Teen arrested after shooting and killing his step-father

A 16-year-old son was arrested after allegations
that he has shot and killed his stepfather
during an argument. Members of the
community responded at around 9pm Thursday
20th of April 2017, to report a shooting and
found 45-year-old Gregory Hudson suffering
from a gunshot wound. He was taken to a
hospital, where family members say the man
was pronounced dead. His stepson, 16-year-old
Percy Moon near Sonop, is charged with firstand
second-degree murder, authorities said.
He appeared in court and the statement
reveals that the minor will face a preliminary
investigation. It was said that Percy and Gregory
were arguing before the shooting. Percy, who
was arrested at the scene, ‘never admitted his
involvement in the homicide’, according to the
statement. It was also indicated that Percy was
send to a juvenile while awaiting trail. Percy was
described by the neighbour in the statement as
‘a good kid’ that resided with his mother and the
step-father and ‘didn’t give them any trouble’.
She said: ‘Nobody in the family understands
or knows what went wrong. We’re trying to
understand that ourselves. I’m just at a loss for
words.’ The teen’s mother Angeline Moon said
in court that her son never shown any sign of
disrespect towards Gregory and what happened
is a shock to her. She said, “He was a good kid.
He went to a good school and everything. He
was well-mannered and polite. I have no idea
what might have started the argument. I wish I
was there to prevent it from happening,” he told