The killing of taxi drivers & owners

A Maboloka taxi owner was killed when five armed men opened fire on him, the incident
took place in the month of July 2017. The community of Maboloka was shocked by the
shooting and killing of a 40 year old taxi owner. Its been alleged that five men were hired by other taxi owners from Letlhakaneng, the deceased who was in the company of his wife and their 16-year-old child, was busy parking his car when two unknown male suspects started shooting at them. They were still inside the car when the bullet struck the deceased killing him instantly. His wife sustained serious injuries and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment and the child was not injured. The five suspects appeared at the Brits magistrates court on different charges. Two suspects for murder who were denied bail, for reasons
and believes that if they are out on bail they will threaten witnesses and disturb investigations and three for positions of illegal firearms & attempted murder, they will be granted bail if they prove themselves to be innocent. Its been mentioned in the court that the five suspects make a living by being hired to kill. The family of the taxi owner is now in a devastating situation and in fear that if these guys are released on bail they might come back to finish them. Its been reported in a statement that the five suspects are from Kwa-Zulu-natal. The matter was also taken to the Sechaba Sa Bataung Taung tribal office and Maboloka taxi association. In another apparent instance of taxi violence, a 32-year-old man has been shot dead in Verulam,
north of Durban. Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) reported the man, a taxi owner, was killed
after a gunman opened fire on them near a local high school on in the morning at approximately 10am in June, Members of RUSA were called out to Oakford Road after the operations centre received multiple calls that a man was seen driving a car at high speed whilst seated on top of a deceased’s body. Taxi owners now fear for their lives because the killing and assassination of taxi drivers and owners has increased largely in South Africa, in 2013 a Mozambican taxi driver died after being dragged behind a van by South African policemen.