Missing child found dead

Her body was found near a tree in the open veld between the heavy rocks at the gwarri mine near Oukasie phase 3.  The body of a 15-year-old girl has been found after she went missing  a few days ago.

Her body was found dumped in the open veld at the unused mine on Tuesday, 6 December 2016, about 500m from the residential area.  According to family friends, she was last seen a few days ago going towards the unused mine. She believed to be a learner from one of the schools in Oukasie, it is also believed she was murdered.  She was found half naked, her hands tied up with a wire and her thighs bruised.  It could be that before she was murdered she was raped.  Police are investigating the cause of her death and could not give more information. The gwarri mine has been posing a danger to the community for a long time, many criminal incidents such as murder, missing people found dead, rape, robbery and other criminal activities were reported from that area.  The place is used by people from Oukasie and Mamogalieskraal.

The ratios reported by the provinces are hard to compare for this group of crimes because it includes other sexual crimes as well as rape. In addition, it is widely accepted that most people who are raped do not report the crime to the police.