Are we taking women equality seriously in SA?

South Africa is said to be one of the leading countries in the struggle against women abuse and the obstruction of women rights. As a Rainbow Nation we strive to treat women equally but are we doing enough? Women are obviously protected by the full range of rights including the rights to life, dignity, privacy and others. But they receive specific protection in section 9, entitled “Equality”. Do the males in South Africa understand and truely embrace women’s equality?

Women in South Africa are entitled to voting, the ability to own and operate their own vehicles, run multi-million rand companies, dress freely and have the freedom of speech. But does the above mentioned fully define the meaning of freedom and equality? Men of all races in South Africa still poses the stigma that men and women will never be equal, that women belong in the kitchen.

South Africa is a country that is diverse and heterogeneous both genders play a key role in this country one wouldn’t survive without the other. Why is it that men are allowed to have multiple wives society calls it “polygamy”. Is there a need for multiple wives or is it a ploy to fulfill lust? Why does the male have more say even when in equal marriage? Why is it frowned upon to be a stay at home dad but it is seen perfectly normal when a women stays at home?

As the men of South Africa we have a role to protect the women in this country, we were placed here to nurture them not abuse and assault them. Stricter laws should be in place banning forced marriages, polygamy and older men marrying underaged girls. It has to be made clear that woman are more than just an entity to produce babies and be used as a sex tool! Women are great leaders which deserve the true meaning of equal rights.