincial Legislature, scheduled for Tuesday was moved to Thursday. The excuse given for the postponement was that some legislature members were attending a NCOP event in the Free State. However, as the week progressed, it became clear
that the postponement was in fact to accommodate Supra who was tailing NDZ around the Province as she attended to ANC business. Yesterday, Thursday 24 August 2017, the Premier failed to attend the rescheduled sitting despite having called for a debate on the state of the provincial economy. When he called the debate he had indicated that he wanted to “teach the opposition a lesson in Economy 101”. Instead of giving that “lesson”, he chose to attend an ANC
Cadre’s Forum in Matlosana. Of major concern is that Speaker Susan Daantjie allowed herself to be used to violate the rules of the house to appease Supra, NDZ and the ANC. She made no effort to reprimand the Premier for not tendering an official apology for failing to attend a
debate that he called for. The rules of the house are clear. If a member calls for a debate, they should lead and close the debate. If they are unable to attend the sitting, they should submit a
written submission on their failure to attend and delegate the responsibility to another
member. This week the report on Trends on Poverty was released and it confirms the DA’s point that our local economy is in shambles. This was clearly not a good enough reason for the Premier to debate the issue and act in the interest of the millions of unemployed and poor people in the Province. The only economic policy that the ANC is committed is so-called
“radical economic transformation”, which has been exposed as a vehicle for mass corruption and looting by the ANC. It is nothing but a cover to loot and rob people of opportunities. For Supra, supporting another Zuma for the Presidency is much more important than the long-suffering residents of the Northwest. The Premier is openly supporting the current President Jacob Zuma who is one of the main reasons for the decay and regression in South Africa. Now he is clearly vowing his support to another Zuma. Apparently, her becoming
President is more important to the Premier than the suffering and hardships people
in this province have to endure under the ANC government on a daily basis.

A clear and radical strategic intervention plan is needed to grow the economy

Mahikeng – Premier Supra Mahumapelo has called for the compilation of a radical Provincial Development Plan with a clear strategic Intervention plan which will speedily address challenges that the province is facing to grow the economy and decrease poverty, inequality
and unemployment. Premier Mahumapelo was addressing the Provincial Development Plan –
PDP Colloquium at Cookes Lake Mahikeng earlier today, which was hosted by the North West Provincial Planning Commission. The Colloquium is intended to receive inputs from top structures of all the stakeholders, into the already existing Provincial Development Plan with a view to improving its quality. During the Colloquium the Provincial Departments, Municipalities, State Owned Entities, the Private Sector and other major stakeholders contributed to the document which is to provide the direction for the rebranding, repositioning and renewal of the province and economic growth. Premier Mahumapelo believes there’s a need for a
plan that will attract long term investments in the province without threats. “We must ensure that Agriculture thrives to become the economic driver of the province. Due to the possibility of minerals depletion and the possibility of the decrease in the commodity price, investment in the mining sector has its own threats and this is not the cause with Agriculture because the consumption of food is necessary on a daily basis. That is why we must make mining a strategic tributary to strengthen the Agriculture, Culture and Tourism sectors, grow the economy and attract investors” remarked Premier Mahumapelo. The Spatial Economist Roelof Middlejans
from HIS Markit made a presentation which reflected a worrying picture of unemployment and poverty rate in the province which necessitates a special focus to turn the situation around. “The decline in unemployment and poverty is not happening as envisaged by the NDP. We
need a developmental process that will address this. Our mining sector must be competitive and must flourish. If there’s more competitiveness the economy will grow. However currently it is very difficult to keep investors and that is the choking point of the economic growth in the province.” said Middlejans who also applauded the province for a continued good performance in matric results and improvement in provision of basic services. In order to deal with the unemployment rate in the province Premier Mahumapelo believes sweeping interventions are necessary. “We must know which skills unemployed youth possess and develop a plan on how best we can deploy such skills to the economy for the market. This PDP must have the paradigm shifting actions that we must embark on. We must use the same money that we have
to change the situation. If possible we must cut A clear and radical strategic intervention
plan is needed to grow the economy unnecessary expenditure in government” remarked
Mahumapelo. Professor Tebogo Mokgoro of Ikatisong School of Governance highlighted the need for the relevant skills in the province. “We need to ask ourselves what are the skills needs of our economy. We need to identify the skills demand and have skills development plan. We also need to have institutions where these skills will be developed and deployed to influence our economy. Our PDP must indicate those” said Professor Mokgoro. This was emphasized by Premier Mahumapelo who said the province must identify and develop skills necessary
for the VTSD economy. “Graduation ceremonies are taking place all the time but they are contributing to the unemployment. This is because we are producing skills that are not relevant to the economy. We must develop human capital with practical skills which are required by the economy. This is will strengthen the agricultural sector especially in our VTSD areas” added Mahumapelo. Jan Pienaar of Agri North West has emphasized the importance
of ensuring the relevant implementation plan to the already available Agriculture Master Plan.
“As we make the PDP, we also need to draft an implementation plan that will assist in the
implementation of the Agricultural Master Plan and elevate the Agricultural Sector to a level where it should be. We have the necessary skills and we need to work together” said Pienaar. All inputs made will be added to the draft to come up with a comprehensive Provincial Development Plan which will be North West version of the National Development Plan

DA walking out of chaotic meeting is a victory for all our communities

The Democratic Alliance in Matlosana walked out of a council meeting last week to deny the ANC the quorum they needed, in order to stop the passing of a report that could
save taxpayers millions of rand. The Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) report
was tabled and accepted by council, after a divided ANC caucus failed to decide whether
to approve or reject its adoption. However, when the ANC later decided to oppose the council decision and vote against the report, the DA walked out of the chambers to ensure that there was no quorum to set aside the initial decision. It is important that this report is accepted as it clearly stipulates that staff need to be appointed at the local licensing department. Residents have endured poor service delivery from the licensing department for some time now. These range from backlogs in car registrations and renewal of licenses, and license disks. Long queues have meant that people must put in a day’s leave from work only to renew a license disk or their driver licenses. The MPAC report also further advised against the hosting of another Investor’s Conference after similar events cost the City of Matlosana millions of rands each year.
The return on investment has been poor after only a small, connected portion of investors
came to Klerksdorp. The cost of hosting the event is more than the proven investments
attracted. It is just a window dressing exercise that has little impact on the real issues our
people face. This money can be used to create employment through skills development,
fixing infrastructure to make Matlosana more attractive to investors or to assist mentoring
programmes where especially the youth can get hands on experience in order to make them
more employable. Should the ANC try to manoeuvre this through the council, we will not keep quiet as it shocking that only a few people benefit from this conference.