MMC for Infrastructure and Technical Services Ratloi

Among other things that MMC Ratloi is faced with is to finalise deployment of fibre network satellite offices in the proximity of CBD to reduce costs and improve service delivery.  The MMC is assigned to clean and unblock sewers, replacement of meters and repairing of water leakages.

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The infrastructure department need to employ more people and offer them salaries to invest.  The whole of Murray Avenue needs a revamp.  Is the municipality having enough budget to cover all these things? He has also been tasked to provide electricity to needy residents in Madibeng, maintenance of high mast lights in Oukasie and Letlhabile and electrification of informal settlements around Madibeng.  The most important aspects which the MMC is facing is the Water and Sanitation crises.

The MMC must make sure that the Klipgat Sanitation Phase 3 is done and dusted, that the contractor must submit the compliance documentation as required per appointment letter of the project.  He must also speed up the process in terms of the Rietfontein Waste Water Treatment Works Capacity upgrade.  If given the money, is MMC Ratloi the rightful candidate to deal with infrastructures in Madibeng?  Can he bring better services to the entire municipality? The upgrading entails re-commissioning of the old module of the plant with refurbishing of all the electro mechanical and pipe works to ensure the smooth running of the module.  This will in turn expand the capacity of the plant.

The project, Hebron, Kgabalatsane, Rockville Bulk & Itsoseng Water Network Phase 3A is 19% complete.  The project entails construction of 1.6km length of bulk pipeline, 24.88km length of reticulation networks. A number of projects in Madibeng are incomplete because there is no one to monitor the situations.  What is the role of the Project Coordinator, Moraka Masipa?  We believe that this person is also to take note on the delays done by the contractors for projects.Other challenges which delays the processes of the projects especially on the phase 3B of the Hebron, Kgabalatsane, Rockville Bulk & Itsoseng Water Networks worth R23 214 793.56.  The project progress is standing at 10% complete. The community needs clarity of where the project is expected to be implemented as the ward was recently demarcated.  Apparently, the contractor have not started with the construction of the water pipeline due to lack of material on site. In the mist of Primindia section there is a blocked sewer which has been like that for years.  The sewer needs to be fixed immediately.  MMC Ratloi’s days are numbered if he does not deliver according to what the community want.