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Celebrations and Celebrations at Lethabong Primary School

Best achieved students and the graduation ceremony for the Grade 7 learners were the author of the day on the 7th of December 2016, at Lethabong Primary School at the Local Municipality of Madibeng in ward 1. The event was graced among others by the ward councillor, clr. Nkoe and the Chief, Tshetlo Mamogale.  The SGB member, Maria Makgopela said “we need to stand together and say Lethabong Primary School we are moving forward and we also need to make Legonyane proud.”

“The special thanks goes to the Local Municipality of Madibeng under the leadership, the executive mayor, Jostina Mothibe and her entourage.  To the graduates, go out there and preach the message that the school have taught you, show respect to others and don’ let us down,” said SGB Makgopela. The principal Mrs. Leso encouraged the grade 7 students to move to high school level and face challenges and overcome them.  She further said that the gowns they are wearing means a lot to them and that it is as a symbol of honour.  The ward councillor for ward 1, clr. Nkoe kept entertaining the guests and said it is a great honour for him to be part of such an amazing event.  Students from all grades who have achieved good marks were awarded with certificates and trophies.Before the awarding session, the grade 7 students paraded to the main event wearing their graduation gowns and were cheered by their parents, teachers, guests and their fellow school mates.  The event followed by the farewell function to one of the best teacher, Mrs. Dikolo.

The school bid a farewell ceremony to one of their teachers who is retiring.  She was presented with lots of gift wrappers and messages of encouragement.  The principal spoke much about School Quality, Learning and Teaching Campaign (SQLTC). “The SQLTC means that the whole community should take part in the running of the school.  A child is not supposed to buy alcohol, a parent cannot get into a shebeen or a tavern with the child.  Parents should not be afraid of their children, they must give orders to their kids not the other way around.” “Parents should stop gossiping in front of their children because children are transparent and they say whatever that has been said by their parents.  I want to challenge all retired teachers to come visit the school regularly to assist with other programs.” “It does not mean that this farewell means final good byes between the school and the teachers.  We still need their support and the kids still love them and enjoy working with them,” said the principal, Mrs. Leso. The programme director, Mr. M.T. Rangwanashe encouraged learners to always be on their books to study and avoid loitering around the streets.  “Parents should always assist their children with homeworks and avoid spreading negative impact towards their children,” he emphasised.

Mrs. Dikolo thanked the support of the parents and said they have contributed immensely in making sure that the students progresses and deserves a credit.  “I taught MMC Machete grade 1 and 2 and he was a great student.” “Lethabong SGB are a star and works closely with the school, they engage with the school regularly.  Parents are also supportive and adores their pensioners, a school is a school because of everyone, parents, churches, community, government and the kids form part of the school,” said Mrs. Dikolo.

Brits-Harbeespoort Hospice commemorate World Aids Day

Brits-Harbeespoort Hospice commemorate World  Aids Day through a funwalk.  The ceremony took place on the 8th of December 2016, at 8:30, the proceeding started at the municipal white building with a TB screening and health talk. Followed by a massive roadshow march to the Brits-Pretoria taxi rank where it was rounded off with a motivational speeches and a candlelight ceremony.  Sister Lebese from the Department of Health explained the purpose of the candlelight. She emphasised that by lighting a candle it means that the community cares about the infected and affected people with HIV and AIDS in the country.  She also stressed that people infected with the disease should continue using their medication.

The staff at the Hartbeespoort-Brits Hospice and the Local Municipality of Madibeng together with the Department of Health continued to observe World AIDS Day by raising Awareness about HIV/AIDS. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted with a promise to leave no one behind. Nowhere is this more important than in tackling AIDS. Supporting young, vulnerable and marginalized people will change the course of the epidemic. In the lead-up to World AIDS Day 2016, the hands up for #HIVprevention campaign explored different aspects of HIV prevention and how they relate to specific groups of people, such as adolescent girls and young women, key populations and people living with HIV.

A new report by UNAIDS Get on the Fast-Track: the life-cycle approach to HIV shows that countries are getting on the Fast-Track, with an additional one million people accessing treatment in just six months (January to June 2016). By June 2016, around 18.2 million, 16.1 million–19.0 million people had access to the life-saving medicines, including 910 000 children, double the number five years earlier. If these efforts are sustained and increased, the world will be on track to achieve the target of 30 million people on treatment by 2020. Hartbeespoort-Brits Hospice World AIDS Day commemoration was funded by the National Lotteries Commission who are the major funders of Brits-Hartbeespoort Hospice and the event.  All posters and marketing material of the event were also funded by the above commission, the Madibeng Local Municipality, SANTACO women desk and Madibeng FM.

This campaign seeks to change the global mind set and reinterpret the AIDS response not as a burden, but as a smart long-term investment that will pave the way to ending AIDS, boosting economic growth and saving millions of lives. It’s prevention and testing events aimed at getting the community tested and educated on HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment. The events include entertainment, patient advocates, condom distributions and general health screening for TB, diabetes, HIV and high blood pressure. In addition to the Hartbeespoort-Brits Hospice activities the team had been running a unique special testing roadshow making much-needed healthcare accessible in the municipality with limited transport.

Dstv iRock festival 2016 hits Rustenburg

As the greater community of the North West were relaxed having a braai with their loved ones at home, the other part of the community went out to enjoy the variety of music provided by this festival.You may be a fan of Electro, dub step, rave, house. It is promised to you the iRock festival had it all. This festival is an annual event funded by Multichoice combined with many sponsors. It is aimed at you music lovers both old and young. A wide range of musicians are brought together to make you have the time of your life at this event.

People kicked off the festive season on a high note with South Africa’s top Musicians. The Dstv iRock Rustenburg Music Festival kicked off at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium at 16:00 on Saturday. As you know Multichoice has many initiatives, and one of its goals in 2016 was the “Youth Initiative”. Multichoice has offered internships to a large number of students this year alone. These learnerships are not discriminative based on a field of study. They have offers for everyone.

Multichoice is about giving back to the community. The dstv iRock Music Festival 2016 gave local artists from Rustenburg and surrounding areas an opportunity to perform alongside some of the South African music industry top acts in a “DStv iRock Rustenburg 2016 Battle for the Stage” competition. The competition was open to solo artists or groups. A chance was given to the Madibeng youth to shine and make it into the spotlight. This festival was not only aimed at wastefulness, drinking and loud music. The term “iRock” was coined to boost the self esteem of all young men and women who have been a victim of any form of abuse. The plan came by to have this event at the end of the year knowing that out there some people have lost their loved ones during the year and some have gone through a lot. This event is to remind you that you rock and that you are tough in preparation of the new year.

Local talent: Mandy Limitless Production

Mandy Limitless Production comprises young talented artists who are entrancing local audiences with their unique brand of energetic and creative dance.  Although every member of the dance troupe is Setswana, their dancing is informed by various African cultures. The Mandy Limitless Production as they are fondly known, are regular entertainers at most of the weddings, parties and other functions in Madibeng particularly in Letlhabile area where the group is originated. Music and dance are an important part in Madibeng offering the young dancers the opportunity to showcase what African dance is all about.  Hartbeespoort Dam has many tourism parks where most of the African cultures are portrait.

Talent is one thing but you need to work extremely hard at rehearsals if you’re going to be really, really good.  Both come from performing arts backgrounds where each has garnered entertainment awards. Mandy Limitless Production has performers who are doing music, dancing, drama and poets just to name the few.  The founder member, Mandy Makoti has been up in her toes running the group with a zero budget using her own pocket for other logistics and relied on the donations she receives from community members.

Her passion for art developed when she was a high school student and decided to start her own arts culture group.  With the support of her family and the support she received from the community members, she managed to form her own production.  For bookings contact: Mandy Makoti on 0725162658.

Madibeng win trophies at the District Games

Madibeng Municipal Recreation Club hosted the South African Municipal Sport and Recreation Association (SAMSRA) Games at the weekend. Acting Municipal Manager Mr. Energy Manaka opened the games on Saturday morning and pledged full support to the games and as well emphasized the important of building good relations between the management and workers.

The Netball team of Madibeng was crowned champions after beating Bojanala in the final. The Pool team got position 2 after losing to Rustenburg Local Municipality while the Darts team got third position. The organisers were impressed with the manner in which Madibeng hosted the games and are contemplating bringing the Provincial Games to Brits next year in April.

The Sunrise Games host street soccer tournament

Teams are invited and expected to the first edition of the Sunrise Games to take place in Sonop Soccer Grounds, on the 16th of December 2016.  According to the organisers, Mr. Monde Mafunda and Tebogo Weer, player registration will take place in the morning of the event date.

Aids Awareness campaigner will be present throughout the day to raise awareness.  Community leaders will also be present to assist with present awarding and closing remarks.  The challenge has been scheduled as the street soccer tournament to feature 6-8 a side. The aims of the tournament is keeping the youth in the community active during the festive and holiday break.  The tournament has targeted a total of 12 teams which will be divided across 3 groups which are under 10, under 15 and the masters. Mafunda explained why they should host a tournament of such magnitude, he said the reasons are to motivate activeness and keep the kids out of trouble.  “It is a tool to empower the youth and engage on leadership, activeness, community involvement and Aids awareness,” emphasised Mafunda. He also added that the Standard Bank Corporate & Investment Banking is a major sponsor in the event.  Weer added that the equipments and personnel are in place ahead of the tournament.  “Volunteer referees, linesmen, whistles, balls, dummy cones, corner flags, lining of the pitch and nets are in place for the event.”

“These includes off the pitch, team colour jerseys coordination, score keepers and draw facilitating for matches,” he said.  It is an annual street soccer tournament that aimed at reaching out to approximately 1000 boys and girls under the age of 13, 15 and masters empowering and exposing them to a brighter future through the valuable lessons of sport.  The participants will enjoy the privilege of interacting with their favourite local soccer players, entertainment through music and other arts culture activities during the tournament, as they continue to participate and assist with the programme. Refreshments and food stalls will be available including half time energisers with water bottles supplied to players during the match.  It is a positive spin-off from the 2016 festive season, the Sunrise Games Street Soccer tournament aimed to be the largest of its kind. The tournament has also been given aspiring youngsters from around the North West province, in particular the Local Municipality of Madibeng a large dose of positive and healthy energy, which lingers long past the event’s close. The Sunrise Games Street Soccer tournament, supported by Standard Bank Corporate & Investment Banking, teaches life skills through the game of soccer to children who need it most and where they need it most.

The communities within the area where the tournament will be held are hampered by poverty and crime, and lack adequate and safe facilities and stimulating after-school and weekend activities.  Sport can be such a powerful catalyst for upliftment.  In the past years, there has been an incredible awakening in the kids who participate in the programme, who often for the first time, realise that they have something of value to contribute and that they matter. With this initiative, the community is quite sure that the kids on the street will be even more inspired and determined to play their best and in the process, make memories that will last a lifetime.  Twelve teams of six to eight players each will be featured into the tournament.  The finals will be played on the same day.  The Sunrise Games Street Soccer tournament is promoting healthy, brilliant, sharp and skillful players. With the moves they’ve learnt on the street soccer pitch, like Samba, Show Me Your No, Mjike Jou and Tsamaya, they are not afraid to take on opponents in one-on-one situations. With these skills, together with parents who support them by coming to watch their kids play, these players will go places.  It isn’t only the kids who will benefit from the tournament.  In addition, awards for top performing team, sportsmanship award and certificate presentation will be hosted.  Promise of a better life through sport, is the legacy of the tournament, and it lives on in the hearts, minds and spirits of the most disadvantaged youth.  Through this beautiful game, they are realising that with hard work and clean living, dreams can come true.

Rhino poaching suspects arrested and appeared in court

Four men and two women appeared in Brits Magistrates Court for allegations of rhino poaching in Madibeng. The suspects known as Thabo, Thapelo, Modise, Amos, Mukura and Moana appeared in court on the 5th of December 2016. The suspects were arrested by the police on their way to Kwazulu-Natal where it is alleged that trading was going to take place. They were arrested on the 18th of November 2016. The suspects were denied bail due to the fact that some of them are not first time offenders and others flight risks. The minister highlighted that between  April 2015 and March 2016, 49 cases involving 103 accused were finalized. Of the 103 accused 80 were found guilty, thus she claimed a 78% successful conviction rate. When a rhino is poached, it is shot brutally, then the horn is removed while it is still alive. The rhino dies minutes maybe hours later due to pain.

In January 2016 the Pretoria High Court made a bold move to legalize the rhino horn trade. But this ruling was soon overturned as the Department of Environmental Affairs was up in arms fighting this decision. Was the high court on the right path? Many South Africans showed negativity towards this decision as well. Maybe the high court had good intentions. Currently, South Africa is home to 24,000 rhinos, 21,000 white rhinos and 3,000 black rhinos, which makes up 70% of the world’s rhinoceroses. A rhino horn is worth R200 000 ranging up to R300 000 per kilogram. It is a cold fact that the government together with the game park managers are failing to protect the rhino’s. Why not legalize the sale of rhino horns? Why not develop a proper administration system and make a profit from these animals without harming them?

Rhinos should be privately owned like other cattle. We are okay with slaughtering cows, sheep and chickens daily to make a profit and they are not getting instinct. why? Because they yield a profit! Making the horn trade legal should be strongly considered if we really care about these animals.

Trying to protect the rhino’s through the dehorning is a very expensive process. According to the National Department of Environmental Affairs, it costs R8000 to dehorn one rhino. Therefore, to dehorn 10 000 rhinos at eight per day would take approximately 1000 days and would cost R84 million. This is why farmers are poaching their own rhino’s to sell in the black market. Most businesses use natural resources to gain wealth. Rhino poaching is the cure to our countries financial constraints. This is a suggestion that when we look for solutions to solve the poaching problem, let us not look for a short term solution, let us look for a long term one.

Primindia park still raises concerns to the community

The community has been voicing out their opinions for the past several years about how a recreation park for their kids has become a dump site and the nest of criminal activity. This park is situated a few minutes away from the Platinum Mall.

The community members are fed up of the empty promises the municipality has been making. Concerned parents have highlighted how it pains them in their heart that their children can at any given moment be a victim of  a mugging or abduction while walking pass the park. The crime is just one concern the community has been rasing, there is also the matter of hygiene the sewage pumps have failed leading all the waste to overflow and release gaseous smells. Some community members that work till late and use public transport  say that it is a challenge as the taxi drops them off at the taxi rank in the evenings and they still have to walk pass the park to get home,They say is is without a doubt that thugs will try and stop them. Community members have resorted to travelling in groups in order to try and stay safe.

When will the muncipality step up? Home owners are not feeling safe in their own neighborhood! Members of the community say they have tried talkling matters out and being civil with municipality. They are wondering if they have to resort to a protest in order to be heard? Has it come to that? Service delivery will come to us only after we protest like uncivilised people? All we want as the community is for this park to be fenced and maintained clean.

Jail Time

Buti Kgwetlhe appeared in the Brits Magistrates Court after he was convicted for armed robbery.  Kgwetlhe and an accomplice allegedly robbed a couple on the 15th of March 2016, at Maboloka section. According to the information, the couple were on their way home from a bible study when the two alleged suspects approached them and ordered them to lie on the ground with their faces down and hands stretched.They then said to them gently one by one that they should remove everything that they have in their pockets and give those to them.  As they were told, the couple cooperated with the orders and gave them everything they needed including the money, the cellphones and the jewelery as well as the bibles they were holding.

The suspects had balaclavas on so that they cannot be seen but the victims were able to identify one person through the voice. Charges against the second accused were withdrawn due to insufficient evidence. The magistrate said the conviction was a statement of intent from the police that crime would not go unpunished.  He further acknowledge the work done by the prosecutor and the investigating officers and said they will make sure that the perpetrators of crime would face the full might of the law.

Cable Thieves Arrested

36 year-old man and a 24 year-old man were both sentenced to 6 years imprisonment each for cable theft.  The suspects were arrested two months after they had stolen cables at a nearby farm. The incident happened at Kameeldrift late February 2016, whereby two men were caught by angry community members chased away by farmers on the farm.  They were both apprehended at the same time and after they were caught, they were given hands of justice.

It is known that the two men were not residing at Kameeldrift and came only to commit crime.  The police were called and came to arrest the suspects.  The cables were disconnected from water machines and power supplies supplying electricity to nearby houses. According to the information given in court, the suspects after they were arrested had appeared for about seven times in court while the investigation was underway.  On the 5th of December 2016, they were sentenced to 6 years imprisonment with an option for appeal.