DA wants audit on all ‘special’ and ‘emergency’ projects

The Democratic Alliance in North West will call for an audit of all projects in the province that have been awarded without tenders under the PFMA (Provincial Finance Management Act) section 16 A. Although there is a provision in the act for “emergency projects”
it seems as if this is abused as a loophole to award projects to specific, connected cadres. The act clearly states that projects under this subsection may not be more than 2% of the total amount appropriated in the annual national budget for the current financial year. Tender fraud is the root of most corruption in North West and now the ANC can give out tenders at their own discretion without following the correct supply management procedures. We are shocked to learn that a contractor from Gauteng recently received the allocation of a project on this basis to the amount of nearly R500 million. We need infrastructure to stimulate growth and development. Ironically it seems to be most of these infrastructure projects
that fall into the hands of companies without going through the tender procedure.
Certain departments are clearly trying to take over the duties and responsibilities of the
Department of Public Works. We will therefore direct questions to the MEC’s for Housing,
Education, Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development (FEED), Rural Environment and
Agricultural Development and Roads, enquiring on:

• The number of projects allocated during the past three years without tenders;
• The amounts of these projects;
• When and where the Department of Treasury was included and permitted such projects; and
• Reasons why the projects were regarded as “emergencies”.

The looting of our state coffers should stop and those who abuse the system should be brought
to justice. We need transparency in all projects that are supposed to better the lives of our people.