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Couple Abigail Kgopane and William Soko were married on Saturday the
29th and Sunday the 30th of May 2017 in a dream ceremony. After about four years of
dating with 2 children the pair tied the knot in more style than they ever expected. The
first session took place on the 29th of May at Maboloka and the second session happened
on the 30th of May at Bapong. Abigail wore a blue and white wedding gown with a delicate tulle veil and William looked dapper in the same colours blue and white also with a stunning blue and white hat. “We’ve never had an experience like this before,” said one of the bridesmaids, Sophy. “This is the nicest thing I have ever had, the venue, the weather,
the people everything is perfect,” emphasised Sophy. The catering company, the décor, the
church decorations, the music, the food and the cars were all to die for. The couple was
married and stood before more or less 300 guests as they exchanged their vows.
The wedding cake was freshly baked, perfectly for the man and woman of the
moment. “It’s a special day for us, and people are so kind to come together for us,” William
Wedding bells in Maboloka said at the reception, held at Maboloka Resort.
“I want to thank everyone, my sponsors, my family, my extended family, my wedding
planner, DJ, photographer and everyone who took part in making sure that the wedding is
perfect. I don’t think there’s any way I can ever pay them back but I appreciate it with all my
heart.” The happy couple’s romance began years ago when they first met each other in
Bapong. A few years later, William said they were both born again in the church, and faith
changed their lives. “Our relationship was strong and we didn’t give up on each other,”
said William. “We just pray and hope our future will be better than our past.” “I thought
to myself, everybody dreams of this big day,” he said. “We had a good photographer. It was
easy to get the bakery to do a cake, the florist to do a posy and I just dashed through the aisles
and got all the necessities,” he said. “The great step that we took in our relationship
as couple was introducing each other to our families. We are so blessed to have supportive families who care about us. They are giving us support in our relationship and we are very fortunate.” The couple decided they should take their relationship a step further, so he made the decision to propose to Abigail, who was so difficult at first but accepted later
on. The two discussed having a ceremony that would fall along the lines of their
traditions and customs. “We communicated our intentions to get married to both our
families as we wanted to have a traditional African ceremony. The dates of May 29
and 30 were set for the ceremonies, William Soko is a Sotho speaking person and Abigail
Kgopane a Tsonga speaking person. Couple dressed in their respective customary grab for the wedding which turned into a cause célèbre. After the grooms exchanged vows, the festivities
that followed included traditional dancing, and the ritual of sacrificing to bless their
wedding. There was also an exchange of gifts between the couple’s families. “Family
is important to us and that is the number one reason why we want to grow it. We
also want our children to grow up in an environment where they are loved greatly
by both parents who appreciate them,” concluded Abigail.

Dronabinol and Marijuana in HIV-Positive Marijuana Smokers

Caloric Intake, Mood, and Sleep. Individuals with HIV constitute the largest group using cannabinoids for medicinal reasons; yet, no studies have directly compared the tolerability and
efficacy of smoked marijuana and oral dronabinol maintenance in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. This placebocontrolled within-subjects study evaluated marijuana and dronabinol across a range of behaviors: eating topography, mood, cognitive performance, physiologic
measures, and sleep. Methods: HIVpositive marijuana smokers (n = 10) completed 2 16-day inpatient phases. Each dronabinol (5 and 10 mg) and marijuana (2.0% and 3.9% Δ9-
tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]) dose was administered 4 times daily for 4 days, but only 1 drug was active per day, thereby maintaining double-blind dosing. Four days of placebo washout separated each active cannabinoid condition. Results: As compared with placebo,
marijuana and dronabinol dose dependently increased daily caloric intake and body weight in HIV-positive marijuana smokers. All cannabinoid conditions produced significant
intoxication, e xcept f or lo w-dose dronabinol (5 mg); t he int oxication was rated positively (eg, “good drug effect”) with little evidence of discomfort and no impairment of cognitive performance. Effects of marijuana and dronabinol were comparable, except that only marijuana (3.9% THC) improved ratings of sleep. Conclusions: These data suggest that for HIV-positive marijuana smokers, both dronabinol (at doses 8 times current
recommendations) and marijuana were well tolerated and produced substantial
and comparable increases in food intake.

Young Expendables fc played against Brits United fc at Oukasie sports field

On the 6 May 2017, Brits United hosted Young Expendables fc from Hartbeespoortdam, the club owned by Constable Lelaka. Both teams battled it out on the Madibeng Local Football Association. Brits United was the unbeatable team in five games played, but the Young Expendables fc clipped their wings and reduced their speed. There was a good tempo the encounter, although Brits United looked more threatening with their defense being so hard
and the strikers seeing a lot of the ball. Brits United started growing in the game, as the striker started pulling the strings from the midfielder, although chances were hard to come by. The first chance of the game arrived when the striker played his teammate, but the player blazed over the crossbar from just inside the box. It was a frustrating half for both sides, when the
midfielder got a chance to proved to be the only bit of goal mouth action in the opening
45 minutes. United had a chance to break he deadlock in the 56th minute when the
striker teed up his teammate, who fired just wide from the edge of the box. Expendables
pushed for an opener and were rewarded in the 72nd minute courtesy of a superb volley
from his teammate from the edge of the box, the coach Lelaka responded by introducing
another player just a minute later. It was when the Expendables made the perfect impact, as his cross found another player, who towered over the opponents midfielders to score a scotching goal at the far post in the 81st minute. However, both teams hoped for victory. Malfa has
9 senior soccer teams with three of them from Letlhabile, one from Brits, two from
Oukasie, two from Mothutlung and one from Harties. According to the coach and the team owner, Constable Lelaka. “My number one goalkeeper, Tlhologelo Mogowe (17) known as ‘Khune’ is invited to have trials at Augusto Palacios’s Academy in Johannesburg from now until November 2017. Our team will play Polokwane City Rovers at Balfour Park on Wednesday 2017-
05-10,” said Lelaka.

2 Con artists arrested for running a fake ID Scam

Two men supposingly Zimbabweans
Nationals were arrested at
Skeerpoort informal settlement for
allegedly using fake identifications,
including one who had a dead person’s
identification. It was not yet confirmed
who the dead person was as the matter
is still under investigation. The suspects
were arrested during a police search on
Wednesday 19 April 2017, at around
7:30 p.m. When they posed themselves as
South African citizens. When questioned
by the police, the two men produced
South African barcoded identifications
supposingly poses as false documents.
Initially, it was then revealed that the
two suspects were Zimbabwean Nationals
using South African IDs. It was later
revealed that one of the ID’s they gave
to the police contained information
from a dead person. The police later
found in one of the suspects a wallet
with six different credit cards and five
different driver’s licenses. The licenses
were registered in South Africa under
different names. The suspects were
charged separately on different charges,
one with credit card theft, fraudulent use
of credit cards, credit card forgery, false
government documents and conspiracy.
And the other suspect was charged with
false government documents, credit and
The report in court indicated that the
police followed their instincts and raided

several houses in the informal settlement
where they discovered too many stolen
items and foreign people occupying open
spaces. The suspects were denied bail and
were to be thoroughly investigated and if
needs be, they will be deported to their
countries of origin.

Three men arrested for robbery and sexual assault

The Brits police arrested three men
Wednesday morning 19 April 2017,
after they allegedly robbed a woman and
one of them forced a woman to perform
oral sex on him at gunpoint. Khumbule
Mkhwezi (30), was booked on suspicion
of sexual assault with a deadly weapon,
robbery with a deadly weapon, firstdegree
kidnapping and conspiracy to
commit robbery; Mafia Pane (26), and
Albert Kwezi (19), were both booked
on suspicion of robbery with a deadly
weapon and conspiracy to commit
All three are Madibeng residents,
residing in Klipgat. They initially
identified themselves in false identity, but
the police officers managed to recognise
them easily. The police acted swiftly after
a tip-off on a report of a sexual assault
that had just happened in the area. The
victim said she was walking on the main
road when three men approached her.
One man pulled out a gun and demanded
her money and property, according to
the statement in court. She complied but
had no money. The suspects searched
her property, then one of the men held
a gun to her side, made her walk a short
distance to a concealed area where he
sexually assaulted her while holding a gun
to her head.
The woman who stays in Hebron
managed to recognise two of the
suspects after the police arrested them
in connection with another criminal
elements. The three suspects were
arrested for house robbery and were
linked with the robbery and sexual assault
in Klipgat.
After they were arrested they appeared
in the Brits Magistrates Court facing
charges of sexual assault with a deadly
weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon,
first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to
commit robbery. The magistrate denied
them bail based on the previous records
and for the fact that if they are released
on bail they might temper with evidence
and intimidate the victim.

A man arrested for sexual harassment

The Brits police on Sunday 23 April 2017,
arrested a man on the charge of sexual
harassing a 23-year-old girl assumably his exgirlfriend.
According to the statement in court,
Anton Kruger sexually harassed Isabella Morne.
It could be that the two were in a relationship
before the incident happened. According to
Isabella, she was in an abusive relationship until
she decided to dump Anton. The lover, Anton
was not happy with the break up and decided to
harass Isabella everytime he come across her.
He constantly touched her on the butt, forced
to kiss her and always wanted to sleep with her
everytime he met with her. According to
the police report, the girl was living with her
mother in a house not far from Anton’s house.
The girl’s father works abroad. The girl
dated Anton for more than a year and she
regularly visited Anton’s house. Few days ago,
the girl’s father returned home and he heard
from his wife that his daughter is being sexually
harassed by Anton.
On a complaint by the girl’s mother, the
Brits police registered a case under Protection
of Children from Sexual Offences Act and
arrested Anton. He appeared in court for
further bail application and was denied bail
based on the past records.

Teen arrested after shooting and killing his step-father

A 16-year-old son was arrested after allegations
that he has shot and killed his stepfather
during an argument. Members of the
community responded at around 9pm Thursday
20th of April 2017, to report a shooting and
found 45-year-old Gregory Hudson suffering
from a gunshot wound. He was taken to a
hospital, where family members say the man
was pronounced dead. His stepson, 16-year-old
Percy Moon near Sonop, is charged with firstand
second-degree murder, authorities said.
He appeared in court and the statement
reveals that the minor will face a preliminary
investigation. It was said that Percy and Gregory
were arguing before the shooting. Percy, who
was arrested at the scene, ‘never admitted his
involvement in the homicide’, according to the
statement. It was also indicated that Percy was
send to a juvenile while awaiting trail. Percy was
described by the neighbour in the statement as
‘a good kid’ that resided with his mother and the
step-father and ‘didn’t give them any trouble’.
She said: ‘Nobody in the family understands
or knows what went wrong. We’re trying to
understand that ourselves. I’m just at a loss for
words.’ The teen’s mother Angeline Moon said
in court that her son never shown any sign of
disrespect towards Gregory and what happened
is a shock to her. She said, “He was a good kid.
He went to a good school and everything. He
was well-mannered and polite. I have no idea
what might have started the argument. I wish I
was there to prevent it from happening,” he told

Celebrating Freedom Day Annually In South Africa

The country fought so hard for freedom and
democracy in South Africa. Why political
parties like Congress of the People (COPE) say the
ANC does not deserve the position as the ruling
party? COPE made it clear that the ruling party
has failed the country right in the beginning of
democracy, the party feels that the ANC is not
upholding to the promises they made. AgangSA also
have the same sentiment towards the ANC. AgangSA
leader expressed her concern during her interview
that the worst mistake made by the country is when
the people of South Africa allowed the ANC to work
on their own after democracy. She says there were no
over-side inspection by the people of this country.
“They thought that the ANC had everything
under control which is why after liberation they never
went back to say let us all work together and build a
better country. Things like corruption, nepotism and
unemployment would have been prevented,” said
AgangSA leader. This is a time to celebrate what we
have achieved together in a democratic South Africa
and recommit ourselves to make our country a better
place to live in. The struggle for freedom didn’t end in
1994, and our challenges should not overshadow the
significant progress made over the last two decades.
Let us use this celebration to foster a common agenda
of building a united and prosperous South Africa.
South Africa celebrates Freedom Day annually on
the 27 April and the theme for this year is “The year
of OR Tambo: Together deepening democracy and
building safer and crime-free communities”.
27 April commemorates the day in 1994 when
the first democratic election was held in South Africa.
27 April, South Africa celebrates Freedom Day to
mark the liberation of our country and its people
from a long period of colonialism and White minority
domination (apartheid). Apartheid ‘officially’ began in
South Africa in 1948, but colonialism and oppression
of the African majority had plagued South Africa
since 1652. After decades of resistance, a stalemate
between the Liberation Movement and the Apartheid
government was reached in 1988. The ANC, South
African Communist Party (SACP), Pan African
Congress (PAC) and other organisations were later
unbanned on 2 February 1990, and a non-racial
constitution was eventually agreed upon and adopted
in 1993. On 27 April 1994, the nation finally cast its
vote in the first democratic election in the country.

The ANC was then voted into power, and Nelson
Mandela was inaugurated as the President of South
Africa on 10 May.
It is important to note however, that “freedom”
should mean emancipation from poverty,
unemployment, racism, sexism and other forms
of discrimination. We are 15 years into our new
democracy and many of these issues are still rife
in our country. We are still a long way away from
solving many of the legacies of Apartheid and now
face new challenges, like the growing inequality
among South Africans and political and economic
instability in the region caused by a new elite who are
interested in pursuing their own interests. Freedom

Day therefore serves as a reminder to us that the
guarantee of our freedom requires us to remain
permanently vigilant against corruption and the
erosion of the values of the Freedom Struggle and
to build an active citizenry that will work towards
wiping out the legacy of racism, inequality and the
promotion of the rights embodied in our constitution.
The celebrations coincide with the centenary
of the late President and national Chairperson
of the ANC, Mr Oliver Reginald Tambo, an
international icon and hero of the South African
liberation struggle. Freedom Day recognises and
celebrates the strides that have been made since
1994, and acknowledges that South Africa is a far
better society than it was under apartheid. It is
also a period of reflection on what else needs to
be done collectively towards the goal of building a
prosperous society and improving the quality of life
for all. Our democracy has restored the dignity of
millions of South Africans and changed our lives
for the better. We cannot allow crime and criminal
activities to derail us. Let us join hands to preserve
our freedom and SAY NO to racism, crime and
corruption and substance abuse.
We just wonder how free we are going to be if
the ANC continue to use tax payers money, endless
corruption and no services to the people. Like Julius
Malema once said ‘Black people are worse off now
than in Apartheid’.

Madibeng speaker’s house burned down

The Local Municipality of Madibeng
residents were in shock in the early hours
of Tuesday 18 April 2017, after a report was
made that the council speaker, Cllr. Kabelo
Ntshabele’s house was set on fire threatening
neighbouring buildings. Fire crews responded
to a home in Klipgat shortly following reports
of a fire.
According to neighbours, the home
was destroyed by the blaze and firefighters
continued their efforts to prevent the fire from
spreading to other houses.This raises too many
questions on whether Madibeng leaders are in
trouble. Such incidents happen when political
leaders are corrupt and now have to pay with
what they have. Another reason is that if you
are doing good things to the public you end up
being not the favourate of the others. Imagine
if someone was in the house when the house
went up in flames. Most of the municipal
leaders are now fearing for their lives after this
incident happened saying that who is on the
list for the house to be destroyed.
At the present moment it is not there is no
evidence suggesting what is the cause of fire.
It could be that the fire appeared suspicious.
However, could this be a syndicate where it
is politically motivated or influenced? This
need a thorough research jointly from different
stakeholders working together on what the
causation of the fires are. Just like any fire,
they must work together to determine the
cause, and explain whether this was influenced
Should the mayor also be in fear of what
can happen to her house or her family? This
is very upsetting for leaders to be intimidated
and threatened in such a way without anyone
being arrested or questioned for that matter.

ANC ‘Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong’ is their culture

The African National Congress cannot differentiate
between what is wrong and what is right. They are
always doing the wrong things instead of the right things.
The organisation turn to do the opposite of what should
be done. No political party will be able to effectively
govern this country, unless a change occur in the minds
and attitudes of South Africans. No party, that is including
the DA and of course the EFF. A real problem with the
ANC and its relationship with the economy is that the
ANC has continuously appointed its party representatives
to government positions they did not have the skill to
hold, so called ‘cadre deployment’.
The ANC party has systematically set South Africa
up to fail, since they took this country over in 1994,
from the NP, with a working infrastructure, dams, roads,
harbours, railroads, universities and a well developed
private sector. The institutions of state was well run, well
maintained, and run by professionally competent people.
Of course transformation had to take place, to ensure
a society that gives opportunities to all South Africans.
Instead of appointing professional, independent people
to run institutions, the ANC turned to cadre deployment.
Instead of creating a society that can sustain itself, because
people have decent jobs, and in that way providing for
their own families, through the money they earn.
The ANC have created a dependent society, unable
to care for themselves, or provide for themselves. 17
million people are on grants. To the leaders of the
ANC, what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.
In the ANC when you do good things you become
the target and be eliminated but when you do bad
stuff you are being honoured for that. The ANC have
actively created a demanding culture, a national sense
of entitlement, because that is the populist thing to do.
This demanding culture and sense of entitlement was
further strengthened because the people saw that the
cadres helped themselves so well. If our leaders steal,
we also want something is the national attitude. Also
if our leaders steal they steal from the people which is
a disgrace.
Now the state looters have created the white
monopoly capital bogeyman to hide their looting and
state capture. Just a strawman tactic to take attention
away from themselves. This has let lose a tidal wave
of people and groups stoking racial hatred against whites
as a group. Statistics indicates that the National debt has
increased from 27, 8 % in 2009 to 50,7 % of GDP now.
Unemployment rate has increased from 24,9% in 2009
to over 27% now. Our borders are non existant, with an
influx from all over Africa, including millions of people
just looking for a better life, but also scores of Nigerian
drug dealers setting up the drug trade. 9 million people
don’t work, they are jobless, dependent on the State.
The criminal justice system, SAPS and NPA have
collapsed under its own weight, and is run by the ANC
and its puppets. As I say, this country is now properly
set up to fail, unless the national culture change.
And what is the chances of that ? If the statements
are anything to go by, we currently have, ‘a broken
man, presiding over a broken society’, the ANC has
failed to create opportunities for the vast majority of
South African youth’ with 75% of the unemployed
population aged between 15 and 34.
The current education system is a failure with more
learners dropping out of the system before they attain
functional literacy, high unemployment on its own is a
sign that ‘the ANC is failing the poor’, ‘the ANC has
failed to deliver basic services to the people of South
Africa’. And of-course ‘ANC has failed the South African
economy’ but, these are opinions we expect from any
opposition party, there has to be a common enemy to
rally against in order to garner any real support. We, as
intelligent people need to look beyond the populist pie
in the sky noise made by all parties and look at the facts
on the ground. A balance have to be created between
Apartheid, and the ANC government that has created
their own ‘Apartheid’ leadership in benefiting from the
tax payers money. The balance will be a fair, non-racist
and non-corrupt country to all. The generations of today
have no clue of what happened in the past and what is
meant by oppression because they are born free and they
did not really experience the oppressions of the apartheid
era. However, they learn most of these things mostly
from their parents of how hard and tough times were
living in this country. The country they called home.
We turn to ask ourselves how did we get to where
we are, how did the DA together with the EFF claim
victory over what was or could have been for the ANC
to rule forever. We are trying to understands and
remember that the ANC stuffed up, stuffed up big
time by firstly forcefully removing a dignified, eminent,
responsible, educated and accountable man, Thabo
Mbeki. Removing the noble man to a man who is
rather quite the opposite to be polite, to run not just one
but two consecutive terms as President. In as much as
Mbeki was a fallible individual (who isn’t ?) was he the
most appropriate man to run this country. We even think
that Ntate Motlanthe could have done a dignified job as
president should he had been given the chance. A plan
has to be made and fast also!