Three years since the passing of Nelson Mandela

Tata Nelson Mandela was the first president elected in a fully representative democratic election. As well as the country’s first black president. Nelson Mandela shaped South Africa to his beliefs and philosophy. He stood to oppose men like Adolf Hitler and Hendrik Verwoerd.

Adolf Hitler was a German politician who shaped his world according to his beliefs and philosophy, which we considered contrary. He ruled in a self serving way promotion racism and discrimination. Hitler believed in torture, he built concentration camps for different races, shave their heads and tattoo a number on them. He burned his prisoners in hot ovens, used babies as target practice, exposed his prisoners to acid baths and showers. What are we suppose to do with men like Hitler?

Hendrik Verwoerd rigidly enforced Apartheid policies through further introducing oppressive laws, which diminished the rights of ordinary individuals especially black South Africans. Verwoerd empowered the police, Secret Police and Army to extraordinary levels. During his time in office he ordered a secret all-out offensive against those opposed to apartheid policies and as a result tens of thousands people were arrested, jailed and or sent into exile. Should we be thankful that these men no longer walk this earth? These men were true examples of abuse of power, we are lucky to have experienced the leadership of Nelson Mandela, to have been received his vision for this country. Nelson Mandela left us with a true legacy to uphold “The Constitution Of South Africa”.

His true legacy lies within the veins of our country it is our duty to uphold it. He fought for women, gender, employment equality. Most importantly he fought for maximum freedom. “Freedom is indivisible: the chains on any of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me” said Nelson Mandela. It is clear that Nelson Mandela was not shaping the world into his philosophy for is own selfish reason, he had the people in heart. This month marks 3 years since Nelson Mandela departed in the year 2013.  The legacy Nelson Mandela left is his Christmas gift to us, a gift we shall forever uphold. The truth is men continue to shape the world with their beliefs and philosophy. They shape the world in their homes when raising their kids. The world will be in a better place if it is shaped the way Nelson Mandela begun shaping it. Let us commemorate Nelson Mandela this December by upholding the constitution and saying no to any form of discrimination.