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Christmas Massacre

Another police officer murdered.  The incident happened in Mmakau, outside Mothutlung in the middle of the night on the 6th of December 2016.  A policeman and his family were gunned down in Mmakau, east of Brits, North West police confirmed the next day. 

A community is reeling in shock after unknown attackers wiped out a family.  Only the 15 year old survived.  The gunmen shot and killed Constable Lucky Sebati (42), his wife Manzo, Mmatshepo (40), their seven-month-old pregnant daughter, Tshegofatso (22) and their son, Oatlagile (3).  The 15-year-old survived the family mass murder when she played dead after a gang gunned down her whole family, including her police father.  Tracy Sebati managed to escape with a flesh wound while the rest of her family were gunned down. It could be that the assassins were looking for some type of information.  From the unknown sources who were in the crime scene, after entering the house, the assassins ordered the policeman and his wife to sit on chairs besides the table. It is alleged that the two were questioned about information that they need to provide.  Failing to give what the assassins were looking for, the assassins started shooting the kids one by one until the 15 year old pretended to be dead. The allegations further said that they proceeded with the questions until they decided to shoot the wife.  It could be that Constable Lucky Sebati’s family died while he was watching and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

Made him watch while his family was murdered it’s an unbearable torture.  The sources reveal that he was killed last.  It is unknown whether he gave the information to the assassins before he was killed or he was killed without handing over the information. If that is the case, did the police officer sacrifice his family with the information he had against the assassins?  Was the information legit or was it corrupt information that made his family to paid the price? We fail to understand why good police officers who are trying to prevent criminal activities are being killed and as well as those who are corrupt are also killed if the deal did not go according to plan. Police officers are targeted by criminals because most of them enter into illegal dealings with them while others are trying to combat criminal activities.

What is the basic rule of a police officer when faced with a situation where information is needed and the officer is bound to sacrifice with the family? Family spokesperson Nick Modikwe said they were happy that Tracy thought on her feet as her quick thinking saved her life.  “If she didn’t pretend to be dead like the rest of the family, she would have been killed. She seems fine for now. It appears she sustained a flesh wound,” Modikwe said. An uncle, Peter Ratlhagane said, after being treated by a doctor, the teenager is now with a relative.  Ratlhagane said he would remember them as a “very stable, united family”. “Lucky was a very cool guy, he never drank or smoked.  He was one person with an outstanding personality. Not too much outspoken, but just vibrant.  They were also a church-going family,” said Ratlhagane. “There were Christian norms in Lucky and the family. That’s how I’ll remember them.  I last spoke to Sebati on the phone on the 2nd of December 2016. He asked me if I would be interested in selling some of my cows to his friends.”

“Unfortunately I couldn’t help, but I said next time please give me customers if you’ve got them.  If these perpetrators can be arrested, the only question I will ask them is, why? We’re short of answers. We need answers. Why did they do this?” “For us as a family to get closure we need to understand why it happened, why they did this. We’re shocked and devastated by the whole thing,” said Ratlhagane.  Police spokesperson Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said an unconfirmed number of suspects gained entrance to the family’s premises where they allegedly shot and killed the family. “The suspects then fled the scene with a vehicle, a Chrysler Voyager which was later found abandoned in the bushes at Black Rock Section, Mmakau. The Constable was working at Hebron police station. The motive of the incident is unknown at this stage and no one has been arrested,” he said. Police in Mmakau were investigating four counts of murder and house robbery following the incident.

The North West police on the 8th of December launched a manhunt for suspects behind the gruesome killing of a Hebron police officer and his family. North West provincial commissioner Lieutenant-General Baile Motswenyane promised the family that police would leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to book.  He condemned the attack, saying: “It is sad that merciless criminals instantly killed members of a family including a member of the South African Police Service. Our heartfelt condolences to the families and relatives of the deceased.”  Sebati became the latest police officer in the country to be killed this year. Official statistics show 37 officers were killed between January and June. In 2015, 72 police officers were killed.

Missing child found dead

Her body was found near a tree in the open veld between the heavy rocks at the gwarri mine near Oukasie phase 3.  The body of a 15-year-old girl has been found after she went missing  a few days ago.

Her body was found dumped in the open veld at the unused mine on Tuesday, 6 December 2016, about 500m from the residential area.  According to family friends, she was last seen a few days ago going towards the unused mine. She believed to be a learner from one of the schools in Oukasie, it is also believed she was murdered.  She was found half naked, her hands tied up with a wire and her thighs bruised.  It could be that before she was murdered she was raped.  Police are investigating the cause of her death and could not give more information. The gwarri mine has been posing a danger to the community for a long time, many criminal incidents such as murder, missing people found dead, rape, robbery and other criminal activities were reported from that area.  The place is used by people from Oukasie and Mamogalieskraal.

The ratios reported by the provinces are hard to compare for this group of crimes because it includes other sexual crimes as well as rape. In addition, it is widely accepted that most people who are raped do not report the crime to the police.

Crime statistics

As far as trends go, the ratio of reported sexual crimes over the past nine years, the Free State has taken over as the province with the most reported crimes with a 12.8% increase, overtaking the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Gauteng, whose numbers have dropped by 35.6%, 22.53% and 44.61% respectively. Gauteng is also the worst province for home robberies. Interestingly, it is the only province that has experience an improvement (the ratio has dropped by 13% since 2004). All the other provinces have leapt by as much as 718% (in the case of the Northern Cape, although its ratio per 100 000 people is only 9 compared to Gauteng’s 53). KwaZulu-Natal has remained steady in second place, its ratio increasing by 170.75%.

Gauteng holds a place in its own when it comes to carjacking statistics, but since 2004 the ratio of reported carjackings has dropped by 49% in the province. KwaZulu-Natal also stands out from the other provinces in second place. But the Northern Cape and the Free State have to be noted for their 300% and 94% increases respectively (although they are off low bases). It turns out that the Northern Cape, which is the most sparsely populated of South Africa’s provinces, is the most likely place for somebody to be assaulted with grievous bodily harm. Its reported cases for this crime (per hundred thousand people) far outstrip the runners up: the Free State and the Eastern Cape. Despite a significant uptick in the number of attempted murders recorded across the country compared with last year, there have been substantial drops in the ratio of attempted murders per 100 000 people over the past nine years, the most significant being the Northern Cape’s 62.5%. The Western Cape has the poorest showing, taking over the top spot for attempted murders from the Northern Cape.

50 suspects arrested over the weekend

Tshwane North Cluster: Ga-Rankuwa-Our women and men in blue were once again involved in a disruptive operation, to address all crimes around Ga-Rankuwa.  A total of 50 suspects were arrested/activities comprised of suspects raiding, stop and searches, shebeen raiding and roadblocks.

Crimes of which suspects were arrested for, includes those sought for common assaults, armed robbery, shoplifting, assault GBH, malicious damage to property, intimidation, theft, rape and dealing in liquor.  All suspects will appear in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate Courts soon. These operations were boosted by the suspect raiding which was conducted by the detectives.  Police management is also calling upon all communities to report any misconduct and/or any criminal activities to our members.

Information may be forwarded to the Provincial duty Brigadier (082 313 8299) and a Provincial duty General (082 444 4354) at all hours.

Christmas behind the bars

Vuyo Bacele appeared in the Brits Magistrate court on the 12th of December 2016 for allegedly killing his brother. The boy was charged and arrested early November 2016. This was the second court hearing that Vuyo has attended, said his brother.

“The first time Vuyo appeared in court they said we cannot apply for bail as his docket was missing, this was in November. Today we are back in court and again the docket is still missing so we cannot apply for bail, said the brother. Vuyo Bacele’s brother shared his frustrations saying that his young brother’s case has been rescheduled twice and now it seems as if he will be spending Christmas behind bars.“I came here today with the hope that my brother would get bail” said the brother. Full of anguish.

Vuyo Bacele came from the Eastern Cape to stay with his brother in hopes to find employment. It is said that the boys were out drinking near the brothers residence when they got into a friendly altercation that soon turned deadly. The older brother said it was just boys being boys fooling around after a few drinks, no one anticipated the sour ending. The older brother said Vuyo didn’t even notice that he had badly injured his cousin. “I woke Vuyo up in the morning when I received the news that his cousin had died, he just burst into tears”.  Has the youth run out of ways to entertain themselves? That we now play with knives. A  few drinks or no drinks a knife is no toy and murder is murder.

The case has been postponed to the 16th of January 2017, the court has already failed twice to provide Vuyo Bacele’s case docket. Will the docket magically reappear next year? Or will Vuyo Bacele walk away and be permitted to continue play around with knives.

The CEO of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA receives a 3 year contract

Phumzile Tshelane, the current CEO of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa has been awarded a 3 year contract. It has been said that he was on a month-to-month contract with the company “due to the difference of opinions with the previous board members in 2015”. Necsa said. Governance at Necsa went through troubled times before Energy Minister Tina Joemat Pettersson appointed a new chairman and board members in March 2016.

After not submitting annual financial statements to Parliament in 2015‚ due to disagreements between Necsa and the Auditor General concerning financial provisions for nuclear decommissioning‚ all financial statements were submitted to Parliament on time in 2016. Differences of opinion with the Auditor General were resolved‚ the corporation said in a statement. The cabinet endorsed Tshelane’s reappointment on the recommendation of the Necsa board.  “I am really pleased that Cabinet has endorsed our recommendation. Mr. Tshelane‚ a nuclear physicist‚ has had many years of experience in the nuclear field and also in the wider electricity landscape. He has also demonstrated superior management skills in a complex environment. My board is confident in its selection of Mr. Tshelane to serve an additional three years as CEO of Necsa.” Said Chairman of Necsa‚ Kelvin Kemm. Necsa is a state-owned company responsible for undertaking and promoting research and development in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences. It is also responsible for processing source material, including uranium enrichment, and co-operating with other institutions, locally and abroad, on nuclear and related matters. Necsa has a vision to pursue nuclear technology excellence for sustainable social and economic development.

SANCO planning a march to the Municipality

SANCO in Madibeng are planning a massive march to the Local Municipality of Madibeng the march came as a result of privatisation of electricity that the community in the municipality are paying it as double. According to SANCO Provincial Organising Committee, Pasture Maremo, the community must buy electricity straight from Eskom.  “We want the community to buy electricity straight from Eskom.  We also want to encourage people from around Madibeng not to buy electricity till our demands are met,” said SANCO Maremo. He even urge members of SANCO to persist doing their work frequently and regularly.  “SANCO structures must do their work, we were about to win this battle with the previous regime, then came the new leadership of SANCO and the Municipality.”

“We feel that the new leadership of Madibeng is failing us and the community and therefore we will challenge that with everything we have.  We agreed to suspend the middle man but just because someone is benefitting out of the project, it becomes a challenge,” emphasised Maremo. The Provincial Organising Commitee also highlighted that, “the new administration in Madibeng has never proven to the community that they will service the community with dignity and respect,” he said. The march came after an announcement was made that January 2017, there will be a blackouts in Madibeng due to the unpaid R90 million owed to Eskom.  Eskom has promised to disconnect electricity if the money is not paid before next year.

Who is to be blamed for the R90 million debts owed to Eskom?  Should it be those people who are using electricity illegally and not paying it, or should it be too many third parties who are selling electricity to communities and charge more than what they should be charging? Or should the blame be directed to the municipality for not paying more attention to people using electricity and make sure that they all pay their services?  Of course, some areas are still buying electricity directly from the municipality while others are outsourcing power utility from Eskom.

Rabokala clinic needs more nurses

Community members from Rabokala village near Brits say they marched to the municipal building to show South Africans that they too are human beings and their rights deserve to be respected. Dozens of community members marched on the 12th of December 2016 to the Local Municipality of Madibeng to add on their long list of demands the shortage of nurses in their local clinic.They engaged on a peaceful march waving posters and plackets indicating few of their demands.  The march came after the community had a month ago a demonstration regarding shortage of water.  They barricaded the roads and demanded that the ward councillor must avail herself to the community to address the water issue. They also said that eversince she was elected as ward councillor, less has been done in the village and therefore they need answers.

On the 12th of December, the community grouped themselves and submitted a memorandum of demands which among other things they prioritised health care. A woman, who has been a nurse for 24 years, says she knows the frustration of today’s march and added that the community feel as if the nurses are not doing enough.  It is good that today the community added the demand on their list. “I believe they are trying to show the government that the clinic has too little staff and therefore they need more healthworkers.  South Africans need to know that nurses care about the community,” she said. The nurses work long hours, sometimes you don’t even eat your lunch, so it’s difficult yet we are trying to manage the situation.

These men and women attend to thousands of patients every month and say they hope they will be more respected by their communities. Statistics show that from January last year to date, at least 65 healthworkers were assaulted while performing their duties.  A disturbed factor is nurses who are either verbally or even physically aggressive towards their patients.

Three years since the passing of Nelson Mandela

Tata Nelson Mandela was the first president elected in a fully representative democratic election. As well as the country’s first black president. Nelson Mandela shaped South Africa to his beliefs and philosophy. He stood to oppose men like Adolf Hitler and Hendrik Verwoerd.

Adolf Hitler was a German politician who shaped his world according to his beliefs and philosophy, which we considered contrary. He ruled in a self serving way promotion racism and discrimination. Hitler believed in torture, he built concentration camps for different races, shave their heads and tattoo a number on them. He burned his prisoners in hot ovens, used babies as target practice, exposed his prisoners to acid baths and showers. What are we suppose to do with men like Hitler?

Hendrik Verwoerd rigidly enforced Apartheid policies through further introducing oppressive laws, which diminished the rights of ordinary individuals especially black South Africans. Verwoerd empowered the police, Secret Police and Army to extraordinary levels. During his time in office he ordered a secret all-out offensive against those opposed to apartheid policies and as a result tens of thousands people were arrested, jailed and or sent into exile. Should we be thankful that these men no longer walk this earth? These men were true examples of abuse of power, we are lucky to have experienced the leadership of Nelson Mandela, to have been received his vision for this country. Nelson Mandela left us with a true legacy to uphold “The Constitution Of South Africa”.

His true legacy lies within the veins of our country it is our duty to uphold it. He fought for women, gender, employment equality. Most importantly he fought for maximum freedom. “Freedom is indivisible: the chains on any of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me” said Nelson Mandela. It is clear that Nelson Mandela was not shaping the world into his philosophy for is own selfish reason, he had the people in heart. This month marks 3 years since Nelson Mandela departed in the year 2013.  The legacy Nelson Mandela left is his Christmas gift to us, a gift we shall forever uphold. The truth is men continue to shape the world with their beliefs and philosophy. They shape the world in their homes when raising their kids. The world will be in a better place if it is shaped the way Nelson Mandela begun shaping it. Let us commemorate Nelson Mandela this December by upholding the constitution and saying no to any form of discrimination.

It used to be an african thing

Animal slaughter used to be seen as something only the African community took part in. It used to be seen as an act of animal cruelty. It raised concerns about religious slaughter, the concerns focused on the stress caused during the preparation stages. Before the slaughtering, pain and distress that may be experienced during and after the neck cutting and the worry of a prolonged period of death for the animal. Now it is just a regular act, what changed? Is it okay now that other affiliations have decided to slaughter animals as well?

The African community slaughter for ritual beliefs such as weddings, lobola, funerals and others. While the western community slaughter for wealth, some go hunting for fun. How much slaughtering is the acceptable amount? When is it not considered an act of animal cruelty? When is it considered animal cruelty? Animals like cows and sheep have become a source of food. Our economy would come close to collapsing should these cattle be granted rights, never mind the economy we would collapse of hunger. The rhino bares a striking resemblance to a cow but forbid should you kill it, prison awaits for you.  The cow, sheep, goats and chickens  are all sources of food that every night are on either one of our dinner tables. Meat remains an important food source.

Are these not the animals we should be holding on to with our dear lives? Not some rhino. A rhino is just good for show, it can’t feed an entire family of 10, it can not be made a stew. What is it good for exactly? Animal slaughter has become part of our society we have grown to be okay with it. We might be slaughtering the wrong animals. Some people believe sentient beings should not be harmed regardless of the purpose, or that meat production is an insufficient justification for harm.