A man arrested for overloading passengers

A 40 years old man was arrested by the police after he was caught driving a light motor vehicle which was overloaded.  He actually exceeded the loading restriction and was stopped by the police for car inspection.

The driver was driving on the N4 road travelling from Mooinooi towards Brits before he was stopped by the police who inspected his vehicle and found out that he was carrying 7 people instead of 5 people.

The magistrate slapped him with a R5000 fine and a warning indicating that if he continues the offence his drivers license will be confiscated and suspended and he will face justice.  The magistrate warned that the motorists must obey the laws of the road.

He said that overloading passengers is a serious offense and therefore needs to be taken into consideration.  According to the magistrate, the suspect is a first time offender who only needed a guidance to such problems.