SANCO planning a march to the Municipality

SANCO in Madibeng are planning a massive march to the Local Municipality of Madibeng the march came as a result of privatisation of electricity that the community in the municipality are paying it as double. According to SANCO Provincial Organising Committee, Pasture Maremo, the community must buy electricity straight from Eskom.  “We want the community to buy electricity straight from Eskom.  We also want to encourage people from around Madibeng not to buy electricity till our demands are met,” said SANCO Maremo. He even urge members of SANCO to persist doing their work frequently and regularly.  “SANCO structures must do their work, we were about to win this battle with the previous regime, then came the new leadership of SANCO and the Municipality.”

“We feel that the new leadership of Madibeng is failing us and the community and therefore we will challenge that with everything we have.  We agreed to suspend the middle man but just because someone is benefitting out of the project, it becomes a challenge,” emphasised Maremo. The Provincial Organising Commitee also highlighted that, “the new administration in Madibeng has never proven to the community that they will service the community with dignity and respect,” he said. The march came after an announcement was made that January 2017, there will be a blackouts in Madibeng due to the unpaid R90 million owed to Eskom.  Eskom has promised to disconnect electricity if the money is not paid before next year.

Who is to be blamed for the R90 million debts owed to Eskom?  Should it be those people who are using electricity illegally and not paying it, or should it be too many third parties who are selling electricity to communities and charge more than what they should be charging? Or should the blame be directed to the municipality for not paying more attention to people using electricity and make sure that they all pay their services?  Of course, some areas are still buying electricity directly from the municipality while others are outsourcing power utility from Eskom.