Roodekoppies Dam squatters protest for service delivery

It could be that the informal settlements are another way of making quick cash in our country.  Posing municipal officials are find it an easy way to make money out of the informal settlements in the whole country. Recently the informal settlement owned by the Department of Public Works in the Roodekoppies Dam on the 511 infront of Greens petrol station, scutters started protesting in the evening of the 14th of March 2017, and barricaded the road coming from Thabazimbi to Brits with burning tyre and trees. The motorists and farmers around the area had to deviate their trucks of from Bethanie, to Hartbeesfontein down to Beestekraal road until to the main road in an attempt to safe their vehicles from being burned down by the protestors. The aim of the protest is to burn down all the trucks and the vehicles passing from that road.  The reason this scutters protests is because they want services from government which are not due to them so that they can be allowed to stay and continue to steal and rob the people from that area.  It could be that this informal settlement near Greens petrol station was created by greedy people to exploit the poor and allowed the situation to happen.  Under no circumstances, the informal settlement has got many people from foreign countries who have no proper documentations to reside in South Africa.

The fact of the matter is that the truth came out after one of the scutters revealed the secret and told everyone that it is alleged that there is a person posing as the municipal official who is selling the stands at the cost of R500 for a small piece of land.   The police must take note of the situation and arrest the people selling pieces of grounds.  The municipality cannot allow for people to steal grounds and allowed the community to committee illegal acts. The municipality is in a financial constrains especially on issues to pay for electricity.  The municipality claims that some of the causes of the financial constrains derives from having too many informal settlements in the area. According to sources close to the municipality, the operation to remove illegal connections at the municipality was arranged for last year around November to December.  The operation was never materialised supposingly but still attending to find the solution. “We want the Mayor to act decisively in removing and stopping such corrupt posing officials before they bring down this municipality.  They constantly sell pieces of land to desperate people knowing for a fact that they wont tell anyone because they need a place to stay.”

“Now they assumed it will be viable if they cut the services from all the recent informal settlements, especially those informal settlements whereby the land is owned by a private owner.  Few informal settlements at the moment are facing a challenge on how they will survive without proper services.” “They had decided to cut the services especially those rendered by third parties in an attempt to reduce the cost and sustain the municipality.  The municipality will not be sustainable even if the costs are reduced from informal settlements,” said one of the scutters in Madibeng. What the municipality should focus on is to try and prevent more informal settlements to mushroom because they cannot deal with such a small number of informal settlements, so what will happen if more open spaces are forcefully taken by people for residential purposes and services needed?

Occupies must apply for pieces of land before occupying them according to the laws.  It is not the responsibility of the government to identify lands for the community. Is there a strategy by the human settlement in Madibeng to deal with such a problem;  the affected communities feels like they are being corned by the posing officials who sell open spaces for them and promise to prevent eviction.  (Before you buy a piece of ground find out if it belongs to the person selling). The only way to win this problem is to have representatives to engage with the communities to deal with the problem.  That is the only solution to deal with the situation.