SAACYF developing the alternative creative sector

South African Arts & Culture Youth Forum (SAACYF) is an organization for young artists in South Africa. The organization aims to raise awareness for the support of up and coming artists in the country and advocate for youth in the cultural and creative sector. The Forum has noted with concern the lack of development of up and coming artists & the creative sector in the country. The Forum seeks to create a space for young people in the sector so that their work & talent is able to be recognized and create job opportunities for young cultural and creative people.
CHALLENGES SAACYF IDENTIFIED WITH ARTISTS Lack of Information on various opportunities, lack of having registered Companies & NPO’s, lack of Arts & Culture Infrastructures in rural areas, lack of National organization availability in other provinces. We must make sure that
we are able to put food on the table with our crafts which is God given talents. The South African Arts and Culture Youth Forum (SAACYF) is in the process of developing the alternative creative sector that will cater for everyone. The current creative sector is designed to make Western and European cultures dominant and superior over our own African Cultures and to promote western cultural imperialism on our people. That is why today we still have South
Africans who don’t value and love local products and services because they believe that
everything that is foreign is superior and better than everything that is South African. We
have been made to believe that Foreign Music, Movies, Food, Clothing, Cars, House Designs,
Cultures and way of Living is the best thing ever. On the 4th May 2017 (African month), more
than 3000 artists and civil society members Marched to the SABC head office to defend
and support the SABC Local Content Policy. On this day people saw unity of Artists from
various provinces coming together in numbers. They marched because they understood that
South Africa as a country belonging to South Africans. The youth of South African will have to
start supporting each other soon in our own communities as well across the country. Let us
be united and always defeat problems together. We should never run away from problems and
challenges. We don’t want you to remember us; we want us to make history together. We live to
die but our contributions will live forever for the future of Africa.