Damonsville elections

On the 22nd of November 2016, SANCO Damonsville branch launched its branch and new leaders were elected.  Cde. Chappies Appies was elected the chairperson of the branch and promised to bring new changes. The Provincial Organising Committee, Pasture Maremo mentioned that they require branches which are independent as SANCO is not a sub committee and not extended of any political formation.  “SANCO is an alliance of the ANC and does not need to be dictated on how to operate.” “SANCO is the vanguard or watch dogs, members have too many responsibilities to ensure that the communities receive services.  Among others is to fight corruption and restore members who have part ways during the election as a result of factions in the ANC,” said SANCO. He also encourage all comrades who has left the organisation to return back and assist the organisation with those individuals who are messing up the province.  “Most of SANCO members in the province are loyal members of the ANC yet they are treated as enemies.”

“They are treated as enemies because of the resources and tenders which are dividing both SANCO and ANC members.  During the election process, most of us prayed for change after elections, but according to the results, it simply means prayers were not answered in this province.” He concluded by saying, “we are in the program of resuscitating lapse branches around the province more especially in the Bojanala District Municipality where most of our members are sidelined,” concluded Maremo.