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Mahlangu, ANC MP Slams Racism and the Right-Wing

anc, rasism, 1875, freedom, 1994,mandela, jacob zuma, thabo mbekiIn leading the fight for non-racialism,the late President of the African National Congress (ANC),Comrade Oliver Reginald (OR) Tambo had warned us that racism bedevils human relations, brutalises people, destroys persons, warps thought processes and injects into human society a foul air of tension, mutual antagonism and hatred.

He said, “When subjected to institutionalised racism, victims often internalises the racism of the perpetrators. This involves turning in on oneself, blaming oneself, holding the perpetrators in high esteem and regarding the system of racial oppression as natural.” The late President OR Tambo had cautioned that the consequences of internalised racism are often manifested in low self-esteem and self-loathing, which can lead to high levels of abuse of the most vulnerable within the oppressed group (such as women and children) and a general prevalence of inwardly directed violence. Continue reading

Business owner arrested in possession of unlicensed firearms

151002-guns-Springfield-9mm.jpg.CROP.promovar-medium2 Police are investigating a business who was found in possession of two illegal firearms, undisclosed number of cellphones and being accused of having an unauthorised rhino horn business. He was arrested on 20 April 2016, after a police tip off.
The man was arrested following a raid at his supermarket at Oukasie Phase 2 section and the police officers found the two unlicensed firearm, a number of cellphones and suspected that the man could also be involved in smuggling rhino horn inside his shop.

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N4: Man Arrested for Speeding at 180km/h

h1-speeding-offencesOn 23 April, 2016, a man was caught speeding in the N4 highway near Mooinooi.

He was allegedly driving at the 180km/h and arrested after he was stopped by traffic patrol. The Brits Magistrate’s Court reported that the 38-year-old was fined back in June 2015, and pleaded guilty.

Imagine what would have happen to anyone attempting to cross the road or other motorists driving on the same road if someone was driving at such an accelerated speed.

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Jericho Perpetrator Rapes 85-year-old Grandmother

rape, murder, hate crime, evilThe accused was allegedly accused of housebreaking and the raping of an elderly citizen. The whole incident happened at Letlhabile, Block B section in the late of night while the old woman was about to fall sleep.
The man who allegedly raped the 85-year-old woman in Jericho has been arrested after being suspected for more than a year. The 32-year-old man was arrested outside a Jericho tavern around 18:00 during a sting operation.

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Madibeng’s political attitudes and campaigns affecting them

Many community members in Madibeng are of the the opinion that that they have been betrayed by the ruling party. They assume that many people would not participate in the local election because of the way the ANC has been conducting politics and because of the overall management of the municipality.
There has been too many issues during the election period whereby many political parties including the ANC allegedly campaigned using racism as one of their tools in the idea of the means justifies the end. Many community members in Madibeng have lost interest in the elections saying that they have been participating fully in the elections but have not witnessed any change as yet. The fight against racism seems to be one of the main themes of the ANC’s local government election campaign this year, with the party firing an early outburst at its traditional January 8th birthday celebrations over the weekend.

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Madibeng Times at South African Music Awards

mediaThe Madibeng Times was invited to take part in the media coverage of this years South African Music Awards (SAMAs). The SAMAs is the premier music awards event in South Africa. Hosted by RISA, the annual event showcases the country’s finest music related talent. The XXI Music Awards ceremony took place on 21 April 2016.

South African music’s biggest names go head to head in key categories, each hoping for the South African industry’s highest honour – a statuette at the South African Music Awards. Nominees also took the stage by storm with a series of epic, never-to-be-repeated performances, as the nation watched its finest talent at work. The South African Music Awards exist to honour and recognize accomplishment in the South African recording industry. SAMA’s CEO Refilwe originally studied politics and communication. And in fact, the actual reason for the SAMMA’s was to redress the unfair practices of the our apartheid era past that discriminated against artist of colour, which would have made the inclusion of all our artist impossible had humanity not intervened.

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