Three men arrested for robbery and sexual assault

The Brits police arrested three men
Wednesday morning 19 April 2017,
after they allegedly robbed a woman and
one of them forced a woman to perform
oral sex on him at gunpoint. Khumbule
Mkhwezi (30), was booked on suspicion
of sexual assault with a deadly weapon,
robbery with a deadly weapon, firstdegree
kidnapping and conspiracy to
commit robbery; Mafia Pane (26), and
Albert Kwezi (19), were both booked
on suspicion of robbery with a deadly
weapon and conspiracy to commit
All three are Madibeng residents,
residing in Klipgat. They initially
identified themselves in false identity, but
the police officers managed to recognise
them easily. The police acted swiftly after
a tip-off on a report of a sexual assault
that had just happened in the area. The
victim said she was walking on the main
road when three men approached her.
One man pulled out a gun and demanded
her money and property, according to
the statement in court. She complied but
had no money. The suspects searched
her property, then one of the men held
a gun to her side, made her walk a short
distance to a concealed area where he
sexually assaulted her while holding a gun
to her head.
The woman who stays in Hebron
managed to recognise two of the
suspects after the police arrested them
in connection with another criminal
elements. The three suspects were
arrested for house robbery and were
linked with the robbery and sexual assault
in Klipgat.
After they were arrested they appeared
in the Brits Magistrates Court facing
charges of sexual assault with a deadly
weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon,
first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to
commit robbery. The magistrate denied
them bail based on the previous records
and for the fact that if they are released
on bail they might temper with evidence
and intimidate the victim.