Be safe be informed and follow rules to avoid bribes

To be honest there are an ample number of things one can consider to stop bribing traffic police. Always follow the traffic rules no matter what’s the situation. This will not only help you but will ultimately become convenience for others too. In most cases, when driving a two wheeler, always wear a helmet, make your co-passenger wear them too, in case of a four wheeler always fasten your seat belt while driving.  Follow the travel signal and traffic lights, this will help out in creating a lawful pass ways and less nuisance on the road. Never drink and drive, this thing can cost you a lot if you are cost red-handed by traffic police and on the other hand threatens the life of others too.

Always carry your vehicle documents such as driving license, insurance papers, pollution check, registration certificate, migration certificate (optional), Aaadhar card (optional), this will not only insure that you are abiding traffic rules but help to reduce corruption too. Be more patient on the road and try not to break rules, people often don’t follow rules such as don’t drive on pavements, never park near no parking zone, parking vehicle near entry gates etc.  Being a responsible citizen of this country one should be aware of general law and order so they can’t be manipulated or misused by traffic police.

In case of encountering with a corrupt traffic officer, one should raise his voice and take the matter seriously. A victim of corruption should file a complaint to a nearby police station and take a copy of the same. A lot can be changed in Brits if citizens join hands with the public functionaries. Expecting all good things to only flow from top to bottom without any equal sense of responsibility or duty from citizens is an unsustainable way of improving the state of affairs of the nation and puts an excessive burden on a small government workforce. Stop paying bribes, collectively, when an entire nation decides to do this, the cops will have no option but to stop asking for bribes.  That would also mean that we, as a nation, decide to fall in line and consciously not break any laws.

If you do, accept your fault and own the consequence, sometimes it would be as easy as paying a fine on the spot. Most cops would happily give you a receipt for your violation but there would be times when they would lure you to bribe them with a lesser amount. During such times, put your foot down and insist that you want a receipt. Don’t make a smirky face and vouch excuses.  Other times, you will be required to go to a traffic court to pay the fine. Don’t be intimidated by this.

A violation does not necessarily make you a criminal. And if you have done a crime, either be ready to be accountable for it, or stop crying wolf about how X people are corrupt because you are no less.  Be careful not to pay high amounts for a bribe when the fine for the violation  is little. First Step – Get yourself acquainted with the motor vehicles act and the fines for any violation, it is more or less constant across South Africa, but then its better to make a note of the law pertaining to your state.  Bribing makes the traffic officer guilty.