Madibeng speaker’s house burned down

The Local Municipality of Madibeng
residents were in shock in the early hours
of Tuesday 18 April 2017, after a report was
made that the council speaker, Cllr. Kabelo
Ntshabele’s house was set on fire threatening
neighbouring buildings. Fire crews responded
to a home in Klipgat shortly following reports
of a fire.
According to neighbours, the home
was destroyed by the blaze and firefighters
continued their efforts to prevent the fire from
spreading to other houses.This raises too many
questions on whether Madibeng leaders are in
trouble. Such incidents happen when political
leaders are corrupt and now have to pay with
what they have. Another reason is that if you
are doing good things to the public you end up
being not the favourate of the others. Imagine
if someone was in the house when the house
went up in flames. Most of the municipal
leaders are now fearing for their lives after this
incident happened saying that who is on the
list for the house to be destroyed.
At the present moment it is not there is no
evidence suggesting what is the cause of fire.
It could be that the fire appeared suspicious.
However, could this be a syndicate where it
is politically motivated or influenced? This
need a thorough research jointly from different
stakeholders working together on what the
causation of the fires are. Just like any fire,
they must work together to determine the
cause, and explain whether this was influenced
Should the mayor also be in fear of what
can happen to her house or her family? This
is very upsetting for leaders to be intimidated
and threatened in such a way without anyone
being arrested or questioned for that matter.