Primindia Park receives maintenance

After many complains by the community of Primindia their pleas have finally been heard. 


Gomolemo had to complain a little about the park’s conditions saying that only if the park can be fixed and well maintained so that they can be able to enjoy themselves.  Meanwhile, the municipality is trying very hard to deal with the situation. The municipality had been up in arms trying to cut the long grasses and to make sure that the area looks clean.  Bra Mishy Mashaba worked tirelessly to make sure that the calls by the community at Primindia are answered. The municipality of Madibeng established a good working relationship with the community of Primindia and responded to their pleas.  The community in the area had agreed in joining hands together to make sure that the area look clean and that the swimming pools are well maintained so that they can have children participating in swimming pool competitions.

Visitors expect their parks to look at least somewhat tidy, so managers have to find creative solutions to the problem.  The community members in Primindia section believe that the situation will change and their park properly maintained like the rest of the parks in town. The residents say they have been living under the dilapidated infrastructures such as blocked sewers running across the streets and in front of their houses.  They also complained about living conditions saying they had improper housing for a very long time.They further indicated that the government should make all the means to close down the open canal which poses as danger to the community.  They also wanted the railway crossing and their houses to be electrified.

They claim to have been promised better living conditions, the park in good condition, but nothing has come of what they say, only empty promises.  Dumping must be prohibited, the park is used as a dumping site by other community members.  The community want the area to be fixed so that their kids can be able to play sports on suitable sports facilities and swim in a swimming pool which has got clean water in it. The place used to be a centre for the youth to enjoy and play.  Without the following, we believe that the situation will keep on escalating and continue on a daily basis.  It goes without saying that you need to place enough trash and recycle bins in the park to accommodate the amount of trash produced by the visitors.  But mapping out a strategy for where to allocate these receptacles throughout the park goes a long way in keeping the park spic-and-span. Pavilions or other areas where people eat are also prime locations for extra bins.  This park is not only turned into a dumping site but a haven for criminal activities which poses a danger to the society.  The acting municipal manager should engage with the Public Works and other departments dealing with infrastructure in Madibeng to discuss these issues and see how they can resolve the conditions of the park in Primindia so that the youth can start participating in sports. Simply placing recycle and garbage bins in the park won’t always be enough. People will make a bigger effort to keep the park clean if you remind them and if they’re able to find the appropriate receptacles for their trash.

Consider posting signs in the park such as “Please Help Keep Our Park Clean: Recycle.” Also remind people that littering and trashing the park is against the law and punishable by a fine.  Fines for littering depend on location, as well as both the frequency and severity of the offense.  But the fines mean nothing if the laws are not enforced, what often happens with minor cases like flicked cigarettes and dropped soda cans.  Encourage the law enforcement responsible for the park to actively cite offenders. And if necessary, encourage your local or state government to consider raising fines.