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Ga-rankuwa SAPS arrest 51 suspects over the weekend

Tshwane North Cluster: Ga-Rankuwa – Our men and women in blue were once again
involved in a disruptive operation to address all crimes around Ga-Rankuwa. A total of 52
suspects were arrested, activities comprised of suspects raiding, stop and searches and
roadblocks. Crimes of which suspects were arrested for included those sought for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, possession of dagga, car hijacking, common assault, illegal immigrant, contravention of protection order, shoplifting, theft, road traffic act , dealing in liquor, housebreaking and theft, possession of unlicensed firearm, stock theft, rape, driving without license, malicious damage to property and attempted murder. These Operations were boosted by the suspect raiding which was conducted by the detectives. All suspects will appear in the Ga- Rankuwa Magistrates Court soon. Police management is also calling upon all
communities to report any misconduct and any criminal activities by our member’s .Information
may be forwarded to the Provincial duty Brigadier (082 313 8299) and a Provincial duty
General (082 444 4354) at all hours.

Rotten taxi rank at Brits

Brits taxi rank near Boxer Super Market is surrounded by smell from rubbish bins. The bins at the taxi rank are never clean and leave the town with a horrible stink,that makes Brits
an environment that is not healthy for people who catch taxis at this rank and those who buy
fruits and vegetables from the hawkers. Another issue is not just the taxi rank at Brits, but the city is hardly ever clean. Rubbish bins are always stacked with smelly plastics, papers and flies.
Where ever you go in this small town you will find papers flying in every street. It looks like
there city does not have maintenance. In a town like this most businesses will find it hard to survive because what the city looks like. In general people are attracted to clean environments that are not dangerous to their health. Should things like this continue, businesses will lose costumers and eventually those costumers will consider to do their shopping at other towns that are cleaner than what Brits looks like. For a developing community to be at its best its in the interest of the municipality and the street venders, they are both held reliable for poor maintenance. Some rubbish bins spent up to three days in-front of shops without being emptied or replenished. Brits is known to be a tourist attraction place, what it smells like now its not attracting people but its attracting flies. Other people have to settle because Brits is the nearest town to their homes and some are residents in the city and some come because of work. Brits has two taxi ranks 1 is the main bus and taxi rank, which is still under construction and the 2nd is the one near Boxer Super Market. The streets near-by the rank in town are filled
with smelly dirty water always flowing on the side walks in front of food stalls. Something needs to be done before the middle of summer because when the temperatures are high, the whole city will become a stinking bomb. The Madibeng Local Municipality announced the temporary
closure of the Brits main bus and taxi rank on the 19th of September 2016 The rank was closed
effectively. The reason for the closure was to allow construction and upgrade of the Brits taxi rank project. It was investigated that the construction of the rank should have taken ten months. Buses were relocated to Brits Mall and taxis to the Magalies complex taxi rank (next to Inter-toy Toyota). Appropriate signs were supposed to be provided on the site to inform passengers of the arrangements. Even today the main bus taxi rank is under construction.

Gross negligence in Naledi endangers public and animals

Naledi Municipality’s failure to fix earth cables has today resulted in the electrocution of a Naledi farmer’s R60 000 stud animal. Click here for video evidence (please note the content is graphic). This is despite promises from the Municipal Manager, Tshepo Bloom, that they would fix the cables. We have been writing to the MEC for Local Government, Fenny Goalaolwe, to intervene in Naledi with no success. We have continuously reported that several businesses in Naledi, that employ more than 410 people, are regularly without electricity due to damaged earth cables. During the night, workers have to make use of the lights on their cell phones. The lack of safety gear and qualified, skilled workers are a challenge. It was also confirmed that there is no cherry-picker truck available that can hoist the workers to work on the cables and connections that need to be repaired. It is becoming the norm that businesses and taxpayers pay for machinery in order to dig holes where the poles must be replaced. In the meantime, both Mr. Bloom and the Mayor Neo Skalk are blatantly turning a blind eye to the problems businesses encounter. A poultry farm has also been severely affected and had to operate without electricity for three days. We are deeply concerned about the safety of our communities – especially older people who are affected by these black-outs. Naledi is home to the cattle-breeding hub of South Africa and was severely affected by the recent droughts. Several businesses had to close their doors which led to retrenchments. We simply cannot afford any more job losses in the area due to power failures. Meetings on these issues
have been held for the past two years, yet there are no sustainable solutions. We recommend that Eskom takes over the electrical duties from the Municipality as they are not capable of delivering the services our communities need and deserve.

SANCO shocked by Northern Cape school learner pregnancies

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Saturday expressed shock and condemned in the strongest terms at allegations that thirty learners from Kuruman in the Northern Cape were impregnated by their male teachers who allegedly paid them stipends for unprotected sex. “The hyenas responsible for these monstrous acts have betrayed the trust bestowed upon them as educators and robbed the girls of their childhood with their blesser tendencies,” emphasised SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu condemning the despicable acts and calling for the perpetrators to be fired. Mahlangu said that the stipends that were allegedly paid to the victims at Bothitong High School showed the extent to which the alleged perpetrators had abused their positions to groom and initiate the most needy and vulnerable learners into satanic prostitution. “In addition to violating the educator’s code of conduct for engaging in improper sexual relationships with learners, criminal charges must be pursued against them to send an unequivocal message to those involved in similar nefarious acts. A crackdown on this phenomenon will encourage other learners who are abused to speak out for these ogres to be uprooted, before communities take matters into their own hands and castrate these lustful and manipulative teachers,” he said. He urged the South African Council of
Educators to expedite disciplinary hearings to ensure that those found guilty of serious
misconduct are barred from teaching at any public, private and or independent school in the
country. “Communities need to unite against widespread prevalence of sugar daddy syndrome
to ensure that perpetrators that are destroying the future of our children are exposed to face the wrath of the law,” underscored Mahlangu

Rustenburg mainroads still underconstruction

Rustenburg roads under-construction for Yarona bus services. Traffic is very slow during the
day and peak hours. Motorists are advised to be very cautious and keep the safest following distance. Other lanes are closed due to the construction taking place in busy parts of the city. People who will be driving to Rustenburg during this summer season will have to be vigilant on the roads to avoid accidents. The municipal vision is that of a world class city, where all communities enjoy a high quality Of life. Whilst great progress has been made in the past six months, substantial work remains to be done over the remaining months to fulfill their
mandate. Message from MMC Planning and Transport cllr. Sheila Shelly Kgomotso Mabale-
Huma ”as the Rustenburg Local Municipality, we believe that a safe, reliable, affordable and
comfortable public transport system is at the heart of economic development of our City as it is
responsible for the bulk of the movement of goods, services and people. Rustenburg is one of 13 metropolitan cities in South Africa identified by the National. Department of Transport (DoT) as being in urgent need of an Integrated Rapid Public Transport System (IRPTS).A system that provides an integrated transport network of safer, faster, affordable and more efficient public transport. The IRPTS is aligned with the objectives of the National. Transport Action Plan, incorporating South Africa’s Public Transport Strategy, which was approved by Cabinet in 2007”. One of the main goals of Yarona is that of enabling all citizens to reach their destination safely, comfortably and with the least inconvenience. Yarona also seeks to promote road safety through mutual respect and courtesy among all road users, be it drivers, pedestrians or cyclists. To that end, universal access is a major component of the Yarona™ system as it accommodates all people, whether they use cars, bicycles, are walking, or are using a wheelchair in order to achieve transportation equity, maximize independence, and improve community livability. Yarona™ ensures that users with special needs are catered for in this state of the art public transport service.

Bird flu case reported in the Rustenburg area

There has been an outbreak of High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) or Bird Flu in domesticated wild birds in Rustenburg, around the Bo-dorp residential area. The outbreak involves wild ducks and about 60 other animals involving canaries, swan and parrots are in the vicinity of immediate risk. A media report was released on the 30th of august to warn the public about this outbreak. The disease was detected after deaths of ducks that were kept domestically in a homestead. The ducks had since been sent to the laboratory for
further testing by a private Veterinarian. The birds are kept for recreational purposes and are privately owned. A dedicated team from the Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural. Development (READ) has been set aside to deal with the infected household to avoid spreading the of the disease. A different team of officials has also been deployed to
collect information using Community Policing Forum communication network. This surveillance has started already. An area of 1km from the index point has been demarcated as a zone for surveillance The household affected has been put under quarantine and the terms explained to the owner. The owner was also advised on bio-security measures that were to be taken to prevent spreading of the virus to neighboring houses by humans and also by faeces of affected birds. They have also been advised to secure their bird nets to prevent wild birds from entering them. The Department has assisted the affected family with an effective disinfectant that kills
the virus to be able to disinfect their property and the tools they will be using to clean bird cages and collect faeces. The big trading facilities identified in Rustenburg are all outside a seven kilometers radius from the outbreak index point and all of them have been
officially informed of the outbreak and therefore asked to take additional precautionary bio-security measures. The outbreak has not affected trade in a negative way since all facilities that trade with poultry and poultry products are outside a seven kilometers radius of the outbreak, and have also been asked to upgrade their bio-security measures. The Department has communicated this outbreak to all affected stakeholders including Veterinarians
and farmers and the Provincial Disaster Management Committee has been put on high alert about the situation. The Department would also like to advise the local community to cover their bird feed and water to avoid attracting wild bird to them. The community at large is requested to report any mortality of birds that is noticed to the nearest State Veterinary office.

Dissolution of Eskom Board long overdue- SANCO

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Wednesday reiterated its call for the
Eskom Board to be dissolved following revelations that the power utility had lied when it defended making payments totalling R1.6-billion to Gupta-linked financial advisory firm Trillian and global business consultancy McKinsey. “The impression that Eskom is a cash-cow for politically connected individuals and their families can only be cleared by a judicial commission into state capture because law enforcement agencies which are supposed to have acted
on overwhelming evidence of rampant looting of resources are failing the country,” emphasised SANCO National Spokesperson, Jabu Mahlangu. Mahlangu said that Minister Lyne Brown seem to have reduced her role to be that of the board’s cheerleader instead of showing the political will to deal decisively with corruption allegations levelled against Brian Molefe, Matshela Koko and Anoj Singh. “Institutionalised plunder at the power utility undermines the objective of the
National Development Plan and the resolve to fight poverty, unemployment and inequality,” he stressed. He warned that delays in commissioning an investigation into allegations of state capture and Gupta-emails leak is damaging South Africa’s reputation and its economic recovery prospects.

Mayor and MM must go in order to save our municipality


The DA of the NW405 Local Municipality has tabled a Motion of No Confidence in the Executive Mayor, Kgotso Khumalo, and Speaker, Elias Mogoeemang. Not only did the Speaker lose control over the administration of the local council but has no capability to apply the Rules and
Regulations to allow for order, fruitful cooperation and governance. Council meetings have become another fruitless gathering which is reduced to a rubber stamp exercise. Meetings are convened without proper notice and in contravention of the Standing Rules of order, agendas are delivered late to councillors and, in some instances, on the day of the council meeting. There is a lack of control during council meetings which also threatens the safety of councillors. Disruptive community members were allowed into the chambers on two occasions and intimidated the councillors during a meeting – this forced the meeting to a sudden closure. Our requests for better control measurements during meetings, to ensure the safety
of all, are ignored by the ANC council. The Speaker’s conduct is a clear consequence
of the total collapse of the municipality under Khumalo and Mogoeemang. We have a letter
in our possession whereby the Mayor asked the MEC for Local Government, Fenny Goaloalwe for intervention in the NW405 Municipality, for the following reasons:
• “Financial and Budget management e.g. preparation and submission of Annual Statements”;
• “Service Delivery”; and
• “Non-compliance in Administration related to HRM and Legal amongst others”.
It is clear that these reasons, which includes all the core functions of local government, are grounds for our motion of no confidence. These are serious allegations of misconduct that the DA has pointed out on many occasions and the ANC chose to turn a blind eye. Meanwhile, they steamrollered the amalgamation, renaming of the municipality and other pressing issues through council without proper consultation, debate or research. In essence, the Executive Mayor’s letter suggests he no longer has confidence in his ability to lead which raises the
question: Why should the opposition or even the ANC have confidence in him? We believe that our community simply deserves better. We need a credible council whereby the rights and needs of our people are protected and promoted. The wheels are coming off in NW 405, just as we warned it would. Infighting, cadre deployment, corruption, fraud and a lack of integrity are claiming their toll. A motion of no confidence is therefore the last resort to save our dying municipality.

Supra chooses another Zuma over poor residents on the NW

The Democratic Alliance is taken aback that the North West Premier Supra Muhamapelo sees no problem in abandoning his official responsibilities in the Provincial Legislature to spend a
week co-campaigning with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in her quest to become the next President of the ANC. A sitting in the NW Provincial Legislature, scheduled for Tuesday was moved to Thursday. The excuse given for the postponement was that some legislature members were attending a NCOP event in the Free State. However, as the week progressed, it became clear
that the postponement was in fact to accommodate Supra who was tailing NDZ around the Province as she attended to ANC business. Yesterday, Thursday 24 August 2017, the Premier failed to attend the rescheduled sitting despite having called for a debate on the state of the provincial economy. When he called the debate he had indicated that he wanted to “teach the opposition a lesson in Economy 101”. Instead of giving that “lesson”, he chose to attend an ANC
Cadre’s Forum in Matlosana. Of major concern is that Speaker Susan Daantjie allowed herself to be used to violate the rules of the house to appease Supra, NDZ and the ANC. She made no effort to reprimand the Premier for not tendering an official apology for failing to attend a
debate that he called for. The rules of the house are clear. If a member calls for a debate, they should lead and close the debate. If they are unable to attend the sitting, they should submit a
written submission on their failure to attend and delegate the responsibility to another
member. This week the report on Trends on Poverty was released and it confirms the DA’s point that our local economy is in shambles. This was clearly not a good enough reason for the Premier to debate the issue and act in the interest of the millions of unemployed and poor people in the Province. The only economic policy that the ANC is committed is so-called
“radical economic transformation”, which has been exposed as a vehicle for mass corruption and looting by the ANC. It is nothing but a cover to loot and rob people of opportunities. For Supra, supporting another Zuma for the Presidency is much more important than the long-suffering residents of the Northwest. The Premier is openly supporting the current President Jacob Zuma who is one of the main reasons for the decay and regression in South Africa. Now he is clearly vowing his support to another Zuma. Apparently, her becoming
President is more important to the Premier than the suffering and hardships people
in this province have to endure under the ANC government on a daily basis.

Parent Tips for Preventing and Identifying Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a difficult subject for most people to discuss, and especially difficult for parents to discuss with their children. But as frightening as the topic may be, sexual abuse is a serious and, unfortunately, common problem that affects both boys and girls. In most cases,
the person who sexually abuses a child is an adult or older child known to the victim, often
an authority figure that the child knows, trusts or loves. The offender usually uses coercion and
manipulation, not physical force, to engage the child. What parents should know about child
sexual abuse:
• Most offenders are known to the child; they may be family members, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and others in positions of authority.
• Children most susceptible to sexual abuse have obedient, compliant and respectful personalities. They may be children from unhappy or broken homes, as these youngsters may be eager for attention and affection.
• Children who are victims of sexual abuse can display many or few behavioral symptoms. They
may withdraw from family or friends, display poor school performance, experience depression,
anxiety, or exhibit aggressive and self-destructive behavior. Or they may not display any outward abnormal behavior.
• Child sexual abuse often involves more than a single incident, and can go on for months or
• Sexual abuse includes any kind of sexual act or behavior with a child, and includes activities
involving genital contact as well as non-contact events- such as showing pornographic images to children, taking pornographic photographs of a child, etc. Tips that can minimize your child’s risk of molestation:
• In early childhood, parents can teach their children the name of the genitals, just as they
teach their child names of other body parts. This teaches that the genitals, while private, are not so private that you can’t talk about them.
• Parents can teach young children about the privacy of body parts, and that no one has the
right to touch their bodies if they don’t want that to happen. Children should also learn to respect the right to privacy of other people.
• Teach children early and often that there are no secrets between children and their parents, and that they should feel comfortable talking with their parent about anything — good or bad, fun or sad, easy or difficult.
• Be aware of adults who offer children special gifts or toys, or adults who want to take your child on a “special outing” or to special events.
• Enroll your child in daycare and other programs that have a parent “open door” policy. Monitor and participate in activities whenever possible.
• As children age, create an environment at home in which sexual topics can be discussed comfortably. Use news items and publicized reports of child sexual abuse to start discussions of safety, and reiterate that children should always tell a parent about anyone who is taking advantage of them sexually. If your child discloses any history of sexual abuse, listen carefully, and take his or her disclosure seriously. Too often, children are not believed, particularly if
they implicate a family member as the perpetrator. Contact your pediatrician, the local child protection service agency, or the police. If you don’t intervene, the abuse might continue, and the child may come to believe that home is not safe and that you are not available to help.
Support your child and let him or her know that he or she is not responsible for the abuse.
Bring your child to a physician for a medical examination, to ensure that the child’s physical
health has not been affected by the abuse. Most children and their families will also need
professional counseling to help them through this ordeal, and your pediatrician can refer you to
community resources for psychological help. If you have concerns that your child may be a
victim of sexual abuse, you should talk with your pediatrician. Your physician can discuss
your concerns, examine your child, and make necessary referrals and reports.