The rightful Chief of Maboloka

This came after long and tiring court cases and appeals by the Tsajoa family claiming that they have been robbed their rightful chieftainship.  The case was heard at Mafikeng High Court on the 26 August 2016 at 08H00. According to the family spokesperson, “Remember the Tsajoa Royal family appealed against the judgment of Judge Gura who declared Emmanuel Lion the rightful chief of Maboloka, ignoring the report of The Commission for Traditional Leadership Disputes and claims,” confirmed Tumo Tsajoa.

On the 2nd of December 2016, a judgment of the Appeal Case which was heard on the 26th August 2016 at Mahikeng High Court.  The appeal was based on Judge Gura`s decision of declaring Lehlomela Lion as the rightful Chief of Maboloka. The three judges have put aside the decision of Judge Gura and declare Tsajoa as the righful chief of Maboloka as it was recommended by the commission and the Premier of North west in 2013.  “We, as the family, have the copy of the order which support my statement.”“Kgosi David Shashapa Tsajoa delivered good news personally to part of the community on Friday afternoon.  The community were very much happy because this means the beginning of village development and reduction of unemployment through projects,” concluded the the family spokesperson.

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