Our beloved Mayor making history

The Madibeng Executive Mayor Jostine Mothibe continue making history. For the first time in the history of Madibeng the executive mayor is given the platform to do the live radio budget presentation which was conducted by the Madibeng FM.

The executive mayor conducted the 2017/2018 Medium Term Revenue Expenditure Framework (MTREF) budget and 2017-2021 Integrated Development Plan Policy Statement presented during the council meeting held on the 26th of May 2017. The executive mayor in her statement regarded May a month of very hard work and a stressing period for most politicians and caring civilians including progressive forces from all walks of life. She further said that the municipality have experienced a full might of a dark force rearing its head committed to subjugate the achievements made in the past over 20 years of the peoples freedom and democracy. She presented the budget policy, crafted by the municipality, informed by unique challenges
that confront the current politics, social and economic dynamics. “It is for this reason that we
confidently must take ownership and implement all programmes of this budget and IDP without hesitation.” “For that I will urge all my colleagues to be part of making history and remain in council without making threats to distance oneself from participation during this historical moment of budget adoption, because such an action will indicate the lack of commitment and show of timidity by politicians who only came to represent own peculiar interest forgetting and ignoring the genuine mandate given precisely to represent the plight of the poor communities and unemployed youth,” said the mayor. After which the Economic Freedom Fighters decided to walkout from the meeting before the budget presentation.