ANC ‘Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong’ is their culture

The African National Congress cannot differentiate
between what is wrong and what is right. They are
always doing the wrong things instead of the right things.
The organisation turn to do the opposite of what should
be done. No political party will be able to effectively
govern this country, unless a change occur in the minds
and attitudes of South Africans. No party, that is including
the DA and of course the EFF. A real problem with the
ANC and its relationship with the economy is that the
ANC has continuously appointed its party representatives
to government positions they did not have the skill to
hold, so called ‘cadre deployment’.
The ANC party has systematically set South Africa
up to fail, since they took this country over in 1994,
from the NP, with a working infrastructure, dams, roads,
harbours, railroads, universities and a well developed
private sector. The institutions of state was well run, well
maintained, and run by professionally competent people.
Of course transformation had to take place, to ensure
a society that gives opportunities to all South Africans.
Instead of appointing professional, independent people
to run institutions, the ANC turned to cadre deployment.
Instead of creating a society that can sustain itself, because
people have decent jobs, and in that way providing for
their own families, through the money they earn.
The ANC have created a dependent society, unable
to care for themselves, or provide for themselves. 17
million people are on grants. To the leaders of the
ANC, what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.
In the ANC when you do good things you become
the target and be eliminated but when you do bad
stuff you are being honoured for that. The ANC have
actively created a demanding culture, a national sense
of entitlement, because that is the populist thing to do.
This demanding culture and sense of entitlement was
further strengthened because the people saw that the
cadres helped themselves so well. If our leaders steal,
we also want something is the national attitude. Also
if our leaders steal they steal from the people which is
a disgrace.
Now the state looters have created the white
monopoly capital bogeyman to hide their looting and
state capture. Just a strawman tactic to take attention
away from themselves. This has let lose a tidal wave
of people and groups stoking racial hatred against whites
as a group. Statistics indicates that the National debt has
increased from 27, 8 % in 2009 to 50,7 % of GDP now.
Unemployment rate has increased from 24,9% in 2009
to over 27% now. Our borders are non existant, with an
influx from all over Africa, including millions of people
just looking for a better life, but also scores of Nigerian
drug dealers setting up the drug trade. 9 million people
don’t work, they are jobless, dependent on the State.
The criminal justice system, SAPS and NPA have
collapsed under its own weight, and is run by the ANC
and its puppets. As I say, this country is now properly
set up to fail, unless the national culture change.
And what is the chances of that ? If the statements
are anything to go by, we currently have, ‘a broken
man, presiding over a broken society’, the ANC has
failed to create opportunities for the vast majority of
South African youth’ with 75% of the unemployed
population aged between 15 and 34.
The current education system is a failure with more
learners dropping out of the system before they attain
functional literacy, high unemployment on its own is a
sign that ‘the ANC is failing the poor’, ‘the ANC has
failed to deliver basic services to the people of South
Africa’. And of-course ‘ANC has failed the South African
economy’ but, these are opinions we expect from any
opposition party, there has to be a common enemy to
rally against in order to garner any real support. We, as
intelligent people need to look beyond the populist pie
in the sky noise made by all parties and look at the facts
on the ground. A balance have to be created between
Apartheid, and the ANC government that has created
their own ‘Apartheid’ leadership in benefiting from the
tax payers money. The balance will be a fair, non-racist
and non-corrupt country to all. The generations of today
have no clue of what happened in the past and what is
meant by oppression because they are born free and they
did not really experience the oppressions of the apartheid
era. However, they learn most of these things mostly
from their parents of how hard and tough times were
living in this country. The country they called home.
We turn to ask ourselves how did we get to where
we are, how did the DA together with the EFF claim
victory over what was or could have been for the ANC
to rule forever. We are trying to understands and
remember that the ANC stuffed up, stuffed up big
time by firstly forcefully removing a dignified, eminent,
responsible, educated and accountable man, Thabo
Mbeki. Removing the noble man to a man who is
rather quite the opposite to be polite, to run not just one
but two consecutive terms as President. In as much as
Mbeki was a fallible individual (who isn’t ?) was he the
most appropriate man to run this country. We even think
that Ntate Motlanthe could have done a dignified job as
president should he had been given the chance. A plan
has to be made and fast also!