2 Con artists arrested for running a fake ID Scam

Two men supposingly Zimbabweans
Nationals were arrested at
Skeerpoort informal settlement for
allegedly using fake identifications,
including one who had a dead person’s
identification. It was not yet confirmed
who the dead person was as the matter
is still under investigation. The suspects
were arrested during a police search on
Wednesday 19 April 2017, at around
7:30 p.m. When they posed themselves as
South African citizens. When questioned
by the police, the two men produced
South African barcoded identifications
supposingly poses as false documents.
Initially, it was then revealed that the
two suspects were Zimbabwean Nationals
using South African IDs. It was later
revealed that one of the ID’s they gave
to the police contained information
from a dead person. The police later
found in one of the suspects a wallet
with six different credit cards and five
different driver’s licenses. The licenses
were registered in South Africa under
different names. The suspects were
charged separately on different charges,
one with credit card theft, fraudulent use
of credit cards, credit card forgery, false
government documents and conspiracy.
And the other suspect was charged with
false government documents, credit and
The report in court indicated that the
police followed their instincts and raided

several houses in the informal settlement
where they discovered too many stolen
items and foreign people occupying open
spaces. The suspects were denied bail and
were to be thoroughly investigated and if
needs be, they will be deported to their
countries of origin.