The Sunrise Games host street soccer tournament

Teams are invited and expected to the first edition of the Sunrise Games to take place in Sonop Soccer Grounds, on the 16th of December 2016.  According to the organisers, Mr. Monde Mafunda and Tebogo Weer, player registration will take place in the morning of the event date.

Aids Awareness campaigner will be present throughout the day to raise awareness.  Community leaders will also be present to assist with present awarding and closing remarks.  The challenge has been scheduled as the street soccer tournament to feature 6-8 a side. The aims of the tournament is keeping the youth in the community active during the festive and holiday break.  The tournament has targeted a total of 12 teams which will be divided across 3 groups which are under 10, under 15 and the masters. Mafunda explained why they should host a tournament of such magnitude, he said the reasons are to motivate activeness and keep the kids out of trouble.  “It is a tool to empower the youth and engage on leadership, activeness, community involvement and Aids awareness,” emphasised Mafunda. He also added that the Standard Bank Corporate & Investment Banking is a major sponsor in the event.  Weer added that the equipments and personnel are in place ahead of the tournament.  “Volunteer referees, linesmen, whistles, balls, dummy cones, corner flags, lining of the pitch and nets are in place for the event.”

“These includes off the pitch, team colour jerseys coordination, score keepers and draw facilitating for matches,” he said.  It is an annual street soccer tournament that aimed at reaching out to approximately 1000 boys and girls under the age of 13, 15 and masters empowering and exposing them to a brighter future through the valuable lessons of sport.  The participants will enjoy the privilege of interacting with their favourite local soccer players, entertainment through music and other arts culture activities during the tournament, as they continue to participate and assist with the programme. Refreshments and food stalls will be available including half time energisers with water bottles supplied to players during the match.  It is a positive spin-off from the 2016 festive season, the Sunrise Games Street Soccer tournament aimed to be the largest of its kind. The tournament has also been given aspiring youngsters from around the North West province, in particular the Local Municipality of Madibeng a large dose of positive and healthy energy, which lingers long past the event’s close. The Sunrise Games Street Soccer tournament, supported by Standard Bank Corporate & Investment Banking, teaches life skills through the game of soccer to children who need it most and where they need it most.

The communities within the area where the tournament will be held are hampered by poverty and crime, and lack adequate and safe facilities and stimulating after-school and weekend activities.  Sport can be such a powerful catalyst for upliftment.  In the past years, there has been an incredible awakening in the kids who participate in the programme, who often for the first time, realise that they have something of value to contribute and that they matter. With this initiative, the community is quite sure that the kids on the street will be even more inspired and determined to play their best and in the process, make memories that will last a lifetime.  Twelve teams of six to eight players each will be featured into the tournament.  The finals will be played on the same day.  The Sunrise Games Street Soccer tournament is promoting healthy, brilliant, sharp and skillful players. With the moves they’ve learnt on the street soccer pitch, like Samba, Show Me Your No, Mjike Jou and Tsamaya, they are not afraid to take on opponents in one-on-one situations. With these skills, together with parents who support them by coming to watch their kids play, these players will go places.  It isn’t only the kids who will benefit from the tournament.  In addition, awards for top performing team, sportsmanship award and certificate presentation will be hosted.  Promise of a better life through sport, is the legacy of the tournament, and it lives on in the hearts, minds and spirits of the most disadvantaged youth.  Through this beautiful game, they are realising that with hard work and clean living, dreams can come true.