Armed robbers nabbed after a police tip-off

Three suspects appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court for armed robbery.  The suspects were nabbed after a police tip-off was made by community members. According to the information provided in court, the suspects allegedly robbed one of the supermarkets in Klipgat and escaped with undisclosed amounts of cash, groceries and other important items in the store. The incident happened in the last week of February 2017, and the suspects were arrested after the police received a tip-off from the community members.  The suspects were found in possession of 2 unlicensed firearms, ammunition, groceries suspected to have been found in the store and 6 knives. One of the robbers pointed a firearm at the victims and the two accomplices share the moment by searching the victims and remove cash, cellphones and jewelery from them.  The store was vandalised, the suspects took the money from the safe box and from the till including the groceries in the store.

The two South Africans, Emmanuel Sithole (34) and Katleho Moholo (39) and a Mozambican citizen, Sambo Sindane (28) were arrested and charged with armed robbery, possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition and in possession of dangerous weapons. Supposingly, two of the suspects were previously working in the store and were able to be identified by the victims even if they were wearing balaclavas and trying to disguise their voices. They had appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court for at least three times and will soon appear in court for further investigations.  They were denied bail and remained in custody.