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Sanco disappointed with marks maponyane found guilty of assaulting wife

The South African National Civic Organisation(SANCO) on Sunday expressed disappointment with former Bafana Bafana striker, Marks Maponyane found guilty of assaulting his wife Sylvia
and urged men who are having personal problems to seek professional help instead of raising their hands against women. According to NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane, the football commentator was slapped with a fine of R3 000 or a 6 months suspended jail sentence, and a further R6 000 fine or suspended 24-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to a charge
of assault of Friday. Mjonondwane says the second sentence will apply if he lays his hands on anyone else in the next 24 months. “Maponyane has through this one incident lost the tremendous public respect he had because no one respects an abuser. He would need to apologies publicly, seek counselling and work hard to rebuilt his image as well as to regain the confidence of his fans and millions of soccer supporters who follow him as a match commentator on SABC TV sports channels,” highlighted SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu welcoming the sentence. Mahlangu said that there is nothing macho about lifting a hand against women and girl-children. “Our courts must as a deterrent ensure that those who
do live to regret the moment they crossed the line by imposing harsher sentences to
perpetrators,” he said. He urged communities to unite against the scourge of gender based violence and expose perpetrators. Mahlangu said that public figures like Maponyane as well as Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana and Shaka Sisulu are supposed to be leading the fight against the scourge instead of being on the wrong side of the law. “Most are turning out to be bad role models for young people such as the 19-yearold boy from Siyathuthuka High School in
Inanda who is expected to appear in court on Monday for viciously assaulting a grade 10
school girl,” he emphasised.

Essential safety for kidz

No parent imagines losing sight of her kid until it happens. Prepare your child on how to keep safe if she or he gets separated from you, and learn the fastest ways to find her. Anyone who’s been a parent long enough has experienced the terror of not being able to find her child, whether at an amusement park, a parade, in a store, or wherever else kids can get
lost which is anywhere, sometimes even right in your own neighborhood. On the 10 of August 2017 Dikeledi Mamela appeared at the Brits magistrates court for not being a responsible parent. Dekeledi (22) on the 19th of July left her two kids at a friends house, when she was going to work. Her neighbour spotted the kids walking alone in the street on that evening and picked them up with her car and drove with them home. The kids told her that their mom’s friend chased them away shouting at them saying they are not her responsibility. When Dikeledi came back from work that night she went to her friends house to pick up her kids but there was no one in the house, she went searching for them, until someone came to her and told her that they were seen with her neighbour, she went rushing to her neighbours, but when she got there her neighbour had already called the police. She was arrested just as she arrived. Dikeledi tried to give reason to the officers who were on duty but they didn’t want to hear a word
from her, she spent three nights in a cell and is now on bail. Her case is still going forward until she makes arrangements with social workers. Dikeledi has no relatives or family members close to her who can assist her with care for her two kids. Both her parents passed away while she was still in high school. Most children are found quickly, often even before they realize a parent is looking for them. And possibly every parent’s worst fear is abduction by a stranger or an acquaintance, where the child is taken far from home and harmed or held with the
intent to keep her permanently. Parents need to teach children how to also be safe in situations where mom is not around, some kids are runners, and they won’t realize you’re not
with them until they’re nowhere near you. Either way, tell your child that if you don’t respond when she yells, rather than looking for a store clerk or a security guard, she should stay put and ask the first “mommy” with a child she sees to help her. Why a mom? Women with kids are statistically less likely to be predators and more likely to stay with your child until she finds you.

Supporting, championing and connecting women in creative industries

South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the thousands of women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This historic march was a turning point in the role of women in the struggle for freedom and society at large. Since that eventful day, women from all walks of life became equal partners in the struggle for a non-racial and non-sexist South Africa. The march was
coordinated by the Federation of South African Women (Fedsaw) led by four women: Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams De Bruyn. These leaders
delivered petitions to the then Prime Minister JG Strijdom’s office at the Union Buildings.
Women throughout the country had put their names to these petitions, indicating their
anger and frustration at having their freedom of movement restricted by the hated official
passes. The Government of South Africa declared August Women’s Month and 9 August
is celebrated annually as Women’s Day. Women’s Month is a tribute not only to the
thousands of women who marched on that day in 1956, but also a tribute to the pioneers of
the women’s movement in this country, dating back to 1913, when women like Charlotte
Maxeke led the way in establishing the ANC Women’s League and encouraging women to
engage in the struggle for freedom. Pioneers include Cissy, Jaynab and Amina Gool, who
were amongst the leaders of the National Liberation League and the Non-European
United Front of the 1930s. Women’s Month also serves to recall and recognise the work
of Dora Tamana, Winifred Siqwana, Ida Mntwana, Bertha Gxowa, Florence Matomela
and other stalwarts of the 1950s, who led militant women’s formation for the rights of
workers and the rights of women Cre8xion is a non profit organization that supports,
champions and connects creative women from Soshanguve, Mabopane, Garankuwa and
Mothotlung they hosted their second annual campaign at Matlau Store at Mmakau on
the 9th of august 2017 to celebrate women’s month. They are a community of women and
men who help one another to gain courage, inspiration, and the skills to grow their own
businesses. Cre8xion organization is a member of the African Womens Development Forum
grant, making sure resources reach the hundreds of African women’s organisations
that are working in diverse ways to improve the lives of women and African society at large.

Urban culture growing in brits

Urban culture is the culture of towns and cities. The defining theme is the presence of a great
number of very different people in a very limited space – most of them are strangers to each other. This makes it possible to build up a vast array of subcultures close to each other, exposed to each other’s influence, but without necessarily intruding into people’s private lives.Urban culture is the voice of the youth mass of the city who wants to express
themselves creatively. It’s the new artistic identity of the Kids. Obakeng Malefo from Mothotlung is a big fan of urban culture in Madibeng. Moreover he is a big fan of individuals who keep giving this culture of ours a new perspective, He is saying this because its easy to be on the periphery and not change things. Its easy to look at the freedom we have been granted and not do anything as a youth in South Africa. SMB which stands for Sophisticated Brand Monkey are a Madibeng collective who have gone against all these things which are mentioned. They
have refused to sit back and not have a say on Urban Culture in South Africa. Without knowing
it this fashion x music collective x trendsetters have made strides in urban culture. In an interview Obakeng mentioned that he had the luxury to seeing kids come out of nothing.
He witnessed their slow rise in urban culture back in Pretoria when there was no urban culture to speak of. Now that people kind of get the idea on who SMB is and what its all about, He had
an interactive group chart with people that follow him on social media. He talked with them where they spoke about their approach to urban culture in Mzansi. “We’re street scientists so we influence SA Street Culture through fashion, design, music, photography and Events, He said. They have been around since 2010. They took this route because the youth of Madibeng
responded well to their never say die approach to cool and the Brits Urban Culture scene was still on the come up.

Dronabinol and Marijuana in HIV-Positive Marijuana Smokers

Caloric Intake, Mood, and Sleep. Individuals with HIV constitute the largest group using cannabinoids for medicinal reasons; yet, no studies have directly compared the tolerability and
efficacy of smoked marijuana and oral dronabinol maintenance in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. This placebocontrolled within-subjects study evaluated marijuana and dronabinol across a range of behaviors: eating topography, mood, cognitive performance, physiologic
measures, and sleep. Methods: HIVpositive marijuana smokers (n = 10) completed 2 16-day inpatient phases. Each dronabinol (5 and 10 mg) and marijuana (2.0% and 3.9% Δ9-
tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]) dose was administered 4 times daily for 4 days, but only 1 drug was active per day, thereby maintaining double-blind dosing. Four days of placebo washout separated each active cannabinoid condition. Results: As compared with placebo,
marijuana and dronabinol dose dependently increased daily caloric intake and body weight in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. All cannabinoid conditions produced significant
intoxication, e xcept f or lo w-dose dronabinol (5 mg); t he int oxication was rated positively (eg, “good drug effect”) with little evidence of discomfort and no impairment of cognitive performance. Effects of marijuana and dronabinol were comparable, except that only marijuana (3.9% THC) improved ratings of sleep. Conclusions: These data suggest that for HIV-positive marijuana smokers, both dronabinol (at doses 8 times current
recommendations) and marijuana were well tolerated and produced substantial
and comparable increases in food intake.

Books with magical healers

1. Love & Marriage: Questions Young People ask – Bruce & Carol Britten

•Young people all over the world have found in this book the keys to love and joy.

•Always I think about her legs … her body

•I’m 17, but my breasts are still small

•Sometimes I have sexy dreams

•OUr teacher told us “Use condoms”

•I found my boyfriend kissing her

•How can I make her love me?

•I fear I will be single all my life

•Will my sperm become weak?

•I killed my baby, I wish I were dead.

•Can God forgive me for my sex sins?

2. Answers for your Marriage – Bruce & Carol Britten

Husbands & Wives have found answers in this book, you will too!  This book is for married adults, not for unmarried young people.

•My husband doesn’t love me.

•How can I give my wife joy in sex

•We argue about money

•My wife quarrels with my mother.

•My husband beats me terribly

•I found him in bed with a girl

•His sex-desires are overly strong.

•My husband doesn’t satisfy me

•She fails to get pregnant.

•How can I make him a better husband?

•He likes my body, he doesn’t like me.

•She still loves her former boyfriend.

•I want sex with his wife just once.

•Our teenage son lives in sin.

•My husband doesn’t love God.

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1st Annual Madibeng Dj Knockout Winner Dj TLOVE

Mjonino’s Entertainment is proud to announce the winner of the 1st Annual Madibeng Dj Knockout, Dj TLOVE from Tornado.  This came after he battled with four other contestants for the price money of R5000.

The Grand Finale was held on the 3rd of December 2016, at Mothotlung Community Hall.  The event was the first of its kind in Madibeng despite all the challenges they had.  The organisers made sure that they delivered what they promised their community in finding the unique Djs. The organiser, Dj Mjonino emphasised that Dj TLove was very amused after winning the competition and walked away with the price money of R5000.00.  “I was impressed by his set because he improved a lot in terms of track selection, mixing, timing and technical skills,” said Mjonino. He further send his gratitude to those contributed in the entire event.  “I want to thank Dj Teddy Long and Dj Joze for working with me in this project.  My special thanks goes to Dj Oskido, Lethlabile Community Radio Station (99.5), and Madibeng Times for being part of the tournament.”

“You played an important part in terms of publicity in that case, most of our community knows about Mjoninos Entertainment and they are following us.  To all the Djs who took part, a warm appreciation for partaking in this competition and we are hoping to see you again in 2017, for the 2nd Annual Madibeng Dj Knockout.” “To all the members of our community who supported the initiative, we thank you a lot, you played a very important role as well by also following us on our Facebook page.  Our winner Dj TLOVE got the opportunity to spin the discs with Dj Oskido on the 24 December 2016, at Letlhabile.  He also took part on the Drive show, hosted by Duchess, concluded Dj Mjonino.

Sfiso Ncwane had raised the bar and touched millions with his music as well as message of hope and salvation-SANCO

The death of Sfiso Ncwane has robbed South Africa of a talent artist who had raised the bar and touched the lives of millions with his music as well as message of hope and salvation, South African National Civic Organisation(SANCO) said in expressing shock and paying tribute to the gospel singer on Tuesday.

“We are saddened by the untimely death of one of the greatest Gospel artist who rose from humble beginnings to share his talent and inspire our nation, “ said SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu in conveying heartfelt condolences to his wife Ayanda, children Ngcweti and Umawenzokhule, the Ncwane family, his in-laws, friends, fellow artists and millions of his fans across the continent and the globe. Mahlangu said that the award-winning gospel artist’s reported death from kidney failure is a great loss to the performing arts and music in general.

“Besides being a devout Christian, Ncwane was a philanthropist and a community builder, his Sfiso Ncwane Bursary Foundation which donated more than R10 000 to schools in rural areas made a difference where there are greater education needs in our communities,” he said. He added that the awards that the five albums that Ncwane had won during his illustrious but short career attest, the music company Sfiso Ncwane Productions which produced the platinum selling single, Phakama Nkosi ye Zulu and newly released Christian hip-hop album, Hands Up attest to the fact that everything that the gospel artist of the SATMA-Kulungile Baba fame touched turned to gold.