Christmas Massacre

Another police officer murdered.  The incident happened in Mmakau, outside Mothutlung in the middle of the night on the 6th of December 2016.  A policeman and his family were gunned down in Mmakau, east of Brits, North West police confirmed the next day. 

A community is reeling in shock after unknown attackers wiped out a family.  Only the 15 year old survived.  The gunmen shot and killed Constable Lucky Sebati (42), his wife Manzo, Mmatshepo (40), their seven-month-old pregnant daughter, Tshegofatso (22) and their son, Oatlagile (3).  The 15-year-old survived the family mass murder when she played dead after a gang gunned down her whole family, including her police father.  Tracy Sebati managed to escape with a flesh wound while the rest of her family were gunned down. It could be that the assassins were looking for some type of information.  From the unknown sources who were in the crime scene, after entering the house, the assassins ordered the policeman and his wife to sit on chairs besides the table. It is alleged that the two were questioned about information that they need to provide.  Failing to give what the assassins were looking for, the assassins started shooting the kids one by one until the 15 year old pretended to be dead. The allegations further said that they proceeded with the questions until they decided to shoot the wife.  It could be that Constable Lucky Sebati’s family died while he was watching and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Made him watch while his family was murdered it’s an unbearable torture.  The sources reveal that he was killed last.  It is unknown whether he gave the information to the assassins before he was killed or he was killed without handing over the information. If that is the case, did the police officer sacrifice his family with the information he had against the assassins?  Was the information legit or was it corrupt information that made his family to paid the price? We fail to understand why good police officers who are trying to prevent criminal activities are being killed and as well as those who are corrupt are also killed if the deal did not go according to plan. Police officers are targeted by criminals because most of them enter into illegal dealings with them while others are trying to combat criminal activities.

What is the basic rule of a police officer when faced with a situation where information is needed and the officer is bound to sacrifice with the family? Family spokesperson Nick Modikwe said they were happy that Tracy thought on her feet as her quick thinking saved her life.  “If she didn’t pretend to be dead like the rest of the family, she would have been killed. She seems fine for now. It appears she sustained a flesh wound,” Modikwe said. An uncle, Peter Ratlhagane said, after being treated by a doctor, the teenager is now with a relative.  Ratlhagane said he would remember them as a “very stable, united family”. “Lucky was a very cool guy, he never drank or smoked.  He was one person with an outstanding personality. Not too much outspoken, but just vibrant.  They were also a church-going family,” said Ratlhagane. “There were Christian norms in Lucky and the family. That’s how I’ll remember them.  I last spoke to Sebati on the phone on the 2nd of December 2016. He asked me if I would be interested in selling some of my cows to his friends.”

“Unfortunately I couldn’t help, but I said next time please give me customers if you’ve got them.  If these perpetrators can be arrested, the only question I will ask them is, why? We’re short of answers. We need answers. Why did they do this?” “For us as a family to get closure we need to understand why it happened, why they did this. We’re shocked and devastated by the whole thing,” said Ratlhagane.  Police spokesperson Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said an unconfirmed number of suspects gained entrance to the family’s premises where they allegedly shot and killed the family. “The suspects then fled the scene with a vehicle, a Chrysler Voyager which was later found abandoned in the bushes at Black Rock Section, Mmakau. The Constable was working at Hebron police station. The motive of the incident is unknown at this stage and no one has been arrested,” he said. Police in Mmakau were investigating four counts of murder and house robbery following the incident.

The North West police on the 8th of December launched a manhunt for suspects behind the gruesome killing of a Hebron police officer and his family. North West provincial commissioner Lieutenant-General Baile Motswenyane promised the family that police would leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to book.  He condemned the attack, saying: “It is sad that merciless criminals instantly killed members of a family including a member of the South African Police Service. Our heartfelt condolences to the families and relatives of the deceased.”  Sebati became the latest police officer in the country to be killed this year. Official statistics show 37 officers were killed between January and June. In 2015, 72 police officers were killed.