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Brown handling of R1.6 billion payment to Gupta-linked company not inspiring public confidence- SANCO

Public Enterprises Minister, Lyne Brown’s handling of Eskom’s R1.6- billion payment to Gupta-linked financial advisory firm Trillian and global business consultancy Mc Kinsey does not inspire public confidence, the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) said on Monday. “Overwhelming evidence of rampant looting of resources cannot simply be ignored nor the Eskom board and its senior executives allegedly implicated in irregular transactions running into billions be allowed to undermine public accountability by showing the public the middle finger.The Minister cannot keep on extending deadlines that they have missed to respond to her queries without taking the matter to its logical conclusion,” emphasised SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu reiterating the call for the board to be dissolved and criminals charges laid against those implicated in gross irregularities. Mahlangu stressed that institutionalised plunder at the power utilityundermines the objective of the National Development Plan (NDP) and the resolve to fight poverty, unemployment and inequality. He said that Minister Lyne Brown has not shown the political will to deal with serious
corruption allegations levelled against Brian Molefe, Matshela Koko and Anoj Singh. “The delay in commissioning an investigation into allegations of state capture and Gupta-emails leak amidst allegations of money laundering and capital flight is harming South Africa’s reputation
and its economic recovery prospects,” he underscored.

DA lays criminal charges against contractor who walked away with R300 692 meant for school toilets

On Wednesday 13 September, the Democratic Alliance in the North West laid criminal charges against the Directors of JRB Trading and Enterprise for accepting a payment of R300 692 without delivering the services they were contracted to provide. During an oversight visit to the
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, the DA learned that learners at Tswana-
Tsatsi are forced to use pit toilets due to the contractor’s failure to build and renovate
their toilets. Teachers at the school informed the DA that the contractor had never set
foot in the school, yet they were paid the full R300 692 for the job. The Directors of JRB Trading and Enterprise falsely stated that they had completed the work required by the Department of Education by issuing a certificate of completion. The DA strongly believes that JRB Trading and
Enterprises has committed fraud and must legally account for the money that was paid to
them. We will continue to closely monitor the investigation to ensure that the full amount of
R300 692 is recouped and that the learners at Tswana-Tsatsi finally receive functional toilets.
The DA will continue to put pressure on the MEC for Education, Sello Lehari, to account
as to why the Department of Education never bothered to follow up and ensure that the
renovations were indeed completed. We will also approach the Human Rights Commission
to lay a complaint against the Department of Education and the contractor for violating the
dignity of the learners.

Pretoria North / Akasia Choir scoops gold and silver

16 choirs converged at The Rossetenville United Methodist Church for the annual choral music festival held on the 9th of September. Top four choirs from Gauteng, Tshwane, North West and Mpumalanga and one from Limpopo attended the glistering event in their quest for top honours. However it was the neatly dressed choir, Pretoria North / Akasia Choral group that stole the limelight. The Madibeng Times Newspaper caught up with the group UMC choir director Mr Lloyd Murenzvi and he had this to say,

“It really was like a clash of tyrants when 16 choirs converged to showcase their more than four months of preparation. However, the fact that it was a church – organised musical interlude, the competitive spirits were subdued under the “Glorifying the Lord” banner, so that for those that would have “lost” would have still glorified God. The competition was based on two sets of musical pieces:

* Own choice – which had not much restrictions as each choir would chose a song that they thought they would do best on their own. Set piece – which every choir had to perform – a song that was chosen from the United Methodist hymn book and put together by musical experts; It was exasperating and almost unbelievable that all choirs were singing from the same notation as displayed and presented at a coaching clinic when the set piece was introduced to all the choirs. However that can be forgiven as there is a rampant lack of people with relevant expertise in different local churches. As the choirs left the podium after their presentation, we could easily narrow down that the real competition was among about five choirs. The rest had done well in entertaining the audience My choir (Pretoria North / Akasia), which is a section of Tshwane United Methodist Church came first and second consecutively for the Own Choice and set piece, scoring very high marks based on the adjudication criteria, losing to the one that came first by just one point on the set piece. We did put up a sound solid performance, consistent with our past performance. It was not surprising that we had a remarkable achievement, considering the amount of time we had put in the practicing of the
songs. Despite the good performance we had challenges of our own, impending progress:

* Logistical nightmare of getting choristers together. Our people stay in a radius of 60km and assembling all these people to meet at least once a week for practice is very difficult, next to impossible. Not all people are mobile and they depend on those with cars for pick – ups. The ever increasing price of fuel has also created a big financial burden even for those that
are mobile. Hence to have those days for practising comes at a high cost.

* Number of people in the section – section is composed of a few families and for these
members to constitute a proper choir that can compete with others was not easy

* Lack of interest and commitment from other members

* These are some of the challenges we will go with into the next year’s competitions which we need to have devised amicable solutions.”

The group has vowed to come back stronger for next year’s event.

Facts about Heritage Day

The “rainbow nation” – South Africa has had a bloody history, but its cultural heritage and traditions date back far further. The 24th September is observed as Heritage Day, a celebration not only of the past, but of the contributions of the South African people in making the country what it is today. The legendary Zulu king Shaka played a huge role in uniting the disparate tribes of South Africa into a cohesive role, and 24th September was celebrated as Shaka Day in the KwaZulu-Natal area. When the South African parliament was considering the bill of public holiday, this day was not included, leading to protests by the Inkatha Freedom Party, which had large Zulu representation and support. In order to reach a compromise, the date was
renamed Heritage Day and included in the bill. Since then, it has evolved parallely into National
Braai Day, celebrating the joyful unifying South African tradition of backyard barbeques,
known as Braai. South Africa is a heterogeneous country with so many different tribes, histories, backgrounds and culture, there cannot and should not be a uniform celebration. Variety is defined as a national asset, and the government announces themes each year that guide official celebrations. South Africa defines its heritage as who they are, what they have and how they do things – choosing to embrace diversity, recognizing the rich natural resources and potential of the people, and the collaborative innovative peaceful approach that they bring to everything they do have marked their remarkable rebirth and transition from a pariah state to a stable prosperous growing democracy. Heritage Day was created to celebrate all of this as a unique South African identity, and to give the people a chance to reflect on themselves and their past, present and future. On this day there is a Presidential address to the nation, and statements are made by important ministers and officials as well. Different regions and tribes commemorate events and people important to them. People are encouraged to learn about their culture, their 5-language national anthem, their flag and other symbols of historic national importance. Various events are held all over the country promoting theatre, dance, comedy, food, wine, games, activities and wildlife. Braai adds another feather to the celebration on the Heritage Day. “Braai is a sociable gathering of five people around a fire cooking food in the healthiest way possible”, says the man who started it all, Jan Braai. South Africa has seen terrible struggles, and its reinvention of itself as a new nation rising from the ashes of a bitter past must be celebrated. Heritage Day gives every South African the chance to proudly display and revel in their achievements as a nation, and look forward to a peaceful and prosperous future.

SANCO shocked by Northern Cape school learner pregnancies

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Saturday expressed shock and condemned in the strongest terms at allegations that thirty learners from Kuruman in the Northern Cape were impregnated by their male teachers who allegedly paid them stipends for unprotected sex. “The hyenas responsible for these monstrous acts have betrayed the trust bestowed upon them as educators and robbed the girls of their childhood with their blesser tendencies,” emphasised SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu condemning the despicable acts and calling for the perpetrators to be fired. Mahlangu said that the stipends that were allegedly paid to the victims at Bothitong High School showed the extent to which the alleged perpetrators had abused their positions to groom and initiate the most needy and vulnerable learners into satanic prostitution. “In addition to violating the educator’s code of conduct for engaging in improper sexual relationships with learners, criminal charges must be pursued against them to send an unequivocal message to those involved in similar nefarious acts. A crackdown on this phenomenon will encourage other learners who are abused to speak out for these ogres to be uprooted, before communities take matters into their own hands and castrate these lustful and manipulative teachers,” he said. He urged the South African Council of
Educators to expedite disciplinary hearings to ensure that those found guilty of serious
misconduct are barred from teaching at any public, private and or independent school in the
country. “Communities need to unite against widespread prevalence of sugar daddy syndrome
to ensure that perpetrators that are destroying the future of our children are exposed to face the wrath of the law,” underscored Mahlangu

President Zuma should declare 16 August Marikana Memorial Day

I have today written to President Jacob Zuma requesting that he declare 16 August a commemorative day to be observed annually in honour of those workers who lost their lives in
Marikana on 16 August 2012. Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the Marikana tragedy,
where some 34 mineworkers – brothers, fathers, and sons – were killed by members of the South African Police Service. On the day, South Africans from all walks of life joined together in paying their respects to the fallen heroes of Marikana, calling for justice for the victims, and their families and loved ones. The Marikana tragedy remains a stain on the collective conscience of our nation. We must mark this day as a commemorative one, where
we reflect not just on the injustice of that fateful day, but the injustices which still persist
throughout our society. The President has the power to declare any day to be observed and
commemorated, via a proclamation. As such, I implore President Zuma, in the interests of
justice and national unity, to use this power and declare this day Marikana Memorial Day.
We are not alone in this call. We are joined by many in society, including political parties
and trade unions who also believe this day ought to be ought to be a declared as such. The President must honour those who lost their lives so tragically by declaring 16 August
Marikana Memorial Day

DA walking out of chaotic meeting is a victory for all our communities

The Democratic Alliance in Matlosana walked out of a council meeting last week to deny the ANC the quorum they needed, in order to stop the passing of a report that could
save taxpayers millions of rand. The Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) report
was tabled and accepted by council, after a divided ANC caucus failed to decide whether
to approve or reject its adoption. However, when the ANC later decided to oppose the council decision and vote against the report, the DA walked out of the chambers to ensure that there was no quorum to set aside the initial decision. It is important that this report is accepted as it clearly stipulates that staff need to be appointed at the local licensing department. Residents have endured poor service delivery from the licensing department for some time now. These range from backlogs in car registrations and renewal of licenses, and license disks. Long queues have meant that people must put in a day’s leave from work only to renew a license disk or their driver licenses. The MPAC report also further advised against the hosting of another Investor’s Conference after similar events cost the City of Matlosana millions of rands each year.
The return on investment has been poor after only a small, connected portion of investors
came to Klerksdorp. The cost of hosting the event is more than the proven investments
attracted. It is just a window dressing exercise that has little impact on the real issues our
people face. This money can be used to create employment through skills development,
fixing infrastructure to make Matlosana more attractive to investors or to assist mentoring
programmes where especially the youth can get hands on experience in order to make them
more employable. Should the ANC try to manoeuvre this through the council, we will not keep quiet as it shocking that only a few people benefit from this conference.

Sanco disappointed with marks maponyane found guilty of assaulting wife

The South African National Civic Organisation(SANCO) on Sunday expressed disappointment with former Bafana Bafana striker, Marks Maponyane found guilty of assaulting his wife Sylvia
and urged men who are having personal problems to seek professional help instead of raising their hands against women. According to NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane, the football commentator was slapped with a fine of R3 000 or a 6 months suspended jail sentence, and a further R6 000 fine or suspended 24-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to a charge
of assault of Friday. Mjonondwane says the second sentence will apply if he lays his hands on anyone else in the next 24 months. “Maponyane has through this one incident lost the tremendous public respect he had because no one respects an abuser. He would need to apologies publicly, seek counselling and work hard to rebuilt his image as well as to regain the confidence of his fans and millions of soccer supporters who follow him as a match commentator on SABC TV sports channels,” highlighted SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu welcoming the sentence. Mahlangu said that there is nothing macho about lifting a hand against women and girl-children. “Our courts must as a deterrent ensure that those who
do live to regret the moment they crossed the line by imposing harsher sentences to
perpetrators,” he said. He urged communities to unite against the scourge of gender based violence and expose perpetrators. Mahlangu said that public figures like Maponyane as well as Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana and Shaka Sisulu are supposed to be leading the fight against the scourge instead of being on the wrong side of the law. “Most are turning out to be bad role models for young people such as the 19-yearold boy from Siyathuthuka High School in
Inanda who is expected to appear in court on Monday for viciously assaulting a grade 10
school girl,” he emphasised.

Essential safety for kidz

No parent imagines losing sight of her kid until it happens. Prepare your child on how to keep safe if she or he gets separated from you, and learn the fastest ways to find her. Anyone who’s been a parent long enough has experienced the terror of not being able to find her child, whether at an amusement park, a parade, in a store, or wherever else kids can get
lost which is anywhere, sometimes even right in your own neighborhood. On the 10 of August 2017 Dikeledi Mamela appeared at the Brits magistrates court for not being a responsible parent. Dekeledi (22) on the 19th of July left her two kids at a friends house, when she was going to work. Her neighbour spotted the kids walking alone in the street on that evening and picked them up with her car and drove with them home. The kids told her that their mom’s friend chased them away shouting at them saying they are not her responsibility. When Dikeledi came back from work that night she went to her friends house to pick up her kids but there was no one in the house, she went searching for them, until someone came to her and told her that they were seen with her neighbour, she went rushing to her neighbours, but when she got there her neighbour had already called the police. She was arrested just as she arrived. Dikeledi tried to give reason to the officers who were on duty but they didn’t want to hear a word
from her, she spent three nights in a cell and is now on bail. Her case is still going forward until she makes arrangements with social workers. Dikeledi has no relatives or family members close to her who can assist her with care for her two kids. Both her parents passed away while she was still in high school. Most children are found quickly, often even before they realize a parent is looking for them. And possibly every parent’s worst fear is abduction by a stranger or an acquaintance, where the child is taken far from home and harmed or held with the
intent to keep her permanently. Parents need to teach children how to also be safe in situations where mom is not around, some kids are runners, and they won’t realize you’re not
with them until they’re nowhere near you. Either way, tell your child that if you don’t respond when she yells, rather than looking for a store clerk or a security guard, she should stay put and ask the first “mommy” with a child she sees to help her. Why a mom? Women with kids are statistically less likely to be predators and more likely to stay with your child until she finds you.

Supporting, championing and connecting women in creative industries

South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the thousands of women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This historic march was a turning point in the role of women in the struggle for freedom and society at large. Since that eventful day, women from all walks of life became equal partners in the struggle for a non-racial and non-sexist South Africa. The march was
coordinated by the Federation of South African Women (Fedsaw) led by four women: Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams De Bruyn. These leaders
delivered petitions to the then Prime Minister JG Strijdom’s office at the Union Buildings.
Women throughout the country had put their names to these petitions, indicating their
anger and frustration at having their freedom of movement restricted by the hated official
passes. The Government of South Africa declared August Women’s Month and 9 August
is celebrated annually as Women’s Day. Women’s Month is a tribute not only to the
thousands of women who marched on that day in 1956, but also a tribute to the pioneers of
the women’s movement in this country, dating back to 1913, when women like Charlotte
Maxeke led the way in establishing the ANC Women’s League and encouraging women to
engage in the struggle for freedom. Pioneers include Cissy, Jaynab and Amina Gool, who
were amongst the leaders of the National Liberation League and the Non-European
United Front of the 1930s. Women’s Month also serves to recall and recognise the work
of Dora Tamana, Winifred Siqwana, Ida Mntwana, Bertha Gxowa, Florence Matomela
and other stalwarts of the 1950s, who led militant women’s formation for the rights of
workers and the rights of women Cre8xion is a non profit organization that supports,
champions and connects creative women from Soshanguve, Mabopane, Garankuwa and
Mothotlung they hosted their second annual campaign at Matlau Store at Mmakau on
the 9th of august 2017 to celebrate women’s month. They are a community of women and
men who help one another to gain courage, inspiration, and the skills to grow their own
businesses. Cre8xion organization is a member of the African Womens Development Forum
grant, making sure resources reach the hundreds of African women’s organisations
that are working in diverse ways to improve the lives of women and African society at large.