Mayor and MM must go in order to save our municipality


The DA of the NW405 Local Municipality has tabled a Motion of No Confidence in the Executive Mayor, Kgotso Khumalo, and Speaker, Elias Mogoeemang. Not only did the Speaker lose control over the administration of the local council but has no capability to apply the Rules and
Regulations to allow for order, fruitful cooperation and governance. Council meetings have become another fruitless gathering which is reduced to a rubber stamp exercise. Meetings are convened without proper notice and in contravention of the Standing Rules of order, agendas are delivered late to councillors and, in some instances, on the day of the council meeting. There is a lack of control during council meetings which also threatens the safety of councillors. Disruptive community members were allowed into the chambers on two occasions and intimidated the councillors during a meeting – this forced the meeting to a sudden closure. Our requests for better control measurements during meetings, to ensure the safety
of all, are ignored by the ANC council. The Speaker’s conduct is a clear consequence
of the total collapse of the municipality under Khumalo and Mogoeemang. We have a letter
in our possession whereby the Mayor asked the MEC for Local Government, Fenny Goaloalwe for intervention in the NW405 Municipality, for the following reasons:
• “Financial and Budget management e.g. preparation and submission of Annual Statements”;
• “Service Delivery”; and
• “Non-compliance in Administration related to HRM and Legal amongst others”.
It is clear that these reasons, which includes all the core functions of local government, are grounds for our motion of no confidence. These are serious allegations of misconduct that the DA has pointed out on many occasions and the ANC chose to turn a blind eye. Meanwhile, they steamrollered the amalgamation, renaming of the municipality and other pressing issues through council without proper consultation, debate or research. In essence, the Executive Mayor’s letter suggests he no longer has confidence in his ability to lead which raises the
question: Why should the opposition or even the ANC have confidence in him? We believe that our community simply deserves better. We need a credible council whereby the rights and needs of our people are protected and promoted. The wheels are coming off in NW 405, just as we warned it would. Infighting, cadre deployment, corruption, fraud and a lack of integrity are claiming their toll. A motion of no confidence is therefore the last resort to save our dying municipality.