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Rebecca Malope is actually not her real name!

The gospel legend Rebecca Malope, once left the country with major trust issues, so much so that it left some wondering if her German cut is even real. The gospel legend Rebecca Malope, once left the country with major t rust issues, so much so that it left some wondering if her
German cut was even real. We know it’s not much of a big deal, considering that South Africa has more serious issues right now, such as #menaretrash and the Gibaba saga to kind
of take it… Sis Rebs has me ntioned this a long t ime ago, so long ago that South Africans did
not know that ‘Rebecca’ was in fact a st age name. She was given the stage name when
she started out, because it was more catchy & separated her private from the public
life. Rebecca’s real name is Ba tsogile Lovederia Malope who hails from the Mpumalanga province. The name stuck on people’s lips after her gospel hit single
‘Moya wam ’ & he r stage name Rebecca was solidified. In her past Rebecca had
survived a lot in her childhood & gospel music lead her on her path to healing. One Twitter user has caused a hysteria after somehow finding out that the gospel legend’s real name is Batsogile Lovederia Malope and not Rebecca. People on Twitter say they feel betrayed by this
‘revelation’. However, some are having none of it as they say they don’t recognise
Batsogile. “I bet even God kno ws her as ‘Rebecca Malope’ not Batsogile Lovederia Malope,”
one said, while others questioned if our country is even called South Africa. These were obviously jokes & o ver reactions. This raised a lot of questions but one thing we cannot doubt is her music. She has released more than 30 hit albums from decade to decade.

North West Mec Congratulates Gift Kelehe

The North West Education and Sport Development Department MEC, Jonas Lehari wishes to congratulate Gift Kelehe for obtaining position 3 in the 2017 Comrade Marathon which was held in Durban on Sunday the 4th June 2017.The 93rd edition of the Comrades Marathon 86.73 kilometre race from Durban to Pietermarizburg saw Gift Kelehe make a run time of 05:41:48. This is an astounding achievement considering that he won the title in 2015 Comrade Marathon. Gifts’ elder brother, Andrew Kelehe won the same marathon in 2001. “I would like to
congratulate our hero Gift Kelehe for once again flying our province’s flag up high. I hope
our youth and learners are motivated by what a man from this province did in this regard.
It truly shows that nothing is impossible if you put your mind and hard work into what
you love. The department is proud of you son of the soil. The department and province
as a whole always encourage learners to take part in sporting activities as reiterated at the
Sport Lekgotla that was held in March 2017. We also wish to thank all other athletes from
the province for taking part in this historic marathon”. Bokone Bophirima, where champions are made!

Indian community offering helping hand to elderly people in Madibeng

2017 marks 157th anniversary of the arrival of the Indian indentured workers and the birth of this community in South Africa. Durban is home to the largest Indian population in South Africa. Indians in Madibeng are constantly helping elderly people by offering them food and money. The positive role that Indians played in South Africa’s reconstruction and development was an example of how immigrants could help build a country. They contribute to the multicultural
atmosphere of the municipality and many Indian rituals and traditions can still be observed today. South Africa’s culture is one of the most diverse in the world and has given rise to the term “Rainbow Nation”. Indians are playing a huge role in Madibeng by creating jobs and helping the poor. Indian culture and way of life necessitated commodities in our lives.
This is where most of the Indians are able to assist the poor because they have businesses that they operate and generate income to help the others. With SA having 11 official languages and 8 other recognised languages, the rich culture of each of these groups brings its own vibrancy to our diversity. The culture of offering and giving to the poor has been there in existence for a long time. About two decades after Indians settled in South Africa, the Wagg Commission observed that the anti-Indian sentiment was driven by white traders, farmers and workers who feared agricultural competition. In addition, the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Commerce noted a growing fear from white settlers and their demand for all Indian traders to be lawfully required to produce identity documents with a photograph on demand. Despite all this, the Indian trader prospered, much to the disappointment of the other settlers. Many
Indian traders became successful by trading with the local black population in the remote areas by selling items in small quantities and giving items on credit. Often their goods were cheaper than their counterparts. This made the other traders particular the white traders very envious
and prompted them to influence the government to pass numerous laws that would restrict the Indian trader’s right to a living and trade. However, the government failed in its attempts to destroy the Indian trader. Ties between South Africa and India was strengthened with the launch of an initiative which further boosted the economic and cultural exchanges between the
two countries. The South Africa India Business and Friendship Association (Saibfa) was established to promote economic relations and cultural exchanges between the countries. The association developed a broad platform for networking and bilateral non-governmental co-operation aimed at fostering economic prosperity in various sectors from South
Africa and India. India played a significant role in South Africa and it was critical that a networking and business association be present for Indians to have a voice, economically and in business. Nelson Mandela was a recipient of the International Gandhi Award for social, economic and political transformation, which was handed to him by the president of India. This gives Indian business professionals and leaders the opportunity to build business partnerships with their South African counterparts. As Mandela stated: ‘We are certain that the bonds of friendship and solidarity forged over the years will continue to grow.

Dronabinol and Marijuana in HIV-Positive Marijuana Smokers

Caloric Intake, Mood, and Sleep. Individuals with HIV constitute the largest group using cannabinoids for medicinal reasons; yet, no studies have directly compared the tolerability and
efficacy of smoked marijuana and oral dronabinol maintenance in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. This placebocontrolled within-subjects study evaluated marijuana and dronabinol across a range of behaviors: eating topography, mood, cognitive performance, physiologic
measures, and sleep. Methods: HIVpositive marijuana smokers (n = 10) completed 2 16-day inpatient phases. Each dronabinol (5 and 10 mg) and marijuana (2.0% and 3.9% Δ9-
tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]) dose was administered 4 times daily for 4 days, but only 1 drug was active per day, thereby maintaining double-blind dosing. Four days of placebo washout separated each active cannabinoid condition. Results: As compared with placebo,
marijuana and dronabinol dose dependently increased daily caloric intake and body weight in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. All cannabinoid conditions produced significant
intoxication, e xcept f or lo w-dose dronabinol (5 mg); t he int oxication was rated positively (eg, “good drug effect”) with little evidence of discomfort and no impairment of cognitive performance. Effects of marijuana and dronabinol were comparable, except that only marijuana (3.9% THC) improved ratings of sleep. Conclusions: These data suggest that for HIV-positive marijuana smokers, both dronabinol (at doses 8 times current
recommendations) and marijuana were well tolerated and produced substantial
and comparable increases in food intake.

Celebrating Freedom Day Annually In South Africa

The country fought so hard for freedom and
democracy in South Africa. Why political
parties like Congress of the People (COPE) say the
ANC does not deserve the position as the ruling
party? COPE made it clear that the ruling party
has failed the country right in the beginning of
democracy, the party feels that the ANC is not
upholding to the promises they made. AgangSA also
have the same sentiment towards the ANC. AgangSA
leader expressed her concern during her interview
that the worst mistake made by the country is when
the people of South Africa allowed the ANC to work
on their own after democracy. She says there were no
over-side inspection by the people of this country.
“They thought that the ANC had everything
under control which is why after liberation they never
went back to say let us all work together and build a
better country. Things like corruption, nepotism and
unemployment would have been prevented,” said
AgangSA leader. This is a time to celebrate what we
have achieved together in a democratic South Africa
and recommit ourselves to make our country a better
place to live in. The struggle for freedom didn’t end in
1994, and our challenges should not overshadow the
significant progress made over the last two decades.
Let us use this celebration to foster a common agenda
of building a united and prosperous South Africa.
South Africa celebrates Freedom Day annually on
the 27 April and the theme for this year is “The year
of OR Tambo: Together deepening democracy and
building safer and crime-free communities”.
27 April commemorates the day in 1994 when
the first democratic election was held in South Africa.
27 April, South Africa celebrates Freedom Day to
mark the liberation of our country and its people
from a long period of colonialism and White minority
domination (apartheid). Apartheid ‘officially’ began in
South Africa in 1948, but colonialism and oppression
of the African majority had plagued South Africa
since 1652. After decades of resistance, a stalemate
between the Liberation Movement and the Apartheid
government was reached in 1988. The ANC, South
African Communist Party (SACP), Pan African
Congress (PAC) and other organisations were later
unbanned on 2 February 1990, and a non-racial
constitution was eventually agreed upon and adopted
in 1993. On 27 April 1994, the nation finally cast its
vote in the first democratic election in the country.

The ANC was then voted into power, and Nelson
Mandela was inaugurated as the President of South
Africa on 10 May.
It is important to note however, that “freedom”
should mean emancipation from poverty,
unemployment, racism, sexism and other forms
of discrimination. We are 15 years into our new
democracy and many of these issues are still rife
in our country. We are still a long way away from
solving many of the legacies of Apartheid and now
face new challenges, like the growing inequality
among South Africans and political and economic
instability in the region caused by a new elite who are
interested in pursuing their own interests. Freedom

Day therefore serves as a reminder to us that the
guarantee of our freedom requires us to remain
permanently vigilant against corruption and the
erosion of the values of the Freedom Struggle and
to build an active citizenry that will work towards
wiping out the legacy of racism, inequality and the
promotion of the rights embodied in our constitution.
The celebrations coincide with the centenary
of the late President and national Chairperson
of the ANC, Mr Oliver Reginald Tambo, an
international icon and hero of the South African
liberation struggle. Freedom Day recognises and
celebrates the strides that have been made since
1994, and acknowledges that South Africa is a far
better society than it was under apartheid. It is
also a period of reflection on what else needs to
be done collectively towards the goal of building a
prosperous society and improving the quality of life
for all. Our democracy has restored the dignity of
millions of South Africans and changed our lives
for the better. We cannot allow crime and criminal
activities to derail us. Let us join hands to preserve
our freedom and SAY NO to racism, crime and
corruption and substance abuse.
We just wonder how free we are going to be if
the ANC continue to use tax payers money, endless
corruption and no services to the people. Like Julius
Malema once said ‘Black people are worse off now
than in Apartheid’.

North West Premier Man arrested for impersonating HIM

On 25 December 2016, the Office of the Premier of Bokone Bophirima warned members of the public about an imposter who goes around phoning unsuspecting members of the public, pretending to be Premier Supra Mahumapelo. He allegedly requested money from several people in Gauteng, Bokone Bophirima, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. Hawks spokesperson, Rikhotso Tlangelani says they arrested the impersonator in Kuruman The Hawks arrested a man (25) on the 24th of December in Kuruman. He was traced through the phones that he was allegedly using to impersonate the premier. It is said that he has been requesting money to the amount of R1500. The 25-year-old will appear in the Mmabatho Magistrates Court, facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder and intimidation.

This is after he has threatened to bomb the premier’s home when his extortion attempts were unsuccessful. North West government spokesperson Brian Setswambung says the premier has sent a congratulatory message to the Hawks for the speedy arrest following an investigations. We urge community members to keep an eye out for these scams. As there are many going around. Do not be afraid to report a crime if you suspect anything foul. Contact the authorities immediately, we need to get all these con artists off the streets.

New year Babe smiling all the way

The allegations of maladministration and mismanagement by the Brits District Hospital CEO, Babe Mosuwe has never shown any positive outcome.  On the 7th of November 2016, we had acknowledged and seen some workers demonstrating on what was called an illegal protest in front of the hospital gate.

The protest among others was to remove the CEO and the acting Clinical Manager, Dr. Moleko based on the alleged misconducts.  The interim CEO, Mr. Moloi was introduced by the District Management team.  He has been in office ever since Babe was send in hiding. The questions remain as why there is no disciplinary hearing for her, protest avails to nothing.  Did the investigations allegedly found Babe innocent?  There are many questions posed by the workers on why the CEO was not suspended.

To make things possible in hospital, Dr. Adewola Jacobs is now an Acting Clinical Manager, succeeding from Dr. Moleko who is now in exile. The staff workers at the Brits District Hospital are still questioning the investigations conducted by the District Management team regarding the allegations that were brought to their attention.  It is alleged that the two were suspended after a long discussion by the workers representatives and the management team. Acting Director for the district, Mr. Moloi who is now in charge in the hospital promised that the investigations will be conducted and therefore, they want people to come forward with concrete facts not just hear-say or allegations that might tarnish someone’s name.

He further said that the petition send to the hospital had some threats that has made the management to sought to protect the CEO and the acting Clinical Manager.  They decided to keep them away for a while, while investigating the matter.  For how long will the hospital be in this much crises and cannot cope with the every passing of patients in the eyes of the few doctors in hospital?  The petition contained the allegations that the CEO bought a CT scanner and no one in hospital has seen the machine. Both the CEO and the Acting Clinical Manager are not suspended and how is that possible until to date no one was suspended or penalised for the actions?  The management decided to re-assign them to another area to continue with their work for safety reasons.  The management further said that the reason the two were placed in a place of safety is because they did not want them to get in contact with the illegal march that was happening.  Was it a mob psychology as indicated by the Department of Health which made them to protect the two accused?

Is there transparency in the investigations of the corrupt allegations?  Are we going to see the end of this where someone involved going to be crucified for actions she has committed, or is just one of those talks by the government to make people forget about the issues and move on with their lives? Many people are still complaining about the hospital mismanagement, shortage of medical doctors.  It seems no one from the high departments cares about what the people are saying about the hospital.They are not even running internal investigations to find out why people are constantly complaining about the hospital management.  The complains in most cases are done by the staff members in the hospital.

Celebrations and Celebrations at Lethabong Primary School

Best achieved students and the graduation ceremony for the Grade 7 learners were the author of the day on the 7th of December 2016, at Lethabong Primary School at the Local Municipality of Madibeng in ward 1. The event was graced among others by the ward councillor, clr. Nkoe and the Chief, Tshetlo Mamogale.  The SGB member, Maria Makgopela said “we need to stand together and say Lethabong Primary School we are moving forward and we also need to make Legonyane proud.”

“The special thanks goes to the Local Municipality of Madibeng under the leadership, the executive mayor, Jostina Mothibe and her entourage.  To the graduates, go out there and preach the message that the school have taught you, show respect to others and don’ let us down,” said SGB Makgopela. The principal Mrs. Leso encouraged the grade 7 students to move to high school level and face challenges and overcome them.  She further said that the gowns they are wearing means a lot to them and that it is as a symbol of honour.  The ward councillor for ward 1, clr. Nkoe kept entertaining the guests and said it is a great honour for him to be part of such an amazing event.  Students from all grades who have achieved good marks were awarded with certificates and trophies.Before the awarding session, the grade 7 students paraded to the main event wearing their graduation gowns and were cheered by their parents, teachers, guests and their fellow school mates.  The event followed by the farewell function to one of the best teacher, Mrs. Dikolo.

The school bid a farewell ceremony to one of their teachers who is retiring.  She was presented with lots of gift wrappers and messages of encouragement.  The principal spoke much about School Quality, Learning and Teaching Campaign (SQLTC). “The SQLTC means that the whole community should take part in the running of the school.  A child is not supposed to buy alcohol, a parent cannot get into a shebeen or a tavern with the child.  Parents should not be afraid of their children, they must give orders to their kids not the other way around.” “Parents should stop gossiping in front of their children because children are transparent and they say whatever that has been said by their parents.  I want to challenge all retired teachers to come visit the school regularly to assist with other programs.” “It does not mean that this farewell means final good byes between the school and the teachers.  We still need their support and the kids still love them and enjoy working with them,” said the principal, Mrs. Leso. The programme director, Mr. M.T. Rangwanashe encouraged learners to always be on their books to study and avoid loitering around the streets.  “Parents should always assist their children with homeworks and avoid spreading negative impact towards their children,” he emphasised.

Mrs. Dikolo thanked the support of the parents and said they have contributed immensely in making sure that the students progresses and deserves a credit.  “I taught MMC Machete grade 1 and 2 and he was a great student.” “Lethabong SGB are a star and works closely with the school, they engage with the school regularly.  Parents are also supportive and adores their pensioners, a school is a school because of everyone, parents, churches, community, government and the kids form part of the school,” said Mrs. Dikolo.

Refilwe Day Care Centre host graduation ceremony

It is that time of the year whereby those who have outsmart themselves and worked hard to achieve good results, graduates and be honoured with certificates and diplomas.  Refilwe Day Care Center host graduation in honour their students on the 26th of November 2016.

The graduations were held at Siyatlhala section, house no: 73 in ward 22 whereby family and friends joined hands to support and cherish those students.  According to the principal, Esther Sumbane, the day care centre is delighted to have so much support from the dedicated community members who came in numbers to celebrate with the school. “We are soon coming to the end of our current school year and in honour of the time we have spent together and what the future holds, we celebrate with a fun, simple, but very memorable pre-school graduation,” she said.

There are many different thoughts about whether or not it is “appropriate” for pre-schoolers to participate in a graduation program or ceremony. I can’t answer that for you because I think it all depends on the mindset and if your approach will be a meaningful and enriching experience for your students and their parents. “I have a small pre-school and all of my students are with me from the day they enter the program until the day they leave my program.  During their time with me, my students grow and learn so much that it is simply amazing.”  “I don’t want the last day of their time with me to just come and go as if it wasn’t significant. I want my students and their parents to know that their time in pre-school was precious and that I valued every second of it.” I want to offer my students and parents the chance to celebrate the closing of their pre-school years and the beginning of new experiences to come.

Our graduates are moving on to new discoveries and new accomplishments but they take with them the many discoveries and accomplishments we shared together and this is all worth celebrating.” “We also spent a couple of days practising our songs that we planned to sing for the parents.  The songs we sing each year are usually all songs we have been singing throughout the school year so the children are already familiar with them and comfortable singing them together.” “On the day of graduation, all the children sing a couple of songs together first and then our graduates sing a song on their own plus demonstrate a few things they have learned throughout the school year.” And then I call up each child to the stage. Each of our future graduates get a certificate for completing a year in pre-school, and each of our graduates get their diploma for completing their pre-school experience,” said the principal.

Ifitlhile Community Learning Centre graduations

Ifitlhile Community Learning Centre, empower through adult education celebrate their adult school completion on the 26th of November 2016.


Ifitlhile Community Learning  Centre adult high school is a school that holds adult students to the same rigorous graduation requirements as other schools in Madibeng.  Students attend classes two nights per week for about 2 ½ years. Now, I recognize that it has all been worth it. The graduation ceremony is designed to celebrate those things through a fun, relaxed, and simple adult school celebration.  The principal, Mmamoloko emphasised and encouraged adults to participate in adult schools to develop their skills and have proper qualifications for the career.

“While each student is up on the stage, I take a quick minute to share something special about each student. This gives photographers a little extra time to take photos and me the chance to tell how proud I am of each of my students” “Before all the students have received their diploma or certificate, we end our celebration with a fun song the children can freely dance and have fun with.  All the students stick around and eat cake, visit with one another, and then we call it a night.”

“I would say the entire presentation lasts about 45 minutes from walking down the isle to dancing to our last song and showcasing theatrical performances. Because our graduation celebration is held outdoors, we don’t try and do a slide presentation.” “What worries me the most is what will happen after, when all the students have received their certificates and diplomas.  Graduations and receiving certificates and diplomas no longer hold the promise of jobs for young South Africans as hundreds of thousands of them battle to find work,” said the principal. Research indicates that about 600 000 graduates are languishing at home, unable to put into practice what they have learned.  A growing army of unemployed graduates are now forced to either rely on their families to support them or find jobs as unskilled workers, such as waiters, clerks and office assistants.

Sharp’s advice to young people is to choose what they want to study carefully before going to university and enrolling for a course that is not in demand.  Not all graduates are equal in the fierce battle for jobs. There are nearly 600 000 unemployed graduates in South Africa. The key issue is whether the degree is relevant to employers or to starting your own business.  The frequently reported ‘crisis in graduate unemployment’ in South Africa is a fallacy based on questionable research.

Not only is graduate unemployment low at less than 6%, but it also compares well with rates in developed countries. The large expansion of black graduate numbers has not significantly exacerbated unemployment amongst graduates.  Contrary to popular perception, such graduates many from ‘formerly disadvantaged’ schools have been snapped up by the private sector. The number of black students attending adult school needs to rise for South Africa’s economic development to improve, at the moment the proportion of students that are attending adult high schools is just too small to generate the kind of high-level skills that are required to get the economy going.