Babe Must Go?

Medical Care at Risk in Madibeng!

Brits District Hospital CEO Babe Mosuwe is in hot water.  The Brits District Hospital combined workers accompanied by their unions is accusing the chief executive officer of the Brits Hospital, Ms. Babe Sedile Mosuwe and the Acting Clinical Manager, Dr. Moleko for mismanagement in hospital.  


Nurses and other workers in different departments in hospital who are members of different unions were picketing outside the hospital on the 7th of November 2016, demanding that Mosuwe and Moleko step down.  “Tensions between workers and the District Management Team prevented the District Management Team to engage with the media,” said Tshepo Mokono. Mosuwe was appointed by the North West Department of Health as the new CEO of Brits District Hospital around August 2014.  Mosuwe who is the former CEO of a regional KwaZulu-Natal hospital and a Gauteng district hospital came as a surprise to many of the Madibeng residents.

According to the staff members, there were not formal interviews in her appointment and they feel that the North West Department of Health did some favours to appoint her as the CEO.  For Acting Clinical Manager, no doctor wanted to step in as the manager as many doctors in hospital are not from South Africa therefore according to the report Dr. Moleko stepped in. Mosuwe has also held various roles within the public health sector as a Project Manager and has headed public relations with the private health sector.  Concerned members pleaded that Mosuwe in particular must step down as the CEO while others says the entire hospital management must be removed. Some of the issues raised by staff members were shortage of staff workers within the hospital, a CT scanner machine worth R15 million which was bought around April 2015.  No one has seen the machine in hospital.

Toilet paper are not available, there is also shortage of medication and it is alleged that the CEO is racially discriminating towards her employees. The report further says that she does not have qualifications to become the CEO especially of a major hospital such as the Brits District. There was this incident whereby one staff member came to work wearing traditional bracelets and the CEO allegedly told the staff member that the person smells funny and that the person must remove the bracelet. These are key elements that the workers promised not to cope with and wanted the two to be removed.  According to Mosuwe, during her inauguration as the CEO, she said that her priority for Brits District Hospital is to create a balance between conformance with governance principles and operational effectiveness.

Is that what we are seeing today? In her own words she said, “Government’s deliberate action of spending millions of rands on the hospital was a good platform to usher in a working culture that puts the patients and their families at the centre,” said Mosuwe. What happen to the millions which were supposed to buy the CT Scanner Machine? What unfolds today is a contradiction of what the CEO has said in the past two years or so.  Workers representatives said that Mosuwe had failed to provide “strategic leadership”. According to them, factions in the hospital are negatively affecting the patients. The report added that Mosuwe was in conflict with a lot of people and members of staff and that there was no development of services at the hospital.  The screaming arouses in the boardroom that, “It is all due to the CEO’s internal fighting,” said one staff member. It further said that service delivery had been severely compromised, due to the lack of leadership and the mismanagement of funds within the hospital.

The Acting Director for the District and the Acting Chief Director were send to come and address the issue.  They indicated to the workers that they only came to hear what the problems are and therefore would not be able to respond immediately. The meeting went on and on and discussions where made with other workers demanded that the negotiations between their leaders and the District Management Team should end in less than three hours, while others demanded that the talks can proceed for about two working days while the strike continues. SANCO Provincial Organising Committee, Pasture Maremo concluded the meeting by urging workers to go back to work while the negotiations are still underway.   There was no formal responses by the hospital management. “The alliance aims was to see workers going back to work and the matter be resolved amicably.  We are very worried to see the infighting within the unions representing the workers and believe that if only their issues are not being resolved they won’t be able to win this war.”

“I left the meeting because I was not happy with the way things were handled at the caucus with the District Management Team.  I want to tell my fellow colleagues that whenever handling issues involving the people, you all need to be united and put aside your differences.” “Even though the matter was not handled by the unions per say, but the fact is that they were there wearing their regalia which is important in the eyes of everyone.  As SANCO we want to highlight that if the matter is not resolved on the said date, we will try and mobilise the community members to intervene and kill this thing.” “Because the community members are the victims in this regard, I was touched by one incident whereby a patient had to go back home without receiving any treatment because nurses were marching outside the hospital.”

“The patient said to me that she was told that the nurse who is supposed to treat and give prescription is at the gate toi-toing.  This must come to an end, we do not want a hospital which will harm our own people.  Whoever trying to protect the bad behaviour in the hospital must be removed,” said Pasture Maremo.


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