Christmas behind the bars

Vuyo Bacele appeared in the Brits Magistrate court on the 12th of December 2016 for allegedly killing his brother. The boy was charged and arrested early November 2016. This was the second court hearing that Vuyo has attended, said his brother.

“The first time Vuyo appeared in court they said we cannot apply for bail as his docket was missing, this was in November. Today we are back in court and again the docket is still missing so we cannot apply for bail, said the brother. Vuyo Bacele’s brother shared his frustrations saying that his young brother’s case has been rescheduled twice and now it seems as if he will be spending Christmas behind bars.“I came here today with the hope that my brother would get bail” said the brother. Full of anguish.

Vuyo Bacele came from the Eastern Cape to stay with his brother in hopes to find employment. It is said that the boys were out drinking near the brothers residence when they got into a friendly altercation that soon turned deadly. The older brother said it was just boys being boys fooling around after a few drinks, no one anticipated the sour ending. The older brother said Vuyo didn’t even notice that he had badly injured his cousin. “I woke Vuyo up in the morning when I received the news that his cousin had died, he just burst into tears”.  Has the youth run out of ways to entertain themselves? That we now play with knives. A  few drinks or no drinks a knife is no toy and murder is murder.

The case has been postponed to the 16th of January 2017, the court has already failed twice to provide Vuyo Bacele’s case docket. Will the docket magically reappear next year? Or will Vuyo Bacele walk away and be permitted to continue play around with knives.