Project Progress Report on Water and Sanitation

Project progress report on Water and Sanitation projects for the 2016/2017 financial year as at October 2016.  The reports includes the Community Facilities for the financial year 2015/2016 as at September 2016.

As well as the Roads and Stormwater projects for the 2015/2016 & 2016/2017 financial years as at October 2016.  The Hebron, Kgabalatsane, Rockville bulk & Itsoseng Water Network Phase 1, the contractor has successfully completed the project for Water and Sanitation project. The project entails construction of 5.3km length of bulk pipeline, 24.46kg length of reticulation networks with all necessary accessories including yard connections, water meters, stand pipes, valve and valve chambers in ward 10. The amount to that effect is R47 952 795.02, the only challenge the consultant, Risimati Consultant Engineers and the contractor, Mashi/Safcrete JV encounted is the project being stopped by the community members. Phase 2 of the same project worth R45 986 513.99, standing at 73%, the project entails construction of 14,44km of water reticulation pipeline with all necessary accessories including the yard connection, water meters, stand pipes, fire hydrant, valves and valve chambers with a total of 605 households benefiting on this project phase.

Most of these projects delays because of under-performance by the main contractor, abandance of the works by the contractor, contractors project duration period has lapsed, project stoppage by the local sub-contractors demanding to sub the entire project from the main contractor. Other factors involved the sub contractor imposing his  own rates in being appointed which eventually crable the project cash flow for the main contractor.  In this instance, the Ndlovu family denied the contractor to excavate in front of their property claiming they are owed the money from Klipgat sanitation phase 1. This project among others, commenced on 16 October 2015, and ended on the 15th of August 2016, whereby the project entails the construction of 13.5km length of sewer reticulation network with 703 yard connection, project worth R23 438 761.04 with the expenditure of R12 911 838.29. The project is now 98% completed, according to the reports, the contractor busy repairing the faulty manhole done by the sub-contractors.  Madidi is a village in the eastern site of Madibeng in ward 3.

Madidi Multi Purpose Centre funded R11 838 000.00.  The project started 8 February 2013 and will be complete in 30 November 2016, the aims is to contract a 800 square meters building including fencing, parking lot and all other building accessories. Klipgat Stormwater phase 3A, the MIG approved the amount of R17 391 234.37, in upgrading of the 1.6km by 5m gravel road to concrete road using hyson cells, 90m of concrete channel and rehabilitation of 500m road with asphalt with subsoil drainage. Letlhabile Stormwater phase 2B is 100% complete, following the upgrade of the current 350m of earth stormwater concrete channel with a 3 x 1,2m box culvert.  The following challenges and delays were experienced: damage of site office and stoppage of the project by Letlhabile Concern Group.  Underground water and change of design due to underground water are also the challenges experienced during the process of the project. Fafung to Rasai road phase 2 and 3 worth R87 576 037.00.  Work performed by Dikgabo Consultant Engineering & Projects.  The scope of work is to upgrade the 3km gravel road to surface using Asphalt with the following layers: Road bed preparation, selected layers, established base and base layer, road markings, road signs and storm water control.  For phase 2 of the project, the challenges and the delays is that there was a two months delay due to disagreement with the community leaders in regard to use their borrow pit which has a good material for sub base material and base material.