Hellkom prevails over Brits

In the last three months we have seen a lot of work on the sides of the roads in Brits. It is the placing of fiber optic cables. Placing of the cables has been done next to Telkom’s existing
cables. As we know copper is expensive and with the poor around here, it is a commodity that is easily sold on the illegal market. For the last eight years there has been a medium of three cable thefts. Each time interrupting businesses for about two weeks. That means for at least six weeks you do not have a working telephone. And with the unlucky accidents that occurred
during the excavation where the Telkom cables were cut, we have been without
Telkom telephone for about two months. The contractors did not feel it necessary
to inform the public of the reasons why it happened! We understand their business
comes first and the small business must not worry about the losses. “We can afford
not to make business. “Can’t we”. And now again the cables have been
stolen and we do not have telephone lines. As mentioned it is a common practice andthe only solution to it will be to place fiber optic cables. The interruption to the traffic department, the fire department, the mall and to the many businesses around the industrial area
means that millions of rands are lost; Telkom must change the copper to fiber!
Or this will go on forever.