New year celebrations turned sour

Man stabbed to death after finding his sidekick with another man, it is alleged that the man was killed after he refused to leave the house when he was told by his sidekick.  The incident happened in Phase 3 section on the 1st of January 2017, at around 3am. Apparently, the man died infront of his girlfriend in his house. The two lovers had been dating for over three years and have children together.  The girlfriend believed that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She confronted him about it after she came home late one evening to find him smelling like women’s perfume. He at first denied her accusations, but after a long argument, he admitted to cheating on her.

But the confession did not help at all because the man continued entertaining the sidekicks though he had promised to have let go.  After spending two hours with his family, the man on the 1st of January 2017, at around 3am, thought it was ideal for him to go and celebrate the rest of the day with his old time sidekick.  An unusual discovery was made by him when he found out that his sidekick had male company.  He forced himself inside the house and argued that the other man must leave the house because he wanted to speak in private with his sidekick.

The argument lasted for several minutes until the two ended up engaging in a physical fight.  With the other man sitting on the bed half naked, the sidekick overpowered and took out a knife and stabbed the man on the neck. After being stabbed, the man went straight home knocked on the door and fell on the ground just right beside the door.  He later told his girlfriend of what happened before he died.  He further explained to her that he was stabbed by his sidekick. The man died at his home and no arrests were made thus far, the police are still investigating the cause of his death.