Rotten taxi rank at Brits

Brits taxi rank near Boxer Super Market is surrounded by smell from rubbish bins. The bins at the taxi rank are never clean and leave the town with a horrible stink,that makes Brits
an environment that is not healthy for people who catch taxis at this rank and those who buy
fruits and vegetables from the hawkers. Another issue is not just the taxi rank at Brits, but the city is hardly ever clean. Rubbish bins are always stacked with smelly plastics, papers and flies.
Where ever you go in this small town you will find papers flying in every street. It looks like
there city does not have maintenance. In a town like this most businesses will find it hard to survive because what the city looks like. In general people are attracted to clean environments that are not dangerous to their health. Should things like this continue, businesses will lose costumers and eventually those costumers will consider to do their shopping at other towns that are cleaner than what Brits looks like. For a developing community to be at its best its in the interest of the municipality and the street venders, they are both held reliable for poor maintenance. Some rubbish bins spent up to three days in-front of shops without being emptied or replenished. Brits is known to be a tourist attraction place, what it smells like now its not attracting people but its attracting flies. Other people have to settle because Brits is the nearest town to their homes and some are residents in the city and some come because of work. Brits has two taxi ranks 1 is the main bus and taxi rank, which is still under construction and the 2nd is the one near Boxer Super Market. The streets near-by the rank in town are filled
with smelly dirty water always flowing on the side walks in front of food stalls. Something needs to be done before the middle of summer because when the temperatures are high, the whole city will become a stinking bomb. The Madibeng Local Municipality announced the temporary
closure of the Brits main bus and taxi rank on the 19th of September 2016 The rank was closed
effectively. The reason for the closure was to allow construction and upgrade of the Brits taxi rank project. It was investigated that the construction of the rank should have taken ten months. Buses were relocated to Brits Mall and taxis to the Magalies complex taxi rank (next to Inter-toy Toyota). Appropriate signs were supposed to be provided on the site to inform passengers of the arrangements. Even today the main bus taxi rank is under construction.