Primindia park still raises concerns to the community

The community has been voicing out their opinions for the past several years about how a recreation park for their kids has become a dump site and the nest of criminal activity. This park is situated a few minutes away from the Platinum Mall.

The community members are fed up of the empty promises the municipality has been making. Concerned parents have highlighted how it pains them in their heart that their children can at any given moment be a victim of  a mugging or abduction while walking pass the park. The crime is just one concern the community has been rasing, there is also the matter of hygiene the sewage pumps have failed leading all the waste to overflow and release gaseous smells. Some community members that work till late and use public transport  say that it is a challenge as the taxi drops them off at the taxi rank in the evenings and they still have to walk pass the park to get home,They say is is without a doubt that thugs will try and stop them. Community members have resorted to travelling in groups in order to try and stay safe.

When will the muncipality step up? Home owners are not feeling safe in their own neighborhood! Members of the community say they have tried talkling matters out and being civil with municipality. They are wondering if they have to resort to a protest in order to be heard? Has it come to that? Service delivery will come to us only after we protest like uncivilised people? All we want as the community is for this park to be fenced and maintained clean.