SANCO hits back on Department of Health

The Bojanala District Management has released a statement regarding the illegal protest that has taken place at the hospital.  In the statement it read:  “The Bojanala District Management noted with great concern the allegations reported the local media against the Brits District Hospital’s CEO Babe Mosuwe.


An internal platform was created by the District Management after its intervention during an illegal strike on Monday the 7th of November 2016 to engage with various staff members to probe matters raised by the protesters in their petition. It is alleged that there is no transparency in the financial administration.  Logistics and Human Resources are also a big challenge at the moment.  How many staff members needed in the hospital is a question. The system dynamic is to check as well how many doctors and nurses are needed. SANCO also slammed at the hospital management for poor administration of the hospital logistics.

“We cannot allow the hospital to run without enough doctors and nurses.  We also want to know why the administration is so poor.  The hospital staff members see the problem in the hospital and tried to address the issue to the management who are forever investigating.” “We want transparency and if transparency is not there we will take drastic measures to deal with the situation.  If the CEO run the logistics according to her feelings, that needs to be stopped.  The people on the ground are seeing everything.” “Many people are complaining that they waiting too long at the casualty point.  The allegations at the ward sections are the following: Patients are not receiving proper treatment and they are being shouted at.” “The queuing at the admissions are very long and people are not attended to time.  Staff members saw how the CEO runs the hospital and tried to alert the public therefore we want the investigation to run properly and end very soon,” said SANCO Provincial Organising Committee.  The District Management further noted that the local newspaper published their stories on the 10th of November 2016 without giving it an opportunity to respond as agreed on the 7th of November 2016. “This is unfortunate for the newspaper to ignore its duty as journalists to embrace a principle of seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.” The District Management believes strongly that the local newspaper did not serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. It did come to the management’s attention that some staff members on 7 November called for the CEO to step down and also the Acting Clinical Manager Dr. Caroline Moleko.

As a matter of principle, District Management engaged with the team that was representing the Brits Hospital’s employees to understand their call for the CEO to step down. Management received their petition and constructively investigated the issues. Moreover it reaffirmed its commitment to investigate all the issues raised and further more clarified other issues such as the C-T scan machine that is alleged to have been procured at an amount of R15 million but was not yet delivered. No evidence was produced that such machine was procured. In addition to that, it was further explained that the hospital cannot procure such equipment as it was beyond its authority.  Management further made a call to everyone with information regarding allegations levelled against the CEO and the Acting Clinical Manager. All issues raised by staff members are subjected to an investigation.  Lastly, management has redeployed Mosuwe and Moleko within the district in the interest of their safety following threats in the petition. It is against this backdrop that the Acting Director Mr. Ishmael Moloi is now in charge of the affairs of Brits Hospital. In addition Dr. Jacob Adewole is now the acting Clinical Manager.

The District Management together with the hospital’s board and labour will continue engaging all stakeholders with respect and humility in order to find a lasting solution that will assist in strengthening Brits Hospital’s operations and system. The management would like to categorically state that all the hospital users including in-patients and out-patients are receiving a high level of care. This means that there is no service disruption at all. The management further requests all Brits Hospital’s staff members to exhaust internal channels or platforms to raise their issues and resist raising claims without substance in the public domain.