Beer stew turned horrible

Joe Sindane was arrested after he was accused of shooting one of his friends on the stomach.  The four friends left their homes in the early hours of the weekend to help themselves with beer in one of the local liqour stores near Mmakau. As usual, the four friends entered into an agreement that they will split into two groups and share equal contribution to buy alcohol.  Joe who agreed to share with Thabo Steenkamp while on the other hand Amos Nkwale decided to share the equal contribution with Malombo Molope.

It could be that in the process of that, Thabo did not honour the agreement and allowed Joe to be the only one to participate on the contribution.  When Joe requested his share from Thabo, he did not want to comply and promised to fight him if he persist. According to the information in court, Malombo and Amos tried to stop the argument knowing for a fact that the two friends will end up fighting.  Suddenly, they both shove each other and started punching one another. Feeling the pressure, Thabo rushed to a house nearby to fetch for a knife.  Upon his arrival he scratched  Joe on his left arm while he was sitting next to the counter.  With his arm bleeding, Joe rushed to his car and came back with his 9mm pistol.

Everybody was screaming inside the tavern when Joe was ordering everyone including Thabo to come out of the tavern.  As brave as he was and maybe hoping that Joe would not shoot him, Thabo came out of the tavern and start swearing at Joe. Several time, Joe warned him to stay away from him as he will use the pistol in his hands.  The other two friends also tried to intervene, to calm down both of them in particular Joe who was furious and bleeding.

Thabo proceeded to provoke Joe until he shot him in the stomach, the police were called to the scene and Joe was arrested immediately.  His pistol was seized and kept away,  Joe appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court for bail application.