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President Zuma should declare 16 August Marikana Memorial Day

I have today written to President Jacob Zuma requesting that he declare 16 August a commemorative day to be observed annually in honour of those workers who lost their lives in
Marikana on 16 August 2012. Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the Marikana tragedy,
where some 34 mineworkers – brothers, fathers, and sons – were killed by members of the South African Police Service. On the day, South Africans from all walks of life joined together in paying their respects to the fallen heroes of Marikana, calling for justice for the victims, and their families and loved ones. The Marikana tragedy remains a stain on the collective conscience of our nation. We must mark this day as a commemorative one, where
we reflect not just on the injustice of that fateful day, but the injustices which still persist
throughout our society. The President has the power to declare any day to be observed and
commemorated, via a proclamation. As such, I implore President Zuma, in the interests of
justice and national unity, to use this power and declare this day Marikana Memorial Day.
We are not alone in this call. We are joined by many in society, including political parties
and trade unions who also believe this day ought to be ought to be a declared as such. The President must honour those who lost their lives so tragically by declaring 16 August
Marikana Memorial Day

Dronabinol and Marijuana in HIV-Positive Marijuana Smokers

Caloric Intake, Mood, and Sleep. Individuals with HIV constitute the largest group using cannabinoids for medicinal reasons; yet, no studies have directly compared the tolerability and
efficacy of smoked marijuana and oral dronabinol maintenance in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. This placebocontrolled within-subjects study evaluated marijuana and dronabinol across a range of behaviors: eating topography, mood, cognitive performance, physiologic
measures, and sleep. Methods: HIVpositive marijuana smokers (n = 10) completed 2 16-day inpatient phases. Each dronabinol (5 and 10 mg) and marijuana (2.0% and 3.9% Δ9-
tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]) dose was administered 4 times daily for 4 days, but only 1 drug was active per day, thereby maintaining double-blind dosing. Four days of placebo washout separated each active cannabinoid condition. Results: As compared with placebo,
marijuana and dronabinol dose dependently increased daily caloric intake and body weight in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. All cannabinoid conditions produced significant
intoxication, e xcept f or lo w-dose dronabinol (5 mg); t he int oxication was rated positively (eg, “good drug effect”) with little evidence of discomfort and no impairment of cognitive performance. Effects of marijuana and dronabinol were comparable, except that only marijuana (3.9% THC) improved ratings of sleep. Conclusions: These data suggest that for HIV-positive marijuana smokers, both dronabinol (at doses 8 times current
recommendations) and marijuana were well tolerated and produced substantial
and comparable increases in food intake.

Teen arrested after shooting and killing his step-father

A 16-year-old son was arrested after allegations
that he has shot and killed his stepfather
during an argument. Members of the
community responded at around 9pm Thursday
20th of April 2017, to report a shooting and
found 45-year-old Gregory Hudson suffering
from a gunshot wound. He was taken to a
hospital, where family members say the man
was pronounced dead. His stepson, 16-year-old
Percy Moon near Sonop, is charged with firstand
second-degree murder, authorities said.
He appeared in court and the statement
reveals that the minor will face a preliminary
investigation. It was said that Percy and Gregory
were arguing before the shooting. Percy, who
was arrested at the scene, ‘never admitted his
involvement in the homicide’, according to the
statement. It was also indicated that Percy was
send to a juvenile while awaiting trail. Percy was
described by the neighbour in the statement as
‘a good kid’ that resided with his mother and the
step-father and ‘didn’t give them any trouble’.
She said: ‘Nobody in the family understands
or knows what went wrong. We’re trying to
understand that ourselves. I’m just at a loss for
words.’ The teen’s mother Angeline Moon said
in court that her son never shown any sign of
disrespect towards Gregory and what happened
is a shock to her. She said, “He was a good kid.
He went to a good school and everything. He
was well-mannered and polite. I have no idea
what might have started the argument. I wish I
was there to prevent it from happening,” he told

Roodekoppies Dam squatters protest for service delivery

It could be that the informal settlements are another way of making quick cash in our country.  Posing municipal officials are find it an easy way to make money out of the informal settlements in the whole country. Recently the informal settlement owned by the Department of Public Works in the Roodekoppies Dam on the 511 infront of Greens petrol station, scutters started protesting in the evening of the 14th of March 2017, and barricaded the road coming from Thabazimbi to Brits with burning tyre and trees. The motorists and farmers around the area had to deviate their trucks of from Bethanie, to Hartbeesfontein down to Beestekraal road until to the main road in an attempt to safe their vehicles from being burned down by the protestors. The aim of the protest is to burn down all the trucks and the vehicles passing from that road.  The reason this scutters protests is because they want services from government which are not due to them so that they can be allowed to stay and continue to steal and rob the people from that area.  It could be that this informal settlement near Greens petrol station was created by greedy people to exploit the poor and allowed the situation to happen.  Under no circumstances, the informal settlement has got many people from foreign countries who have no proper documentations to reside in South Africa.

The fact of the matter is that the truth came out after one of the scutters revealed the secret and told everyone that it is alleged that there is a person posing as the municipal official who is selling the stands at the cost of R500 for a small piece of land.   The police must take note of the situation and arrest the people selling pieces of grounds.  The municipality cannot allow for people to steal grounds and allowed the community to committee illegal acts. The municipality is in a financial constrains especially on issues to pay for electricity.  The municipality claims that some of the causes of the financial constrains derives from having too many informal settlements in the area. According to sources close to the municipality, the operation to remove illegal connections at the municipality was arranged for last year around November to December.  The operation was never materialised supposingly but still attending to find the solution. “We want the Mayor to act decisively in removing and stopping such corrupt posing officials before they bring down this municipality.  They constantly sell pieces of land to desperate people knowing for a fact that they wont tell anyone because they need a place to stay.”

“Now they assumed it will be viable if they cut the services from all the recent informal settlements, especially those informal settlements whereby the land is owned by a private owner.  Few informal settlements at the moment are facing a challenge on how they will survive without proper services.” “They had decided to cut the services especially those rendered by third parties in an attempt to reduce the cost and sustain the municipality.  The municipality will not be sustainable even if the costs are reduced from informal settlements,” said one of the scutters in Madibeng. What the municipality should focus on is to try and prevent more informal settlements to mushroom because they cannot deal with such a small number of informal settlements, so what will happen if more open spaces are forcefully taken by people for residential purposes and services needed?

Occupies must apply for pieces of land before occupying them according to the laws.  It is not the responsibility of the government to identify lands for the community. Is there a strategy by the human settlement in Madibeng to deal with such a problem;  the affected communities feels like they are being corned by the posing officials who sell open spaces for them and promise to prevent eviction.  (Before you buy a piece of ground find out if it belongs to the person selling). The only way to win this problem is to have representatives to engage with the communities to deal with the problem.  That is the only solution to deal with the situation.

Beer stew turned horrible

Joe Sindane was arrested after he was accused of shooting one of his friends on the stomach.  The four friends left their homes in the early hours of the weekend to help themselves with beer in one of the local liqour stores near Mmakau. As usual, the four friends entered into an agreement that they will split into two groups and share equal contribution to buy alcohol.  Joe who agreed to share with Thabo Steenkamp while on the other hand Amos Nkwale decided to share the equal contribution with Malombo Molope.

It could be that in the process of that, Thabo did not honour the agreement and allowed Joe to be the only one to participate on the contribution.  When Joe requested his share from Thabo, he did not want to comply and promised to fight him if he persist. According to the information in court, Malombo and Amos tried to stop the argument knowing for a fact that the two friends will end up fighting.  Suddenly, they both shove each other and started punching one another. Feeling the pressure, Thabo rushed to a house nearby to fetch for a knife.  Upon his arrival he scratched  Joe on his left arm while he was sitting next to the counter.  With his arm bleeding, Joe rushed to his car and came back with his 9mm pistol.

Everybody was screaming inside the tavern when Joe was ordering everyone including Thabo to come out of the tavern.  As brave as he was and maybe hoping that Joe would not shoot him, Thabo came out of the tavern and start swearing at Joe. Several time, Joe warned him to stay away from him as he will use the pistol in his hands.  The other two friends also tried to intervene, to calm down both of them in particular Joe who was furious and bleeding.

Thabo proceeded to provoke Joe until he shot him in the stomach, the police were called to the scene and Joe was arrested immediately.  His pistol was seized and kept away,  Joe appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court for bail application.

Farmworker’s shooting as an act of irresponsible gun ownership a disgrace

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Wednesday the 8th of March 2017, condemned the shooting of a 55-year-old farmworker at Novengilla farm near Letsietele in Limpopo by a farmer who allegedly mistaken the employees who was riding a bicycle for a monkey.

“We are extremely concerned about the increase in incidents of this nature which suggest that gun owners are shooting indiscriminately at moving objects without ascertaining what they are shooting at,” said SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu calling for the arrest and no bail for the farmer. Mahlangu said that justice must be seen to be done for victims of irresponsible gun ownership to restore the confidence of the public in the criminal justice system.  “The cases before our courts must serve as deterrent for farmers to exercise responsible gun ownership and discourage what is widely believed to be racist target practices,” he stressed. According to Limpopo Police spokesperson, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, Ishmael Mathanene was carrying out his duties when his foreman sent him to go and fetch a pick from the storeroom.

“On his way back and riding his bicycle, he was allegedly shot in the head by his employer and fell down. The suspect who allegedly used a pellet gun to shoot the victim claimed he mistook him for a monkey,” Mojapelo said.  Mahlangu wished Mathanene, from Mariveni village outside Tzaneen admitted in hospital with head injuries a speedy recovery. The incident follows the recent fatal shooting of a 23-year-old Jan Railwe,who was a farmworker at Meisiesvlei farm, Tuinplaas, in Limpopo by Stefan Hepburn who had allegedly mistaken him for a warthog.

Armed robbers nabbed after a police tip-off

Three suspects appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court for armed robbery.  The suspects were nabbed after a police tip-off was made by community members. According to the information provided in court, the suspects allegedly robbed one of the supermarkets in Klipgat and escaped with undisclosed amounts of cash, groceries and other important items in the store. The incident happened in the last week of February 2017, and the suspects were arrested after the police received a tip-off from the community members.  The suspects were found in possession of 2 unlicensed firearms, ammunition, groceries suspected to have been found in the store and 6 knives. One of the robbers pointed a firearm at the victims and the two accomplices share the moment by searching the victims and remove cash, cellphones and jewelery from them.  The store was vandalised, the suspects took the money from the safe box and from the till including the groceries in the store.

The two South Africans, Emmanuel Sithole (34) and Katleho Moholo (39) and a Mozambican citizen, Sambo Sindane (28) were arrested and charged with armed robbery, possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition and in possession of dangerous weapons. Supposingly, two of the suspects were previously working in the store and were able to be identified by the victims even if they were wearing balaclavas and trying to disguise their voices. They had appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court for at least three times and will soon appear in court for further investigations.  They were denied bail and remained in custody.

Xenophobia in the political institution

Xenophobia in the political institutions has now formed revivalists in the religious arena.  The state since the division between religious power and state institutions over a century have had a positive progress. Due to political scapegoating, many South African citizens perceive foreign nationals as a serious threat that needs to be eliminated by any means necessary. This perception is stronger among the majority of citizens living in poor townships and informal settlements where they meet and fiercely compete with equally poor African immigrants for scarce resources and opportunities. The result is that local residents in these areas have become increasingly convinced that foreign nationals are to blame for all their socioeconomic ills and hardships including poverty, unemployment, poor service delivery, lack of business space and opportunities; crime; prostitution; drug and alcohol abuse; and deadly diseases.

By blaming foreign nationals for its failures to deliver on its core functions and responsibilities, the South African government is unfortunately displaying an obvious if sorry sign of weak and incompetent leadership. The triggers of the violence paint an even more worrying picture of the leadership deficit in the “rainbow” nation. Indeed, the strong anti-immigrant sentiment alone cannot explain the occurrence of violence in some areas and not in others where such negative attitudes are equally strong. Recently, with the ongoing suffering of many people and the exodus of millions of people have become a burden for the rich nations.  The hatred for the poor people has transformed into legislation that prohibit the movement of people to protect the wealthy from the poverty. The consequences of colonial exploitation has now become evident in all its pain.  Xenophobia and Populism discrimination are now the country’s political agenda with government politicians in bracing the vision to separate and conquer.  All governments that support this notion are racing towards war, this only will benefit the imperialists. As the salves do not have voice to say only the controlled media has access to ears and the eyes of the people. 

The prior to 1994, immigrants from elsewhere faced discrimination and even violence in South Africa. After democratisation in 1994, contrary to expectations, the incidence of xenophobia increased.  The recent xenophobic wave of attacks directed at foreigners and the vandalising of their businesses could be a big blow to the South African economy. The foreigners from across the continent have great potential to contribute to the South African economy.  Local businesses fear the violence will have a negative impact on South African business companies operating elsewhere in Africa.  It is vital to realise immigrants are good for a country.

Many countries’ prosperity was built on the sweat and manpower of immigrants who sought asylum in those countries.  Therefore, African immigrants in South Africa are enhancing the economy of this country and should be respected and not be killed and have their properties looted. To the South Africans who assume foreigners have encroached on their jobs, wives and resources, you should know foreigners play a big role in boosting the economy of South Africa.  They create work opportunities for the unskilled local people and also invest in the country. Any violence against African immigrants in South Africa may well jeopardise the growth of the South African economy.

Be safe be informed and follow rules to avoid bribes

To be honest there are an ample number of things one can consider to stop bribing traffic police. Always follow the traffic rules no matter what’s the situation. This will not only help you but will ultimately become convenience for others too. In most cases, when driving a two wheeler, always wear a helmet, make your co-passenger wear them too, in case of a four wheeler always fasten your seat belt while driving.  Follow the travel signal and traffic lights, this will help out in creating a lawful pass ways and less nuisance on the road. Never drink and drive, this thing can cost you a lot if you are cost red-handed by traffic police and on the other hand threatens the life of others too.

Always carry your vehicle documents such as driving license, insurance papers, pollution check, registration certificate, migration certificate (optional), Aaadhar card (optional), this will not only insure that you are abiding traffic rules but help to reduce corruption too. Be more patient on the road and try not to break rules, people often don’t follow rules such as don’t drive on pavements, never park near no parking zone, parking vehicle near entry gates etc.  Being a responsible citizen of this country one should be aware of general law and order so they can’t be manipulated or misused by traffic police.

In case of encountering with a corrupt traffic officer, one should raise his voice and take the matter seriously. A victim of corruption should file a complaint to a nearby police station and take a copy of the same. A lot can be changed in Brits if citizens join hands with the public functionaries. Expecting all good things to only flow from top to bottom without any equal sense of responsibility or duty from citizens is an unsustainable way of improving the state of affairs of the nation and puts an excessive burden on a small government workforce. Stop paying bribes, collectively, when an entire nation decides to do this, the cops will have no option but to stop asking for bribes.  That would also mean that we, as a nation, decide to fall in line and consciously not break any laws.

If you do, accept your fault and own the consequence, sometimes it would be as easy as paying a fine on the spot. Most cops would happily give you a receipt for your violation but there would be times when they would lure you to bribe them with a lesser amount. During such times, put your foot down and insist that you want a receipt. Don’t make a smirky face and vouch excuses.  Other times, you will be required to go to a traffic court to pay the fine. Don’t be intimidated by this.

A violation does not necessarily make you a criminal. And if you have done a crime, either be ready to be accountable for it, or stop crying wolf about how X people are corrupt because you are no less.  Be careful not to pay high amounts for a bribe when the fine for the violation  is little. First Step – Get yourself acquainted with the motor vehicles act and the fines for any violation, it is more or less constant across South Africa, but then its better to make a note of the law pertaining to your state.  Bribing makes the traffic officer guilty.

A man arrested for overloading passengers

A 40 years old man was arrested by the police after he was caught driving a light motor vehicle which was overloaded.  He actually exceeded the loading restriction and was stopped by the police for car inspection.

The driver was driving on the N4 road travelling from Mooinooi towards Brits before he was stopped by the police who inspected his vehicle and found out that he was carrying 7 people instead of 5 people.

The magistrate slapped him with a R5000 fine and a warning indicating that if he continues the offence his drivers license will be confiscated and suspended and he will face justice.  The magistrate warned that the motorists must obey the laws of the road.

He said that overloading passengers is a serious offense and therefore needs to be taken into consideration.  According to the magistrate, the suspect is a first time offender who only needed a guidance to such problems.