Crime statistics

As far as trends go, the ratio of reported sexual crimes over the past nine years, the Free State has taken over as the province with the most reported crimes with a 12.8% increase, overtaking the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Gauteng, whose numbers have dropped by 35.6%, 22.53% and 44.61% respectively. Gauteng is also the worst province for home robberies. Interestingly, it is the only province that has experience an improvement (the ratio has dropped by 13% since 2004). All the other provinces have leapt by as much as 718% (in the case of the Northern Cape, although its ratio per 100 000 people is only 9 compared to Gauteng’s 53). KwaZulu-Natal has remained steady in second place, its ratio increasing by 170.75%.

Gauteng holds a place in its own when it comes to carjacking statistics, but since 2004 the ratio of reported carjackings has dropped by 49% in the province. KwaZulu-Natal also stands out from the other provinces in second place. But the Northern Cape and the Free State have to be noted for their 300% and 94% increases respectively (although they are off low bases). It turns out that the Northern Cape, which is the most sparsely populated of South Africa’s provinces, is the most likely place for somebody to be assaulted with grievous bodily harm. Its reported cases for this crime (per hundred thousand people) far outstrip the runners up: the Free State and the Eastern Cape. Despite a significant uptick in the number of attempted murders recorded across the country compared with last year, there have been substantial drops in the ratio of attempted murders per 100 000 people over the past nine years, the most significant being the Northern Cape’s 62.5%. The Western Cape has the poorest showing, taking over the top spot for attempted murders from the Northern Cape.