ANC blatantly lies about operational rural safety units in North West

The ANC in the North West misled the Provincial Legislature about the existence of rural safety units in the province. On 24 May 2017 the ANC claimed that rural safety units were already operational in the North West. This was after the DA had issued a member statement
on the death of a farmer in Tswaing, whose wife survived the attack. The DA followed up on the claims of the existence of the rural safety units by submitting direct questions to the MEC of Community Safety and Transport Management, Mpho Mothlhabane. He has now acknowledged in writing that no such units exist. What is extremely worrisome is that in his response, he makes a dubious claim that there is a decline in reported crimes in the rural communities.
He further claims that:
• That there are daily patrols in the rural sectors at
station level as part of sector policing.
• There are enhanced daily deployments in the
hotspot stations identified in the Province for
crimes in the rural area.
• That there are Stock Theft and Trio Crimes task
teams deployed to investigate, track, trace and arrest
These interventions have obviously not made any
impact as crime continues unabated on farms. Since
May 2017, the following members of the farming
community in the province have either died or were
attacked on their farms:
• June 2017 – Woman farmer assaulted and raped
near Sannieshof in her house;
• June 2017 – A 46-year old farmer was shot dead
near Lichtenburg on his farm;
• June 2017 – Man attacked and wounded on a farm
near Rustenburg;
• June 2017 – Elderly farm lady killed on her farm
while putting flowers where her husband died on the
farm near Schweizer-Reneke;
• June 2017 – Two separate farm attacks in the Derby
• July 2017 – A farmer shot dead on his farm
Friesland near Vryburg – his wife seriously wounded;
• August 2017 – An elderly couple in their seventies was tortured on their farm outside Potchefstroom and burnt with hot oil and boiling water. While the ANC would have us believe that there are operating rural safety units, the evidence on the ground suggests otherwise. The attacks on farming communities continue unhindered, even increasing on a year-onyear
basis. If the ANC wants to be taken seriously, they need to establish rural safety units and make
public their mandate and their operations. All people in farming communities, farmers and
farm workers, are affected and dehumanised by crime and violence. The DA has repeatedly
called for a new approach to rural safety that will prioritise the use of rural safety units which will act as a buffer against farm attacks. Please sign our petition to stop farm murders and where we call for the establishment of rural safety units here: