New year Babe smiling all the way

The allegations of maladministration and mismanagement by the Brits District Hospital CEO, Babe Mosuwe has never shown any positive outcome.  On the 7th of November 2016, we had acknowledged and seen some workers demonstrating on what was called an illegal protest in front of the hospital gate.

The protest among others was to remove the CEO and the acting Clinical Manager, Dr. Moleko based on the alleged misconducts.  The interim CEO, Mr. Moloi was introduced by the District Management team.  He has been in office ever since Babe was send in hiding. The questions remain as why there is no disciplinary hearing for her, protest avails to nothing.  Did the investigations allegedly found Babe innocent?  There are many questions posed by the workers on why the CEO was not suspended.

To make things possible in hospital, Dr. Adewola Jacobs is now an Acting Clinical Manager, succeeding from Dr. Moleko who is now in exile. The staff workers at the Brits District Hospital are still questioning the investigations conducted by the District Management team regarding the allegations that were brought to their attention.  It is alleged that the two were suspended after a long discussion by the workers representatives and the management team. Acting Director for the district, Mr. Moloi who is now in charge in the hospital promised that the investigations will be conducted and therefore, they want people to come forward with concrete facts not just hear-say or allegations that might tarnish someone’s name.

He further said that the petition send to the hospital had some threats that has made the management to sought to protect the CEO and the acting Clinical Manager.  They decided to keep them away for a while, while investigating the matter.  For how long will the hospital be in this much crises and cannot cope with the every passing of patients in the eyes of the few doctors in hospital?  The petition contained the allegations that the CEO bought a CT scanner and no one in hospital has seen the machine. Both the CEO and the Acting Clinical Manager are not suspended and how is that possible until to date no one was suspended or penalised for the actions?  The management decided to re-assign them to another area to continue with their work for safety reasons.  The management further said that the reason the two were placed in a place of safety is because they did not want them to get in contact with the illegal march that was happening.  Was it a mob psychology as indicated by the Department of Health which made them to protect the two accused?

Is there transparency in the investigations of the corrupt allegations?  Are we going to see the end of this where someone involved going to be crucified for actions she has committed, or is just one of those talks by the government to make people forget about the issues and move on with their lives? Many people are still complaining about the hospital mismanagement, shortage of medical doctors.  It seems no one from the high departments cares about what the people are saying about the hospital.They are not even running internal investigations to find out why people are constantly complaining about the hospital management.  The complains in most cases are done by the staff members in the hospital.