A man arrested for sexual harassment

The Brits police on Sunday 23 April 2017,
arrested a man on the charge of sexual
harassing a 23-year-old girl assumably his exgirlfriend.
According to the statement in court,
Anton Kruger sexually harassed Isabella Morne.
It could be that the two were in a relationship
before the incident happened. According to
Isabella, she was in an abusive relationship until
she decided to dump Anton. The lover, Anton
was not happy with the break up and decided to
harass Isabella everytime he come across her.
He constantly touched her on the butt, forced
to kiss her and always wanted to sleep with her
everytime he met with her. According to
the police report, the girl was living with her
mother in a house not far from Anton’s house.
The girl’s father works abroad. The girl
dated Anton for more than a year and she
regularly visited Anton’s house. Few days ago,
the girl’s father returned home and he heard
from his wife that his daughter is being sexually
harassed by Anton.
On a complaint by the girl’s mother, the
Brits police registered a case under Protection
of Children from Sexual Offences Act and
arrested Anton. He appeared in court for
further bail application and was denied bail
based on the past records.