Essential safety for kidz

No parent imagines losing sight of her kid until it happens. Prepare your child on how to keep safe if she or he gets separated from you, and learn the fastest ways to find her. Anyone who’s been a parent long enough has experienced the terror of not being able to find her child, whether at an amusement park, a parade, in a store, or wherever else kids can get
lost which is anywhere, sometimes even right in your own neighborhood. On the 10 of August 2017 Dikeledi Mamela appeared at the Brits magistrates court for not being a responsible parent. Dekeledi (22) on the 19th of July left her two kids at a friends house, when she was going to work. Her neighbour spotted the kids walking alone in the street on that evening and picked them up with her car and drove with them home. The kids told her that their mom’s friend chased them away shouting at them saying they are not her responsibility. When Dikeledi came back from work that night she went to her friends house to pick up her kids but there was no one in the house, she went searching for them, until someone came to her and told her that they were seen with her neighbour, she went rushing to her neighbours, but when she got there her neighbour had already called the police. She was arrested just as she arrived. Dikeledi tried to give reason to the officers who were on duty but they didn’t want to hear a word
from her, she spent three nights in a cell and is now on bail. Her case is still going forward until she makes arrangements with social workers. Dikeledi has no relatives or family members close to her who can assist her with care for her two kids. Both her parents passed away while she was still in high school. Most children are found quickly, often even before they realize a parent is looking for them. And possibly every parent’s worst fear is abduction by a stranger or an acquaintance, where the child is taken far from home and harmed or held with the
intent to keep her permanently. Parents need to teach children how to also be safe in situations where mom is not around, some kids are runners, and they won’t realize you’re not
with them until they’re nowhere near you. Either way, tell your child that if you don’t respond when she yells, rather than looking for a store clerk or a security guard, she should stay put and ask the first “mommy” with a child she sees to help her. Why a mom? Women with kids are statistically less likely to be predators and more likely to stay with your child until she finds you.