It used to be an african thing

Animal slaughter used to be seen as something only the African community took part in. It used to be seen as an act of animal cruelty. It raised concerns about religious slaughter, the concerns focused on the stress caused during the preparation stages. Before the slaughtering, pain and distress that may be experienced during and after the neck cutting and the worry of a prolonged period of death for the animal. Now it is just a regular act, what changed? Is it okay now that other affiliations have decided to slaughter animals as well?

The African community slaughter for ritual beliefs such as weddings, lobola, funerals and others. While the western community slaughter for wealth, some go hunting for fun. How much slaughtering is the acceptable amount? When is it not considered an act of animal cruelty? When is it considered animal cruelty? Animals like cows and sheep have become a source of food. Our economy would come close to collapsing should these cattle be granted rights, never mind the economy we would collapse of hunger. The rhino bares a striking resemblance to a cow but forbid should you kill it, prison awaits for you.  The cow, sheep, goats and chickens  are all sources of food that every night are on either one of our dinner tables. Meat remains an important food source.

Are these not the animals we should be holding on to with our dear lives? Not some rhino. A rhino is just good for show, it can’t feed an entire family of 10, it can not be made a stew. What is it good for exactly? Animal slaughter has become part of our society we have grown to be okay with it. We might be slaughtering the wrong animals. Some people believe sentient beings should not be harmed regardless of the purpose, or that meat production is an insufficient justification for harm.